Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2014 on CBS
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After CyberCom is attacked by an aggressive computer virus, Gabriel's chip malfunctions, causing him to lose his memory. Jin Cong re-programs it to make him think that he (Jin Cong) is the good guy and that CyberCom is the enemy. Gabriel then helps him locate a secret document - a list of children with the same mutation that he has.


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  • Very intense and interesting!

    This was an intense episode with events from Episode 1 finally catching up to us. All the scenes at CyberCom were just so intense and there was a lot of drama.

    Not sure if I liked Gabriel minus his memories, but I guess that will make things interesting in upcoming episodes. We shall see.

    Overall, a very positive on hour of TV!
  • Still long way for the show!

    Overall, satisfactory. Plot was good but predictable, Riley consoling or rather "rebooting" Holloway to human mode was rather obvious, could have been made different but OK as long as it being entertaining nothing else matters. Acting wise, well Holloway should try at the big screen now, well he might surely win the Academy award and surely before Leonardo, After all Holloway has great looks and great acting skills, and most importantly he is no better actor than Leo. Meghan Ory was ok, Well the women never gets her chance to show her potential as Holloway takes most of the space.moreless

    I saw the preview of it on February 27 and couldn't wait for it to come on.

    The storyline was great. I really liked the way Riley expressed herself when Gabriel pointed the gun at her the second time. She told him to remember how he felt about her, not to think about her. I almost cried while watching that scene.

    In my opinion, Josh Holloway did some pretty good acting in this episode too.moreless
  • Riley and the storyline

    So far, i always felt that Riley is a bad actress. She has the same expression for most emotions and is just moving physically with the actions. But this ep makes me feel otherwise. She stepped up and managed to express significant emotions and feelings for the scenes required. Good job.

    Oh another note, i love this storyline. Pretty surprised they bring it to this level this early. Thought storylines like that would be a 3 ep arc somewhere in next season or after. Hopefully they are not cancelling the show..moreless
Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway

Gabriel Vaughn

Michael Rady

Michael Rady

Chris Jameson

Marg Helgenberger

Marg Helgenberger

Director Lillian Strand

John Billingsley

John Billingsley

Dr. Shenendoah Cassidy

PJ Byrne

PJ Byrne

Nelson Cassidy

Meghan Ory

Meghan Ory

Riley Neal

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    • Gabriel: Sorry. I... wasn't exactly myself last night. Thanks for... not shooting me.
      Riley: Too many witnesses.

    • Gabriel: He ask you out?
      Riley: What?
      Gabriel: You said no? Probably for the best. He's not the one.
      Riley: And how do you know? Oh, does your chip make you a fortune teller now?
      Gabriel: I don't need a chip for that. He's a nice guy, you like him, but your inner voice says no.
      Riley: And how do I know when my inner voice says yes?
      Gabriel: You just know.

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