Season 1 Episode 12

The Event Horizon

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2014 on CBS

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  • Pretty much the same core storyline as a couple of weeks ago

    Pretty much the same core storyline as a couple of weeks ago where Gabe got hacked. felt like I'd seen this one before, Yawn.
  • Very good!

    While the show has been good moving from case to case in the last few weeks, it is certainly a whole lot more interesting when we get developments in the major storyline, which has been a little absent for a while now.

    This was really interesting - it had everything from fugitive behaviour to secret meetings, takeovers at the CyberCom and drama all round. I never thought that Mei Chen could be a good guy but the end of the episode played it out that way.

    I really enjoyed the scenes at the last few minutes - it sets up for a very interesting season finale, which I can't wait to see now!

    Great episode - looking forward to more!
  • Bear facts

    This show has a good premise, but sci-fi shows have always had it rough. It is a tough sell. If it gets too technical, it is boring. Nelson usually provides the comic relief, but the cast doesn't seem that much like a family. Only Gabriel and Dr. Cassidy seem to have any real close relationship. Nelson, seems to be the jealous brother trying hard to get more attention from Dad. There has been a real effort to make Riley less machine-like and more caring about Gabriel as a person, not an asset. There is just not the camaraderie of NCIS or Criminal minds or enough levity to make the characters more humane. You guys need to borrow Bear from POI.
  • Better - still not that bright

    This week's episode was better than most, but still tripped up on some pretty obvious stuff. Like who couldn't tell they were walking into a trap at the end? Gabriel must have suspected that Lillian's phone would be tapped, but he still openly set up the meet, with no attempt to misdirect the listeners. And the people after him knew exactly what his chip was capable of, so blindly relying on it to tell if a SWAT team was coming seemed a bit naive. Mei Chen and Riley seemed to know the score, but Gabe kept blissfully relying on his chip instead of his brain.

    Other than that, it was nice to see some ugly reality rearing its head. Before volunteering to let the government put a billion dollar chip in your head, giving you weaponized hacking abilities, remember that once they do, they OWN you. There's no saying "sorry, this just isn't working out for me If they can't control you, they ain't gonna let you run loose. The gloves came off, the claws came out, and all the paranoia and inter-agency rivalries to control Clockwork finally boiled over. It will be interesting to see how Gabriel and the team responds to this in future episodes. It might be harder to risk his life for his country, knowing they're so ready to lock him up or kill him the moment they even suspect they're losing control.

    As with all 2 part episodes, the final verdict depends on how they choose to resolve things next week. I hope Gabriel doesn't just shake of a high powered rifle shot to the gut, and take down the bad guys hand to hand or anything. By rights, he should be spending the rest of this season in a hospital. I can only suspend my disbelief so far.
  • wow, so good!

    I loved it! great story, awesome episode :-)
  • Solid

    That was a very good episode.

    In this show the writers do a good job using the implications of Gabriel's chip.

    Besides the technology aspect, the show relies crucially on the chemistry between Gabriel and Riley. And I think the chemistry is there.

    But what brings me back to the show is Meghan Ory's performance. I think she got her character just right. Unlike many characters with a broken backstory of late (she apparently shot her stepfather at the age of fifteen), she doesn't overdo it. She really shows profound acting skills, beyond that you normally see in a TV show. I hope she will be given opportunities to show her talent in more profound writing.

    From the beginning the show reminded me of 'Chuck' both for the chemistry of the partners' couple and Gabriel's abilities. Incidentally I thought that 'Chuck' became much less interesting and believable when Chuck got his Kung-fu fighting abilities. Less interesting because his physical clumsiness and helplessness was a big part of the dynamic of the Chuck team and the show in general. Less believable because you don't acquire such fighting skills without the proper muscle build to implement these skills (the fighting scenes with Chuck were kind of laughable really).

    So, putting the same kind of information technology in someone who had realistic physical and fighting skills gives 'Intelligence' a more solid background.

    And Meghan Ory's and Yvonne Strahovski's characters have some similarities but Meghan Ory tackles hers in a much more subtle way in my opinion.

    There is nothing really new or very original about this show but it is very solid and has good potential. And it has replaced Nikita in my TV show pick up scheme.
  • awesome

    Absolutely loved this episode. Can't wait till next week!
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