Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 9

Won't Get Fooled Again

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 20, 2005 on CTV
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Won't Get Fooled Again
After having her heart broken by two different guys in one night, Jude decides to stay close to home. Too bad home isn't quite how she remembers it. Sadie and her dad seem totally at odds, and Jude isn't sure why. Meanwhile, her personal and professional relationship with Tommy is rapidly disintegrating. Just when Jude's sure she's reached the boiling point a new, devastating betrayal is revealed.moreless

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  • Jude's heart has been broken into a million pieces by Shay, and the whole thing was captured on cameras to boot. Jude and Tommy are on the outs because he kissed her and made her swear not to tell. And then the last man who should hurt her does.moreless

    I didn't understand this episode the first time I watched it. I was so wrapped up in the Jude/Tommy romance that I was furious and refused to revel in its genius. The plotline in which Jude discovers her father's betrayal of his family is a key part of Jude's evolution into the more mature artist she is in the second season. She reconnects with her sister and remembers just how sacred family is. For an entire episode, we are privy to Jude's unselfish side that understands how seemingly small actions can have a great impact. Just taking her sister to a photo shoot helps rekindle their fragmented relationship. Furthermore, the scenes between Jude and Tommy are electric in this episode, to such an extent that I almost wish they would fight more. Tommy proves his self-absorption when he assumes he's the only one who could have hurt her so much. Her smooth response of "Not everything's about you" gets me every time. Tommy forgets that he has only been in Jude's life for a mere few months, whereas her father has been her idol for the whole of it. And Alexz's rendition of "Skin" at Under the Mic is stunning and gut-wrenching. I really felt like everything that had happened to Jude had happened to the actress. It was an incredible bit of acting.moreless
  • Jude's heart is broken again. By her dad

    Wow. Instant Star is out doing itself with amazing episodes. "Won't Get Fooled Again" touches on something that most peole have gone through: divorce. The whole episode is an emotional roller coaster centered around the Harrisons and for once it's okay that Tommy has nothing to do and that Jamie and Kat just stand around; it's okay because you don't care about them. You care about the fact that Jude's father is making her lie about his affair. And just like the rain scene in "Unsweet Sixteen" the scene where Jude sings "Skin" is amazing. Alexz Johnson makes you feel Jude's pain and the look that Simon Reyonlds (the dad) has is heartwrenching too. It makes you wonder: will it ever be alright for Jude again?moreless
  • jude gets her heart broken and sings a heartbreaking but excellent song.

    i love this episode, and the song *skin* its really heartbreaking and jude really grows up in this episode. alexz johnson does and excellent job in this episode , better than all of the other episode(or all that i've seen as nickelodeon in the uk hasnt shown series 2 yet) and its really sad at the end when you see her dad leaving. Jude really has a lot on her plate and in this episode she handles it very well.moreless
  • Perfect Coming-of-age story squeezed into a half hour.

    I loved every second of this. "Skin" was about heartbreak and getting over every 'little white lie'. And it made viewers wonder while Jude Harrison, Instant Star, was singing the song, what she would do when she figures out that her best friends are dating. And then there's the last scene when her father moves out for cheating on his wife and the camera closes up on Jude's face and in the backround you hear her voice was just magical. "I don't believe I'll be alright. I don't believe I'll be okay. I don't believe how you've thrown me away."moreless
  • jude is stayin home becuz she had her heart broken by 2 guys in the same night..2 basd she doesn't know her dad is creepin wit yvette

    wow. this episode is so emotional. i mean shay broke up wit her and tommy told her 2 forget the kiss they shared at her party. so she decides to stay close to home. she all worried about sadie and her dad constantly fighting. when she found out her dad was cheatin on her mom she was once again heart broken. on top of georgia tells her she has to write a new song for under the mic. jude writes all her emotions on paper making a kick @ss song..once again. SKIN is the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The featured song was originally supposed to be "Criminal" by Alexz Johnson, but the executive producer decided that it didn't fit the episode as much as "Skin" did.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Georgia: (to Jude) You can write a song and tell the jerk who broke your heart exactly how you feel.

    • Georgia: Men. Can't live with 'em, can't stuff 'em in your trunk.

    • Stuart: Wow, you really got that out of your system, huh?
      Jude: It's kinda hard to get out. I think it's gonna be stuck in me forever.
      Stuart: I'm not proud of what I've done honey. There's nothing that I regret more than involving you and your sister in this.
      Jude: Us? Dad, you have to talk to Mom! Stop asking me to lie to her Dad. It's not fair. She's my mom.
      Stuart: Ok, you're right. I know you are. No more lies, I promise.

