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  • Hot crime drama with great actors, layered characters, perfectly creepy to keep you wondering who is a good guy who is a bad guy or if everyone is both...NAH that can't be!LOVE IT

    I took a risk and bought it without ever hearing anything about it and it's the best show I've seen in a long time. I love crime dramas etc but some of theme that were formerly great to watch have taken on the exact same look for every show and "ripped out of the headlines" annoyingly tries to retell - with some misconstrued facts and a political statement here and there, telling a story we've all seen on the news. Makes you wonder why they pay the writers at all sometimes. Intelligence has great story telling and you've always got to have more.

    I needed a good crime drama that would make me want to see the next episode RIGHT NOW, and I never know what's coming. The bad guys have good traits, the good guys have bad traits and vice versa. It makes you like all the characters a little, love some of them, hate some of them and love/hate all. I was pleasantly surprised and I really hope there's more of this to come. It lists the series here as ended but I don't know if that's just because the season '07 is over or if Canada is much like the U.S. and cancels the best of the best. I surely hope not. Ian Tracy plays as good a bad guy as he did a cop in Davinci's Inquest, and seeing so many of the other cast members in different roles from on Davinci has been a real delight.

    It's gritty, creepy, crime drama at it's best. It has the violence that comes with rime without over doing the gruesomeness. You really never know what's coming next or who is connected to whom - certainly you never know who is telling the truth and who lives up to thier word which keeps you guessing, hoping, plotting, planning what might come next....then the episode ends and you have to know so you start the next episode and you are hooked again.

    LOVE IT.........Hope it turns out to be one of the few 8 years shows. With the Intelligence field changing with the reality of what's going on in the world, the show could probably never get old. Thanks to the writers and cast and Canada for putting out a quality show!