Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on A&E
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Lawrence, 34, is a successful entrepreneur but had a dark past of emotional and physical abuse. He numbs his pain with alcohol, drinking litres of alcohol a day. He has also battled cancer recently. His family gather for an intervention in the hope to change his life.moreless
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  • Lawrence: a likeable, good looking, and succesfull young man with a tormented childhood. He overcame great obstacles and rose to self-achieved success, but eventually became a victim of the past abuses that he endured as a child.moreless

    This has was an extremely poignant piece. I don't watch Intervention too regularly because too often it is inconsistent with its degree of urgency for intervention in the cases covered, but this episode deeply moved me and it stood out from the rest in the series. People need to see this. Lawrence's story is tragic on so many levels. Even though Intervention is not typically a "feel good show" (Lawrence's story being no exception) I feel that there is a lot to learn from Lawrence and what he, his family, and friends endured. The message is clear: you must do EVERYTHING you can to help a loved one who is actively killing himself. DON"T WAIT to take action!!! As Lawrence's mom fatefully said to Lawrence: "you cannot come back from dead" This piece was done very well. It also illustrates like never before the incredidibly damaging physical effects of chronic alcholism. I have a wife, a baby boy, and my own busines and like Lawrence, I too, like to drink a lot(6 beers or 4 or 5 cocktails often daily). After watching Lawrence's story, I have (with some difficulty) abstained from my typical daily drinking. It really affected me. This story is so sad, but so thought provoking. As painful as it was to watch, I recommend that people should see this and teenagers should be shown this story in school.moreless
  • i was really touched by this episode finding myself crying this was a real touchig episode it was so real

    my heart goes out to his family,he was someone that was really loved.those who suffer from an addiction just like lawrences may not know the impact it may cause on there family and those that are around who really care my heart goes out to those who watched him suffer he was so young and had his fll life stil ahead i really didnt think that the episode was going to end up like that. I was waiting for the end where they show how they recover but at least hes not suffering anymore and is watching over his family like the episode had shown i think it was an episode that can be reaired.moreless
  • Most heartbreaking episode!

    I would rate this episode, the best one Intervention has aired! I watch the show frequently (if it's a good one) and I happened to come across the Lawrence episode last night. I was crying throughout & even harder once the outcome showed at the end of the show. It was heartbreaking to watch alcohol literally take a hold of someone's life & ruin it. He was so successful, at a very young age- even though he had a very rough childhood. It was so horrible to see him not even acknowledge that alcohol was taking everything he had & loved and throwing all away. He had "no idea" that it was killing him. Nothing could be more upsetting than that. They saying goes that you can't help someone who thinks they don't need it. And once he went to treatment, he still said he didn't think he had a problem. My heart goes out to his family, friends and co-workers--- I could NEVER imagine having to cope with something like that. But I truly believe that airing this episode will really help someone. Even if it helps one person, it was worth airing the show. I keep thinking about this show, I can't stop. I think the family & friends should become "motivational speakers" for AA meetings, high schools & etc.moreless
  • It should say "heartbreaking" in the description. While most episodes of Intervention are wrenching, this one was probably the most difficult to watch.

    Lawrence was a successful, healthy, happy guy until drink took over his life. His family watched as he went from running numerous tanning salons to hiding out in his house on the brink of losing everything. Lawrence is in complete denial about his drinking saying he only has "one or two a day". His employees help him do almost everything from cutting his food to giving him baths. Lawrence's problems started when his step father beat him and his mother eventually ran from home. Lawrence took care of his two younger brothers and fought off his bully step dad. Later on, he medicated himself with alcohol.

    Recently diagnosed with cancer, Lawrence refuses to do the chemo treatments or go to follow up appointments. The intervention itself is painful for all and finally he decides to go. Lawerence still doesn't think he needs help at all. The ending to this story is sad to see, and in a way, it's not surprising given Lawrence's situation. It still hits home that this show deals with real people, harrowing situations and even death.moreless
  • This episode is stuck in my mind!

    This episode of Intervention just breaks my heart. By far the most touching one I have ever viewed before. Unfortunately, it has a very sad ending. My prayers and thoughts are with the family and friends who tried to fight Lawrence's addiction. He seemed like such a great man, he was very bright, handsome, and atheletic. He started his own business from the ground up at a very young age. Basically, he had it all. So sad to see his alcoholism take over his life, especially after he had even fought cancer. He did stay sober for 30 days, and relapsed.moreless

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    • Treatment Centers: Lawrence was admitted to the Summer House detox clinic in Miami, Florida. He was then transferred to C.A.R.E in North Palm Beach, Florida. Lawrence still wouldn't admit he had a problem and wouldn't focus on the treatment. He was discharged after 30 days and relapsed 2 months later. After another 3 months, he developed esophageal bleeding, and died soon after from the resulting consequences of the liver cirrhosis.

    • While on the show, Lawrence had visible bruising on the sides of his body. This indicates cirrhosis of the liver, a condition where the liver is damaged and scar tissue forms over the damaged area. This leads to loss of liver function. The condition is heavily implicated in alcoholism.

    • It was revealed at the end of the episode that Lawrence passed away on February 22nd. A letter from his mother is posted on the A&E Intervention website. This is the first time that a participant has passed away while their episode was still in production.