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  • will it ever get better?

    my 19 yr old daughter is a IV Herion addict. The Apple does not fall far from the tree since I spent a huge ,chunk of her life in active addiction. Therefore I did most if not all of my parenting out of guilt which only did harm to her. My family has tried many things, but they learned from me that you can't help an addict unless they want to be helped. We are losing her fast and we need help! She already has a felony drug sales charge that will never come off her record. People tell me that she is constantly on the brink of overdose. My mother brought her back with CPR a few years ago and she spent 5 days in ICU. It was all a big joke to her. Please we are dezperate! Thanks Erin Hutchinson

  • 24 year old son has clinically died 3 times

    My son's been through horrific, traumatic events during his childhood and after the killing of his father by the police in 2006 he's been killing himself slowly with heroin and abusing me, his mother. I know I should have found a way to save him , he is my life. I failed him, his dad failed him, a charmed little boy has been transformed into someone I don't know and resent but love with all of me.
  • I pray to you, please help...

    Prostitution,heroin, crack(anything) stealing, lying, not seeing her children, living in shelters and trap become my once beautiful, smart, fun big sisters reality for the past 16years(since 15) I don't know anywhere else with the means to help and don't have the money as a family and we are desperate. I can't even tell you how many times my sister has a month ago she was found in a ditch and rushed to hosp and saved 48hrs later she left hops. Just to be rushed back found in stranger's doorway again . (heroin) she recovered i went to see her in hosp. And it broke my heart but i thanked god she was alive. Only to get call next day boyfriend had snuck her in syringe's of heroine and she again overdose, code blue Wile in intensive care I am so afraid to lose my sister, my young nephews need there mom. Please help. Jrlbrlsas830989@gmail.
  • I desperately need help

    Hey my name is tiffany I have two brothers both older than me and I am the youngest and only girl my dad has been a meth attic for many and many years I can not remember but a year of my life he was sober and I am no 17 . I need help and can't afford help so please call me 719 821 1394 I don't know what else to do
  • Parents shouldn't outlive their kids...

    My brother is 44 years old, lives with our parents (my Dad has Alzheimer's), & is a MAJOR alcoholic. He doesn't pay any bills, instead he uses his paychecks & buys whiskey. Every. Single. Day. He comes home & beats the dog up, he's abused our mother, he's abused me, he wakes our Dad up & makes him think he did something wrong. He wakes up every morning & has the shakes, his ankles & legs are swelling, yet he doesn't think he has a problem. He is drunk on whiskey every single day. He's disgusting. My Mom cries a lot because she knows she'll be picking out a casket for him soon if we can't get him help. I'd do almost anything to help my brother. Please help him. Thank you.
  • Desperate for help!!

    My aunt began smoking CRACK in the 1980's she has been to treatment several times and has managed to stop smoking.. I was recently made aware that she has resorted to sniffing Cocaine and its killing her. She has diabetes, high blood pressure and is going blind as result of her drug use. She is in denial and does not recognize that her drug use is causing her health to deteriorate. Please help my family and I help her to live a happy, healthy life by getting treatment... PLEASE!! The Intervention crew does very well working with families and I believe they can do the as,w for my family, PLEASE HELP!
  • My son is a heroin addict

    My 22 year old son is a heroin addict and I am desperate for help. No mother should ever have to know what it's like to hold her breath as she opens her child's bedroom door to check on them - and give thanks each day that her child is still alive and they've made it through another day... fully knowing that one day that won't be the case. Our family is a mess because of this and I have a 9 year old son that I'm trying to protect and shield from the evil world of drugs. Life is pretty awful right now :(
  • I nominate myself:)

