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An Intelligence Community
CBS (ended 2014)
sharpen that axe!
Jan 28, 2014
7 Shows That Will Probably Be Canceled, Even If They Don't Know It Yet
It's time to face the facts: These shows are almost certain to be goners by the time the spring is through.
old ghosts
Jan 16, 2014
News Briefs: The Next Season of American Horror Story Will Be Set in the Year...
Plus: The CW gets into the miniseries thing, Benjamin Bratt will hunt Jack Bauer, and HIMYM pisses people off.
george michael returns
Jan 15, 2014
News Briefs: Michael Cera Is Joining Charlie Kaufman's FX Pilot
Plus: The Emmys finally splits movies and minis, Netflix plays Marco Polo, and Intelligence drops in the ratings.
early abandoner
Jan 14, 2014
Intelligence "Red X" Review: Gut Bomb
How is this show different from a standard procedural? So far, it's not.
cyber sawyer
Jan 08, 2014
Intelligence Series Premiere Review: In Need of an Update
Josh Holloway is great, but this supposed technological thriller doesn't know how to use its gizmos yet.
friendly advice
Jan 06, 2014
Hey, Should I Watch CBS's Bionic Sawyer a.k.a. Intelligence?
Josh Holloway has a computer chip in his brain and kicks a lot of ass in CBS's new thriller, but is the series worth watching?
get excited!
Dec 23, 2013's 10 Most Anticipated New Shows for Midseason 2014
Dead people! Blood-soaked pirates! Sexy post-nuclear teens! Here's what we're looking forward to for early 2014.
literally frightening
Nov 13, 2013
News Briefs: The Producers of Fringe Are Developing a TV Adaptation of Ghost
Plus: Kate Upton in the Entourage movie?, CBS moves Intelligence, and TVGN has the worst development slate ever.
smarter than your average show?
Jul 19, 2013
Comic-Con 2013: Talking Intelligence With the Cast and Producers
Josh Holloway weighs in on why you'll like the upcoming cyber-thriller.
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The Event Horizon
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The Grey Hat
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Dr. Shenendoah Cassidy
Director Lillian Strand
Riley Neal
Gonzalo “Gonzo” Rodriguez

Josh Holloway portrays the life of Gabriel a government agent with something special in mind. He has been given a microchip brain implant and is given through this implant access to the entire global information grid, this means creating 3D for everything he creates from cellphone to video information and everything the internet and modern day information can offer... This is power to a human only previously available to a machine. The government calls the project "Clockwork" and is a stark reminder of the "Manhattan" project some may know today.

Created by Micheal Seitzman and coming to your screens in 2014 from February 24 onwards.