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Season 1 Episode 5

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 13, 2005 on CTV
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You Can't Always Get What You Want
Jude's finally starting to feel comfortable at G Major -- and more than comfortable with Tommy -- when her world and her producer are yanked out from under her, thanks to the arrival of seventeen year-old hip-hop sensation Shay. But Jude's determined not to give up her musical territory without a fight. When Jude goes too far and is forced to apologize at Shay's big concert, she's shocked when her would-be enemy serenades her with a love song. After all, she'd NEVER fall for such a spoiled, arrogant jerk…would she?!moreless

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  • Jude's seemingly perfect world is invaded by a junior rapper.

    The thing I loved most about this episode was how cute Tommy was getting as he because more and more jealous. I did not like the fact that Shay and Jude were obviously heading towards a relationship. Them as a couple does not work for me at all. It was cool that he was famous and was attracted to the fact that she clearly resisted his "charm." But the guy wasn't cute at all. It was sweet that he wrote her a song, but writing her a rap? The best things that came out of this episode were a kick-ass song and a delightfully jealous Tommy.moreless
  • Shay comes to G-Major to work with Tommy. At first Jude is pissed but eventually she starts to fall for him.

    Jude loves working with Tommy. Tommy gets pulled away to work on Shays album. At first Jude is mad that she has to sharing her producer. Jude sticks up for her territory and clashes with Shay at first. Shay and Jude get into a fight and Shay's people call Georgia and tell her that Jude can come to this club to apologize to Shay or he's going to walk. Jude refuses to do it at first but Tommy tell Jude he really need the work. It turns out that Shay invited Jude to the club to serenade her with a song he wrote for her. Jude is completely surprised. Then Shay askes Jude out and eventually she gives in to his charm. A great episode!moreless
  • This was a great installment

    I liked the way that Jude tryed to stand up for her terrirory. This would have went out worse if they both didnt have any initial attraction for one another. When she did tell Shay about how wack it was that his manager pretty much controlled his music career and wrote his lyrics for him. This sparked something in Shay and he accepted that she was right. Naturally this would be called embarrassment right? But instead he took it to heart and as she was suppose to apologise, he wrote her a song and sang it inforont of an audience.moreless
  • Jude meets Shay

    Coming off a stinker like Hey Sister, I was hoping for more. But didn't really get it. Jude and Shay, Darius' rapper nephew, clash and wind up dating. Wow, enemies who like each other. That's new. Shay is a walking cliche and not very interesting either.

    Everyone else plays second fiddle to Jude and Shay: Tommy stands around looking jealous, Jamie stands around looking jealous, and, hey guess what? Kat stands around looking jealous.(Though for a totally different reason than Jamie and Tommy.)

    Like I said; I wanted something better. But like the title says, "You Can't Always Get What You Want."moreless
  • Shay and Jude??? A couple???

    In You Can't Always Get What You Want, Jude is super pissed that she has to not only share her rpodcuer with someone else but she has to take another studio to work while Tommy works with Shay. But when Shay first comes to G Major, he sees Jude and it's love at first sight...sort of. Jude isn't really lking the idea of Shay and they even have a melsh together in the studio and everyone loves it (except Darius). But Shay makes a wrong move by telling one of his guys to ask Jude out for him. That's when Jude explodes and Shade and her have a verbal fight which leads Jude to get kind of harsh and tell him he can't rap without Darius holding his hand. That was an intense scene between them and prolly one of the best scenes in the episode.

    Later on Shay holds a concert and EJ and Georgia make Jude go and apologize but before she can she takes Jamie with her. But Kat doesn't like the idea cause as we see, she's starting to like Jamie and want him all to herself. So Jude and Jamie go to the concert and when she goes to apologize, Shay begins the concert and dedicates his new song to Jude. Soon afterwards, EJ is overhelmed with the thought of them hooking up, meaning major publicity for G Major. But Tommy isn't liking the idea and sends Jude home. Woah, in this scene either he didn't wasnt Jude to go with Shay or he was jealous?! But Kat the next day reminds her that if she can't get over Tommy she's too deep in live with him and right then, Shay walks in the school and takes Jude in a math roon where he asks her to go to the movies.

    In a romantic scene between them (it actually reminded me of a real date vesides the whole buying all the tickets and having the theatre to themselves!!!) they see a movie and kiss! Meanwhile tow others kiss as well, Kat and Jamie!! Both of them shocked to as what happened. I seems as if Jude and Shay may have a future but Tommy wants it to stop and never happen (once again, jealous??). It was a great episode and give two thumbs up!moreless

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