    Pick me!
  • my 25 year old brother is a 6 year heroin addict!!! please help

    I don't care about actually being on TV I'm only here cause I don't know what else to do my 25 year old brother has been on heroin for 6 years straight he's been to 3 re habs for 60+ days each and just won't clean up my mom and dad fully take care of him and put up with his habit he threatens suicide if they kick him out or don't give him money its destroyed the family he is slowly dieing and I can't watch it anymore . my family needs help does anyone have any advice or direction my dad doesn't stop helping him cause he feels bad for his son and his mother just let's him do whatever he wants she's afraid of him leaving. Thanks in advance for your advice I'd like to at least talk to someone about this situation as were completely lost and all need help
  • My step son is addicted to Meth

    My 25 year old step son is addicted to meth and it is going to kill him. He has been to jail many times and prison and he is still addicted. He gets mixed up with girl that are addicts and he falls back into the pattern. He has a heart issue. He disappears at times and we don't know where he is. He breaks into people's homes to get his drugs. His mother was his crutch for the longest time and she stopped and now he is living on the streets, no food, and us never knowing if he is alive or not. What can we do to get him the help he needs. An intervention to get him the help he needs before it is to late.
  • I need help for my daughter age 24/prostitute/serious crystal meth addict and pills

    Where can I find help to get my daughter involved with the show Intervention? I would love to have either Jeff or Candice to be my daughter's interventionalist. Please contact me at 559-229-4979 or my e-mail is . Her name is Brittani and she is my life but I have kicked her out, I don't give her money. I will feed her food from my home. SHe is living with some strangers now, I don't know what to do. I just know she is going to die. She has lost 125 pounds in 8 months and its a good thing that she was a big girl before this all happened. She was raped by her father
  • Need to get someone on the show

    How do I get someone on the show? Anyone know?!?!
  • Troy, simply accept your children for who they are

    My comments are not specific to Troy with addiction to meth, being gay, etc. However his specific episode made me want to comment. I have heard so many family members say "I want my xxxxx back!" I am so surprised meaning that, I feel that the reason most people turn to drugs, sex, alternate life styles, etc is because when you start realizing (at whatever age) that you will not ever, ever, ever, meet the expectations of others, most importantly, your parents, is where the pain comes in. So versus saying, "I wish I had my little sister/brother/cousin/wife/father back", say "I accept and love you as you are, unconditionally, but I cannot watch you destroy the person I love".
  • Addicts...

    I hate people who abuse prescription pain meds. I have had 5 major back surgeries after an accident. I take meds to get through the day. You people who abuse them have made it extremely hard for us who need these meds to get meds. Shame on you.
  • How do I find casting calls for this show

    I have 3 maybe 4 in my family that can really use this help.

    Great how they give them help. LOVE how real it is.
  • why my sons couldnt get help

    my sons were addicted to oxycodone really bad for years and was so out of it that my one son trusted someone that needed help and eneded up getting set up and got 9 years ... my oldest toke people to clinics as rides and was taking over 60 pills a day ,, and one friend left his script in car and my son got 25 years for a addiction come on can any one please tell me what i did wrong ..why the system dont give help instead of giving a life sentence.. a very sad mom that will never believe in and justice system again .. im reaching out to you to help me get my boys help....
  • I Can Relate to the Addicts on This Show.

    Speaking from my own personal experience, I personaly think that this is an excellent. television program. It shows that there is help for addicts unable to brake their habits bythemselves. I used to be in group therapy, and I had met plenty of people like that myself. This show demonstrates real addicts, the hell they go through, the help they receive, and their recoveries. It also inspires addicts who are watching to confront their own personal demons before it is too late. I must reccomend this show to addicts, their families, and therapists. I give it a 10 with pleasure.
  • This show reveals the ugly truth about addiction.

    As a former interventionee, I am now sober for 2 years. My family and doctors did an intervention on me while I was stuck in the hospital due to an overdose on heroin and cocaine. And I cannot tell you how close it hits to home every time I watch Intervention. Most people say its a show that's hard to watch but trust me, in real life its even worse, nobody can imagine the pain the addict and family go through during an addiction. And the chance of a full recovery is slim to none. Its really very very sad and I'm so grateful I've made it this far, especially with the support of my family and friends. I still watch this show to remind me of where I don't ever want to be again, because sometimes we forget. My heart goes out to the addicts and their families... Good luck to everyone and just stay strong... Life is worth it.
  • Sometimes, action needs to take place.

