Instant Star

Season 1 Episode 9

Won't Get Fooled Again

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 20, 2005 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • The featured song was originally supposed to be "Criminal" by Alexz Johnson, but the executive producer decided that it didn't fit the episode as much as "Skin" did.

  • Quotes

    • Georgia: (to Jude) You can write a song and tell the jerk who broke your heart exactly how you feel.

    • Georgia: Men. Can't live with 'em, can't stuff 'em in your trunk.

    • Stuart: Wow, you really got that out of your system, huh?
      Jude: It's kinda hard to get out. I think it's gonna be stuck in me forever.
      Stuart: I'm not proud of what I've done honey. There's nothing that I regret more than involving you and your sister in this.
      Jude: Us? Dad, you have to talk to Mom! Stop asking me to lie to her Dad. It's not fair. She's my mom.
      Stuart: Ok, you're right. I know you are. No more lies, I promise.

    • Kat: Wow. Remind me not to tick her off.
      Jamie: You mean like, I don't know, having a secret love affair behind her back? No more lying Kat. We're the last people in the world who should be doing this to her.

    • Jude: I think I'm just stressing over mental block. I have to write this new song and I have a lot of other things kinda clogging my mind.
      Victoria: Honey, maybe you're not ready to hear this, but it Shay was cheating on you, you're better off without him.
      Jude: Ok can I be excused? I'm feeling strangely inspired.

    • Jude: Dad's having an affair.
      Sadie: I know. You can't tell Mom, ok?
      Jude: What? How can you not tell her?
      Sadie: I don't want to waste every other weekend that we have spending quality time with dad and Ivette.
      Jude: Ivette? You know her name? This is messed up. We're telling Mom together as soon as she gets home.
      Sadie: Jude, think about it! She'll divorce him. Is that what you really want?
      Jude: No! What I want is for none of this to be happening, but it's happening Sadie. How can I lie about it?
      Sadie: Trust me, you get used to it. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who knows about it anymore.

    • Stuart: Do you remember what happened when I first taught you how to ride a bike? You were only four. All the other kids had training wheels, but I swore you were ready. You were so scared, but I promised you that I would not let you go, but I did. You fell and broke your wrist. I kept that cast as a reminder of how easily I could hurt you, even if it's the last thing that I wanted to do.
      Jude: Yeah, I get it Dad. But that time was an accident, and this wasn't.

    • Georgia: How's it coming?
      Tommy: She's can't nail it. She's too distracted.
      Georgie: She just had her heart handed to her on a stick Tommy. Give the kid a break.

    • Jude: I had a great day today Tommy, a really, really good day where people didn't hurt me every time they opened their mouths.

    • Tommy: I'm sorry, ok?
      Jude: Great, now try meaning it.

    • Sadie: Thanks for today.
      Jude: No problem.
      Sadie: I really needed it, you know?
      Jude: Yeah, me too. I told you you missed me.

    • Jude: I'm doing a photo shoot today and I want you to come. We haven't hung out in ages.
      Sadie: Jude I don't know.
      Jude: Come on Sadie, I know you miss me. EJ said you can take samples, and I'll treat you to dinner, and we won't fight. It'll be great.
      Sadie: You had me at free samples.

    • Jude: I'm more worried about Sadie than science latey, have you seen her?
      Jamie: Speak of the Coppertone devil.

    • Kat: Why are you so kissy lately?
      Jamie: I don't know, stocking up I guess. No more PDA once Jude gets back.
      Kat: How is she? It's been days.
      Jamie: I think she's ok.
      Kat: Ok ok, or faking it it through the worst heartbreak of my life ok?
      Jude: More like wish everyone would quit worrying about me ok.

    • Jude: Yeah I know Tommy. It never happen and it didn't mean anything, but it did and it does.
      Tommy: That wasn't the deal.
      Jude: Well neither was this!

    • Stuart: Sweetheart, you haven't left the house in two days.
      Jude: So?
      Stuart: You can't play hooky from you life forever.
      Jude: Not even like a little bit?

    • Tommy: Are you feeling that?
      Jude: Yeah, it's ok.
      Tommy: Ok? When this song hits, Shay's going to wish he had a last name to change. Let's get to the lyrics.
      Jude: Are you seriously going to sit there right now and pretend this is only about Shay?
      Tommy: Jude, don't start.
      Jude: I didn't, you did, remember? You kissed me?
      Tommy: You wanna keep your voice down? That's not what we talked about.

    • Tommy: That was an incredible song Jude. Not exactly how I meant to inspire you.
      Jude: What do you want Tommy?
      Tommy: To apologize. For real this time. But hurting you is the last thing I ever wanted to do.
      Jude: A lot of people have been saying that lately. Get over yourself. Not everything is about you.

    • Jude: (to Tommy) Uh, what part of "I hate you right now" are you not getting?

    • Jude: (voiceover) Getting dumped by your first boyfriend always hurts. Having that moment captured by TV cameras feels a thousand times worse. Sometimes being in the public eye means there is no safe place to hide. That's the thing about love: Every time you give a guy your heart, there's a chance he will hand it back to you in pieces.

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