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Leslie is a mother of three kids and a prominent member of the community. She volunteers her time at her children's school and at the local church. However, she's hiding a dark and raging addiction to alcohol that threatens the family's stability. After many encounters with the law because of her addiction, can Leslie finally choose her family over alcohol with the help of an intervention?moreless
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  • I guess if you don't know anyone with these problems then it is like a detached train wreck. But for those with family experience in addiction and the resulting personal history, it gives great insight.moreless

    This was a terrific episode because it showed (or at least seem to hint at) the truth behind what happens when a suburban mom tries to be and seems perfect and "beautiful" on the outside and is a mess on the inside, wrecking her kids lives and blaming her husband for not fitting the mold she thinks suits her best in that "perfect" PTA life. I do hope she continues the fight and I wish my mom could have the same opportunity. I guess if you don't know anyone with these problems then it is like watching a tragic but detached train wreck. But for those with family experience with addiction and resulting personal history with it, it gives great insight. Or at least a way for others people with legacies of addiction to see the problems they share. So it is not only just for those suffering the addiction themselves. Sorry if the "plot" seems the same. That is the exact reason I believe it is helpful. More people than you can imagine are affected by addiction and it IS always almost the same. That is what is so outrageous. The same crazy mistakes happening over and over again until someone puts their foot down.

    My sister and I grew up with several alcoholics in the family and struggle with those problems ourselves now well into our 20s. Our mothers disease and self-centered actions continue to this day and though it is not always as dramatic as a few of the episodes, it is good to see how it truly and emotionally affects people, especially family, and feel validated about our need for things to change, i.e. the addicted person taking the opportunity to get help or the right of those that love them to distance themselves until they do.moreless
  • This episode follows Leslie, a desperate alcoholic, who uses mouthwash as her method of staying drunk. It also chronicles the effect on her family. From an audience perspective, the show scratches the surface in terms of the actual experience.moreless

    I "stumbled" on to this show while surfing, but immediately was hooked, at least to this particular episode. I'm not sure I would watch the show on a regular basis, as the stories are all similar and would blur after a while. If nothing else, however, it shows a "real" side of dependency and rather than focusing on the individual, to entice sympathy for them, focuses on the family, who truly deserve the attention.

    I must admit that I had little sympathy for Leslie and almost all for the family, especially the kids. From her husband's description of Leslie's personality she was not a happy person to begin with, disappointed with her lot in life, to the point of being a chronic whiner/complainer. It seems that, with all of what he said, her turning to alcohol was predictable, but unbelievable considering her status in the community. From everything presented on the show, realizing it is a surface view, she drove herself to drink--it was nothing the family did--the family deserves a lot of credit. I thought the most interesting sequence was her passing out on the lawn. Neither husband nor her kids attempted to get her up and take her inside, indicating that their level of apathy and disgust had reached its highpoint.

    After viewing one show, I am surprised this series is going into its fourth season. The names and situations may be a bit different, but the plot and format are the same. Despite this, I think the show has merit in that those on the verge of an addiction or dependency should view it to see how their indulgences affect others.moreless
  • This episode involves Leslie an Alcaholic

    I think that this was a good episode that people needed to see I felt horrible for the children who were forced to sit back and watch what was happening to their mom. The interventionist said that she almost never allowed children to participate in the actual intervention but that she felt it was importat to Leslie's success. I believe, as I have watched every episode of Intervention so far, that Leslie is the most severe case of any addict ever profiled on the series. She mentioned that although she was staying with her ex before the intervention, that she was living in her car, her ex husband had custody of their three young children.moreless
  • I wish Leslie and her family all the best in the world. I was very happy to see that she had looked as beautiful at the end of the show as she had in the beginning. What an awesome family. Good Luck Leslie!moreless

    This show absolutely tugged at ALL of my heartstrings. This family went through so much and overcame alot of obstacles. I cried for this family, and I prayed too. I hope that all is well with them and that Leslie is still doing great. Such a beautiful woman. I hope that she will have the opportunity to see this and know that she's made an effect on others and a difference in alot of peoples lives. Great great job on this episode, i still think of this family daily. God Bless them.moreless

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