    Have someone who has a dangerous problem that can lead to death? Sometimes, an intervention is needed to save the one who love, even if it means being hard on them. Millions suffer from a form of addiction, and they do need help to get sober. If the family are willing to draw the line in hopes of saving a life, then so be it. If a person turns down it, then actions will have to have a consequence like get the person the help they need against their will. Sometimes, the police and doctors can step in if it's urgent. If that doesn't stop them, what will… besides the grim reaper. When help is needed, one will have to have the element of surprise and stage an intervention if it's the one thing that will save them, if not too late.
  • Continued comment

    I just realized that this site made a bad judgement call. Its not A&E, it is whoever wrote about our episode. You totally re-worded what was on the press release and you should be ashamed of yourself. "He ruminates over his sexuality and drinks to avoid this feeling." Where did you come to that conclusion? That comment is no where which proves that you made it up on your own. Why write what you want to: It seems that this site has the gay issue". I will personally make sure that everyone knows what this site did and I can assure you that there are thousands that will know. Go to to read what SHOULD BE WRITTEN
  • I think that this is a program that can help people see just what can happen if you decide to make the wrong choice in life---you could end up just like the person on thats reality.

    I happened to tune into this one evening to think it was a movie. However, I soon found out that it was a docu-drama (IMO). The program shows how people who sometimes have a wonderful future seem to fall to the belief that drugs and/or alcohol are an esacpe for their problems which only escalate to bigger ones.

    Also, it deals with other destructive behaviors. I have, for many years, felt that the issue of overeating is a disease just like alcohol and drug addiction. Actually, I feel its a much harder addiction to overcome for the simple reason that one does not have to have beer or drugs to survive daily...but one does have to have food. And just as in chemical dependancies, 1 is soon not enough to satisfy those cravings (making you feel better) one has to keep eating more and more to satisfy that craving in their mind. Most obese people do not eat for the sake of liking the food, they eat to make themselves feel better. Now having that said, back to the show.

    I think that this is a program that can help people see just what can happen if you decide to make the wrong choice in life---you could end up just like the person on thats reality.
  • John is a crack addict and alcoholic that lost a lot of people for various reasons. He coped with these issues by engaging in this kind of activities.

    I absolutely adored John! It reminded me so much of myself and broke my heart! I'd love to talk to him if at all possible. Just his sweetness and experience I believe could do me some good. The show really was disturbing to watch when you see yourself doing the exact same things. I didn't think he was going to "make it" because at times I feel as helpless as he did...then you just drink more to cover up that horrible feeling. I've watched a lot of episodes of Intervention, but by far this one touched me more than I ever could imagine.

    I look forward to Intervention every week. It's my all time favorite show! I hope to see some new ones soon!!

    I come from a family of alcoholics & my father use to abuse my mom, so sometimes the show hits close to home for me) All the interventionists are the BEST!!!! You guys are awesome....keep up the great work! To the people that portray their life on this show: I give you so much credit for being brave enough to come out in the open about your problems. Sometimes I wish I was as brave as you!!!!!

    Yay....tommorrow's Monday & intervention starts at 8pm!!!!!!!
  • dsfsdfsdfsdfsf

    this show is amazing~ it's taught me that.... all i want is a sound system that sounds rad~ and tell the neighbors were probably going to blow the wall down! it's also taught me that i want to join the twelve step program! and it has showed that people these days don't have manners! is their an ant dj rehab? i'm going to dj at coachella! woo woo yayaya! chaching! thanks for the goodies!!! i met this super hot chick! i love to rave it, and just have fun! its all about fun! in all actuality these are bite marks on my refirgerator! do i look like a normal guy? no, my apperance is illegal? do u mess with someone that uses their refirgerator as a punching bag?? go ahead try it!
  • People suffering additions, eating disorders, and mental disorders are filmed for a documentary. In reality, an intervention is being staged by family, friends, and health care professionals to help them out of their dire situations.

