Instant Star

Season 4 Episode 1

Your Time Is Gonna Come

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 08, 2008 on CTV

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  • Jude chooses between Tommy and Jamie.

    This episode was amazing. Jude once again picked Tommy to be her boyfriend, which was no shocker. It was kind of sad to see Jamie upset and jealous. Karma and Speed plan their upcoming wedding, and get a house with cameras installed everywhere. The only place that doesn't have a camera is one closet. Alexz Johnson has a new haircut, which isn't necessarily my favorite of her hairstyles, but it is OK. Her song, "Ultraviolet," is amazing. Alexz Johnson really delivers in her vocals when she sings. It was unexpected for Jamie to leave G Major, even though it was foreshadowed through the whole episode. Nonetheless, this episode is a great opener to the final season.
  • It's alright, just not what I was hoping for. :[

    So...Jude gets all upset over Tommy "The Man Whore"'s list of girls he's been with. (Sorry to any Tommy Q fangirls, but the guy was loose, and definately still h0rny. No doubt about it. Sorry.) I can definately understand where the girl's coming from. Poor Jude. :( The stress of wanting to please Tommy and be good enough for him had to be harsh. But she didn't have to spend the whole episode flipping out and trying to seduce him. But ah well. C'est la vie. That's life and the show needed a startling BAM season starter. These season is obviously going to have a different character and style than the previous 3 episodes. As neverous as I am to see if Instant Star can pull off the new approach, I am also a little excited to see the direction the show will take. Only time will tell!
  • Jude fears that her first time with Tommy won't be as special for him as it will for her, all thanks to some women from Tommy's past. Meanwhile, Karma and her camera crew get ready for her big wedding to Speed.

    This episode will forever me in my mind when I think of Instant Star. Anyone who worships the Jude/Tommy relationship will find this episode as magical. Fans can finaly see them in a relationship that looks functional, though they do spat int he beginning when a woman from Tommy's past makes Jude feel inferior. It's heartbreaking, yet cute to see how the Jude/Jamie thing is going. It's heartbreaking because Jamie was truly in love with Jude, and he obviously thought that he was the one for Jude. It's cute, because even though she chose another man over him, he's still looking out for her and Tommy's annual break-up so that he can comfort her and get closer...Although that never happens, Jamie still appears to have hope, but he doesn't plan to take it to an extreme and leaves G Major. We finaly learn that Karma can have feelings too when she is forced to hire her bridesmaids for her big wedding with Speed. In the end, it's a classic episode. We learn a lot about Karma, and we really feel for Jamie. Plus, if you're a "Jommy" fan like I am, you get your dream come true.