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  • Hot crime drama with great actors, layered characters, perfectly creepy to keep you wondering who is a good guy who is a bad guy or if everyone is both...NAH that can't be!LOVE IT

    I took a risk and bought it without ever hearing anything about it and it's the best show I've seen in a long time. I love crime dramas etc but some of theme that were formerly great to watch have taken on the exact same look for every show and "ripped out of the headlines" annoyingly tries to retell - with some misconstrued facts and a political statement here and there, telling a story we've all seen on the news. Makes you wonder why they pay the writers at all sometimes. Intelligence has great story telling and you've always got to have more.

    I needed a good crime drama that would make me want to see the next episode RIGHT NOW, and I never know what's coming. The bad guys have good traits, the good guys have bad traits and vice versa. It makes you like all the characters a little, love some of them, hate some of them and love/hate all. I was pleasantly surprised and I really hope there's more of this to come. It lists the series here as ended but I don't know if that's just because the season '07 is over or if Canada is much like the U.S. and cancels the best of the best. I surely hope not. Ian Tracy plays as good a bad guy as he did a cop in Davinci's Inquest, and seeing so many of the other cast members in different roles from on Davinci has been a real delight.

    It's gritty, creepy, crime drama at it's best. It has the violence that comes with rime without over doing the gruesomeness. You really never know what's coming next or who is connected to whom - certainly you never know who is telling the truth and who lives up to thier word which keeps you guessing, hoping, plotting, planning what might come next....then the episode ends and you have to know so you start the next episode and you are hooked again.

    LOVE IT.........Hope it turns out to be one of the few 8 years shows. With the Intelligence field changing with the reality of what's going on in the world, the show could probably never get old. Thanks to the writers and cast and Canada for putting out a quality show!
  • Great show that has getter better in Season 2 with more plots and sub plots and personnal agendas developing in every episode. A great final show cliff hanger and more plot threads to be opened up and explored in the next season hopefully.

    This show has just got better and better. The characters and story lines have just evolved and their are twist and turns around every corner. It makes a change for a show not to rely on big body counts or special effects to keep the viewer hooked. This is show with an intelligent and intricut plot that I very much hope will continue into another season. I personally can't wait to find out what happens to Jimmy and who's pulling Jordan's strings. Could the puppet master be Dante? Is he smart enough - who knows? The whole cast turns in great performances and even Jimmys dumbo brother act thankfully cooled off as the season went on. I just hope this series gets a main channes airing over here in the UK so more of my mates get a chance to see a well written and acted show even if the first season did start a little slowly. I hope the programme buyers can just give it a chance and let the viewing public chance to view a great show.
  • One of the few shows around dealing with secret services and how they use criminals for info

    I think this show is just great and vastly underrated. This is a Canadian production dealing with Vancouver secret services trying to tackle weapons and drugs smuggling by collaborating with a local crime lord. I have not yet seen the pilot movie, but immediately I was gripped by the subtle writing. For starters, the crime lord ( a superb performance by Ian Tracey) seems a very reasonable guy just trying to find a way out and laundering his money. Then there is the new woman running the agency. She (another superior performance by Klea Scott) manipulates everybody but she has no other choice because almost everybody is backscheming against her.
    The show builds up to a very actual and global dilemma : how far are we prepared to make money or gain promotion by sacrificing others? How far are we prepared to go for self-improvement while knowing we'll leave behind a barren earth for our children.

    The fact that this production is Canadian just makes it the more outstanding. First of all, the actors are just excellent, but secondly, because it makes the storyline the more interesting. Should this have been an American show, I feel it could quickly turn trivial or cliché in the way '24' does. 24 keeps its tension by its real-time premises and in this respect it remains an exciting series to watch.

    But in my opinion, 'Intelligence' and 'The Wire' are shows that are much more intelligent. They deal with the real world, where we all try to keep the crime out ... or be as little criminal ourselves...we all just want to get by in life comfortably. There is a wonderful line in episode 9 which goes more or less like this: "We have some stuff (weapons) going to the Congo, but I think we can divert them here"
    We do not think of the war tacitly still going on in Eastern Congo, rather we fade back to the beautiful Russian prostitutes and how to pay them...
  • This may have started off a little slow, but as with all good things you need to persevere and stay with it to get the best out of it ... and this is turning into a possible best!

    As the series has progressed so have the characters with Jimmy Reardon becoming quite endearing in his complex nature. Of course he is bad - like the rest of his crew - but he is surviving and you can easily find yourself rooting for him, when you obviously shouldn't be! I can't say the same for Matt Frewer - whose persona has really started to grate!

    I suppose the best thing about the series is that it continues with the story week to week - as opposed to individual stories - and so you are caught up in what is going to happen and how things are going to play out. Mary Spalding is smart, intuitive but needs to loosen up ... just a little. All work and no play ... and all that!

    My only problem with this series ... looking ahead ... is when Mary has landed the job she wants, got rid of Deakins and the like ... what is going to be left? I mean this storyline can not go on forever so something has to change. And that is a good thing ... second series ... new perspective ... and so on ... this series could run and run!! Excellent!