Intelligence (CAN)

CBC (ended 2007)


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  • Great show that has getter better in Season 2 with more plots and sub plots and personnal agendas developing in every episode. A great final show cliff hanger and more plot threads to be opened up and explored in the next season hopefully.

    This show has just got better and better. The characters and story lines have just evolved and their are twist and turns around every corner. It makes a change for a show not to rely on big body counts or special effects to keep the viewer hooked. This is show with an intelligent and intricut plot that I very much hope will continue into another season. I personally can't wait to find out what happens to Jimmy and who's pulling Jordan's strings. Could the puppet master be Dante? Is he smart enough - who knows? The whole cast turns in great performances and even Jimmys dumbo brother act thankfully cooled off as the season went on. I just hope this series gets a main channes airing over here in the UK so more of my mates get a chance to see a well written and acted show even if the first season did start a little slowly. I hope the programme buyers can just give it a chance and let the viewing public chance to view a great show.
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