    Not even the greatest Hollywood writers can come up with ideas that surpass the stories we can get out of real life. No typical "win money/husband/wife/house" reality show can possibly capture the raw emotions of life.

    Intervention does just this. That's real blood you see gushing out of a wound as the self-harmer passes a razor over her skin . That's real heroin you see the man injecting into his arm. That's real food you see the anorexic vomiting out after a binge. And the suffering of the individual and his/her friends do not get any more real that this. They'd probably give anything to be on a "win money/husband/wife/house" reality show instead.

    This is the world we see when we look into the mirror and not the TV screen. Countless people suffer from additions and mental disorders. These people have reduced themselves and their close ones to mere skeletons of their former selves. And it touches almost everyone in the world. I believe this is why this show is so important. Every single one of us, though we may not know it, is only a stone's throw away from ending up in situations like this. One day, you may be on top of the world, the next you may find yourself mangled in a ditch, wondering how you ended up there. Yet, this is a topic no one really wants to talk about. It's shoved under rugs. It's ignored. It's met with "that'll never happen to me or anyone I know." Intervention, if nothing, brings forth the ugly truth that many would rather turn a blind eye to. The empathic emotions it invokes are not pleasant ones. However, it does such a good job at it, which is why Intervention is such a quality show.
  • Intervention is a show that shows the disease that is addiction, in a light that is has never been seen in before. Intervention is completely raw and true in its portrayal of the disease.

    I have watched a lot of shows having to do with addiction, we probably all have.

    So what makes Intervention so different?

    Not only does it show you the completely profound effects that addictions has on the people, it shows you the effects it has on all of those around them.

    Seeing the hurt that the addictions cause the family, is probably the core of the show, because everybody can relate to that. Everyone can relate to not wanting to hurt the people they love. So seeing the pain that is being caused to these people, is hard to watch.

    That is what I like about this show so much, it doesn't fluff around anything, It shows the disease in the most raw way it could. Whether the disease is bulimia, drugs, or alcohol. The effects each of those have on the people in the show are chronicled very well and it makes you feel for the people involved in the show while offering a cautionary tale.
  • Doesn't get much more REAL

    Intervention is a really harsh look at the life of addicts. It's tragic to see these people reduced to shells of their former selves. But, I think shows like this are necessary for the larger population. It's like the realest PSA you'll ever see. A trained therapist helps the family and friends of the addicted person kick their bad habit. And the addictions really do run the gamut. From drugs, alcohol, to compulsive eating and purging, anorexia and others. The climax of the show is seeing the addict either agree to rehab or try to wiggle out of it. It's sad, but definitely a reality we live with today.
  • A documentary about addiction.... or so they think.

    Addicts who participate in this show believe they are in a documentary about their addiction. They do not know that their friends and family have staged an Intervention. The show offers addicts treatment at a facility 'should they agree to receive this special gift they've been given'. They only get a couple of hours to make their decision as the offer is only good for that day.
    This show is gritty, emotional, explicit - it's a real eye opener. It's hard not to feel for the friends and families of the addicts. I think Intervention should be played at High Schools so teenagers can see what drugs, alcohol and other substances can do to you in the long run.
  • Unflinching look at addicts and the effects of addiction on families.

    I really hope this series has won many awards. It's just the best documentary style show on TV today. By taking an inside look into the lives of addicts, it provides a blueprint for destruction. The addicts themselves tell their stories from beginning to end in sometimes a heartbreaking manner. Once bright and vibrant, most are shells of their former selves. The people surrounding them are often lost and without hope. I do wish the show would give us more of a follow up look at some of the people profiled. Maybe a 1 or 2 year re-visit. This should be mandatory viewing for HS health classes. The best advice this show can offer? Don't try it..ever. Even once is too much for most of this stuff. Oh, and I love the theme music too. Long live tubular bells!
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