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Josh Holloway portrays the life of Gabriel a government agent with something special in mind.  He has been given a microchip brain implant and is given through this implant access to the entire global information grid, this means creating 3D for everything he creates from cellphone to video information and everything the internet and modern day information can offer...  This is power to a human only previously available to a machine. The government calls the project "Clockwork" and is a stark reminder of the "Manhattan" project some may know today.

Created by Micheal Seitzman and coming to your screens in 2014 from February 24 onwards.






    7 Shows That Will Probably Be Canceled, Even If They Don't Know It Yet

    It's time to face the facts: These shows are almost certain to be goners by the time the spring is through.

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    • why people stop watching tv shows

      i am sick of getting into all these tv shows then they just cancel them and not only do they cancel but they leave it on a cliffhanger i have about given up watching new series who wants to get into something just to be left of it at least end the show with a finale not just up in the air and what i dont get is all the good shows cancel while they keep crapass shows no one one wants to watch??moreless
    • Loved it!!!

      I certainly hope someone picks it up! Why cancel this one and keep other shows that didn't deserve to continue...

      Please someone.... :)
    • SyFy - Possibility?

      I really enjoyed this show too! Perhaps SyFy will pick it up. We need a new network. I can't see how this was cancelled, but they squoze 3 season out of Unforgettable; which I like also, but Intelligence I liked WAY more.

      Good looking cast. I like the chemistry between the two main characters.

      So sad to see it go. Very disappointed.
    • Love the show, but....

      I think they did way too much too soon. Needed a much more gradual learning process for Gabriel's "powers". I don't think there should have already been a villain with same abilities. As the show went on, Gabe should have been given updates just like our computers. I think it would have been funny and cool to have some super hacker, government or private sector or whatever, to find Gabe and start implanting his own code to "help". So much could be done with this premise its too bad it got so rushed. It seems to be a problem finding that right balance between too much too soon and not enough to keep us interested. I hope they reboot this somewhere.moreless
    • Great Show!

      I have to agree this is one of the better shows on TV. I was really disappointed when I heard CBS was considering canceling the show. Love all the actors/acttresses. Josh Holloway & Meghan Ory make great partners. (Maybe in more ways than one!) There are so many new shows and so many good returning shows out there it's difficult to keep up with them all. I have to have a DVR in 2 rooms (on 2 TV's) to record shows that I like, because one show comes on the same time as another. I will truly be upset if Intelligence does not return for more seasons!moreless

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