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CBC (ended 2007)


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  • This may have started off a little slow, but as with all good things you need to persevere and stay with it to get the best out of it ... and this is turning into a possible best!

    As the series has progressed so have the characters with Jimmy Reardon becoming quite endearing in his complex nature. Of course he is bad - like the rest of his crew - but he is surviving and you can easily find yourself rooting for him, when you obviously shouldn't be! I can't say the same for Matt Frewer - whose persona has really started to grate!

    I suppose the best thing about the series is that it continues with the story week to week - as opposed to individual stories - and so you are caught up in what is going to happen and how things are going to play out. Mary Spalding is smart, intuitive but needs to loosen up ... just a little. All work and no play ... and all that!

    My only problem with this series ... looking ahead ... is when Mary has landed the job she wants, got rid of Deakins and the like ... what is going to be left? I mean this storyline can not go on forever so something has to change. And that is a good thing ... second series ... new perspective ... and so on ... this series could run and run!! Excellent!
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