    • Kat: Wow. Remind me not to tick her off.
      Jamie: You mean like, I don't know, having a secret love affair behind her back? No more lying Kat. We're the last people in the world who should be doing this to her.

    • Jude: I think I'm just stressing over mental block. I have to write this new song and I have a lot of other things kinda clogging my mind.
      Victoria: Honey, maybe you're not ready to hear this, but it Shay was cheating on you, you're better off without him.
      Jude: Ok can I be excused? I'm feeling strangely inspired.

    • Jude: Dad's having an affair.
      Sadie: I know. You can't tell Mom, ok?
      Jude: What? How can you not tell her?
      Sadie: I don't want to waste every other weekend that we have spending quality time with dad and Ivette.
      Jude: Ivette? You know her name? This is messed up. We're telling Mom together as soon as she gets home.
      Sadie: Jude, think about it! She'll divorce him. Is that what you really want?
      Jude: No! What I want is for none of this to be happening, but it's happening Sadie. How can I lie about it?
      Sadie: Trust me, you get used to it. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who knows about it anymore.

    • Stuart: Do you remember what happened when I first taught you how to ride a bike? You were only four. All the other kids had training wheels, but I swore you were ready. You were so scared, but I promised you that I would not let you go, but I did. You fell and broke your wrist. I kept that cast as a reminder of how easily I could hurt you, even if it's the last thing that I wanted to do.
      Jude: Yeah, I get it Dad. But that time was an accident, and this wasn't.

    • Georgia: How's it coming?
      Tommy: She's can't nail it. She's too distracted.
      Georgie: She just had her heart handed to her on a stick Tommy. Give the kid a break.

    • Jude: I had a great day today Tommy, a really, really good day where people didn't hurt me every time they opened their mouths.

    • Tommy: I'm sorry, ok?
      Jude: Great, now try meaning it.

    • Sadie: Thanks for today.
      Jude: No problem.
      Sadie: I really needed it, you know?
      Jude: Yeah, me too. I told you you missed me.

    • Jude: I'm doing a photo shoot today and I want you to come. We haven't hung out in ages.
      Sadie: Jude I don't know.
      Jude: Come on Sadie, I know you miss me. EJ said you can take samples, and I'll treat you to dinner, and we won't fight. It'll be great.
      Sadie: You had me at free samples.

    • Jude: I'm more worried about Sadie than science latey, have you seen her?
      Jamie: Speak of the Coppertone devil.

    • Kat: Why are you so kissy lately?
      Jamie: I don't know, stocking up I guess. No more PDA once Jude gets back.
      Kat: How is she? It's been days.
      Jamie: I think she's ok.
      Kat: Ok ok, or faking it it through the worst heartbreak of my life ok?
      Jude: More like wish everyone would quit worrying about me ok.

    • Jude: Yeah I know Tommy. It never happen and it didn't mean anything, but it did and it does.
      Tommy: That wasn't the deal.
      Jude: Well neither was this!

    • Stuart: Sweetheart, you haven't left the house in two days.
      Jude: So?
      Stuart: You can't play hooky from you life forever.
      Jude: Not even like a little bit?

    • Tommy: Are you feeling that?
      Jude: Yeah, it's ok.
      Tommy: Ok? When this song hits, Shay's going to wish he had a last name to change. Let's get to the lyrics.
      Jude: Are you seriously going to sit there right now and pretend this is only about Shay?
      Tommy: Jude, don't start.
      Jude: I didn't, you did, remember? You kissed me?
      Tommy: You wanna keep your voice down? That's not what we talked about.

    • Tommy: That was an incredible song Jude. Not exactly how I meant to inspire you.
      Jude: What do you want Tommy?
      Tommy: To apologize. For real this time. But hurting you is the last thing I ever wanted to do.
      Jude: A lot of people have been saying that lately. Get over yourself. Not everything is about you.

    • Jude: (to Tommy) Uh, what part of "I hate you right now" are you not getting?

    • Jude: (voiceover) Getting dumped by your first boyfriend always hurts. Having that moment captured by TV cameras feels a thousand times worse. Sometimes being in the public eye means there is no safe place to hide. That's the thing about love: Every time you give a guy your heart, there's a chance he will hand it back to you in pieces.

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