Intergalactic Kitchen

BBC (ended 2004)




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Intergalactic Kitchen

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When the Birds, a family from Scotland, meet the Krryptyx, a family from many, many light-years away, things are bound to go strangely, especially when said encounter occurs in a kitchen which is orbiting the Earth!

It is thanks to Mrs. Bird, a scatter-brained scientist, that this Kitchen came to be the first ever interstellar cookery. Problem is, she cannot right it, as Mr. and Mrs. Krryptyx have managed to accidentally take her far, far away in their conventional spacecraft.

It is therefore up to Snoo, Jay and Robin, Mrs. Bird's children, Fleur, their school contemporary, and Krrk and Krrstee Krryptyx to find them!

Based on the book by Frank Rodgers, Intergalactic Kitchen is a madcap sci-fi kids comedy with a difference!