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  • Everyone knows someone who goes through or has gone through one of the circumstances shown on this program. I give much admiration to those who have put themselves out there to show others that they can get help too.

    It is a very difficult show to watch, but no more difficult to watch if you have ever watched a loved one suffer from a dependency or you, yourself have struggled with your own and are considering getting help. Watch it, watch it, watch matter how difficult it is, no matter how much you cry. It may be the show or the moment that makes you decide that this is it, the jig is up...that is me or a loved one. It is real, no sugar coating saying it was easy and I am healed and free of addictions. It is a new beginning and that is all a person can ask for.
  • Episdoe #11: I took my best-friend, RACHEL, onto show and the producers are more amazing then the show! Show changed our lives-best thing that has happened to us! My friend was bad on heroin-crack, living on the streets, Now her life has changed for the b

    LOVE IT! Best thing that has happened to us! People who live with family/friends who are adicts have to love it!
    I took my best friend, RACHEL, onto the show and the producers are even more amazing then the show! This show has changed our lives forever and is the best thing that has ever happened to us! We were in Episode No. 11. My friend was bad on heroin and crack, living on the streets of Baltimore, and now her life has completely changed for the better. Look out for follow-up Episode this month (May)to see how well she is doing! I can truly say, it is a real "REALITY" show and the producers never "told" or "asked" us to do anything "abnormal" that we wouldnt do on a normal basis.
    Carrie, Maryland
  • Intervention is a show about people tring to get their lives together

    On intervention people who have different types of addictions agree to star in a documentary to help other people end up geting a shock of their life an intervention by their loved ones telling them they need help adn offering it to them this show touches me becasue my dad had a problem with drugs he was addicted to herroin and he may still be he also was addicted to any type od narctic prescription drug valum,and oxycotin. this show is aninsite to me so i can see what these people have to through because of their addictions anybody who watches this show knows it is not cool to do drugs.
  • One word can sum up this awsome show "gripping" i find myself completely hooked.

    This show is what true "reality" is, not something they are doing for money, or a prize.
    Their prize is their life! This show takes a
    bold look into real lives of addicts of all kinds. I find my self entranced by this program, it is a wake up call for many people out there with a long hard road ahead, that know there are people out there willing to help them...Great show!!
  • The reality of addiction in it's most vulnerable form. For once there is no sensationalism and viewers see it the way it really is from all perspectives - you can feel the pain of families, friends, and addicts. A real eye opener.

    Gritty, biting, a real punch in the gut show. I have made sure to record it and show it to my 10 yr old so he can see what he will soon be challenged with by others in life. Hopefully, seeing the real thing will support my stand and give him the ability to say no with conviction.

    I think this show should be a staple in high school curriculum across the nation and considered for middle schoolers - especially since the age of innocense has gone way low over the decades.

    Some may vehemently disagree with my thought on this and younger viewers, saying its too much for young viewers.. I say it's too much not to show to young viewers and to do it BEFORE they are faced with it. Maybe this will be in the back of their minds when someone offers them their first joint, or they see people getting high and thinking its cool... that here is where it really comes to for many.

    This may be one way to try to combat addiction before it happens... give kids something real to see rather than something to listen to from us old folks who couldn't possibly understand... text books couldn't do it any better. Reality says it all.
  • This show is very informative!

    The other night I had taken a friend to the emergency room. While sitting in the waiting area I noticed a lady who could not sit still for the life of her. My mind immiediately jumped to \"Intervention\". The lady did not have a wrist band the ER attendants give to patients so it was obvious she was waiting for someone. Remembering the \"Intervention\" episode with the gorl hooked on crysatl meth, the lady was emulating everything the girl did when she got high. This show now helps me recognize people when they are high and quite possibly what drug they were using. this should be a big help if I decide to take on a career in the Justice system.
  • It takes the life of real addicts and then gives them the help they deserve. This show allows veiwers to see that anyone can have an addiction. It shows what it takes for a family to intervene in their loved one's lives before it is too late.

    I love this show! It is a great informative show. Bravo for this show! Finally helping the underdog in the way that they actually need! I love it! My only complaint is that some of the addicts don't seem to always need the gambler who obviously was using his show to promote his acting career....I think there are better choices...But overall I love the show and am a faithful watcher...
  • This show changed my life in a way.

    So I was at bored at work one Sunday night, flipping through the channels and I came across Intervention. It caught my eye because I've been in a situation in my life where I was actually doing some hardcore drugs. I made it through it, and I'm not that same person anymore, but I do feel for all the people on this show. I think it takes a lot of balls to go on public television and tell the world about their addiction to drugs, alcohol, or whatever else they may be addicted to. This show changed my life because it made me realize what I wanted to do for a career. I haven't started college yet because I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. After seeing Intervention, I enrolled in a college to study drug intervention. I envy the intervention specialists because they live for helping people that need severe attention to their addictions, and thats what I want to do. So starting in January, I will be going to college to become an intervention specialist, and I will hopefully become as sucessful as the specialists on this show. Thanks for the motivation! And maybe one day, I'll be working for you. Haha. =)
  • Right on. Before you can conquer anything, you first need to face it.

    Uplifting, highly educational and hope inspiring. To all the good people who have agreed to take part in your show for what ever your reasons may be, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and God Bless you.

    To those who put together this show, I personally can't thank you enough for the good work you are doing in the service of humanity.

  • I truly applaud the great effort and work that all concerned are giving to this old age problem of addiction. Obviously, help and healing is in part the way up to a better life; rather than, existing as a slave to it.

    I must exclaim; this show of reality and intervention is refreshing because it is taking a problem and getting into a solution. How does one get into casting calls or write or phone, e-mail to the producers about calling an intervention on a loved one? My family needs help!Gail Tapp
  • This show is about people in love.

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    I am an avid viewer of the TV show \"Intervention\" and to date long to see black people being featured on the show. Can you confirm the qualifying criteria for an \"intervention\" into the life (lives) of the addicts being featured?

    Hopefully, this programme is color-blind in its application to helping others.


  • I love Intervention!

    I look forward to every sunday night because of this show. Its so sad and real it just draws you right in. I am truely hooked. Oct. 30th starts the new season so everyone needs to check it out.
    Its just a great show and gope it keeps coming back every season
  • Great show for anyone that has struggled with any addiction!

    Intervention is a great show for anyone that has struggled with any addiction. I personally became addicted to pain medication after being perscribed medication for pain due to having cancer. I was told by a doctor that it didn't matter if I became addicted or not because I had cancer. Well, after being on some heavy duty pain medications for over 7 years, I decided enough was enough and wanted to stop. Little did I know that withdrawl was right around the corner and little did I know that detoxing from drugs is HELL. I have been watching "Intervention" since becoming clean and I wish someone would have had the guts to do an intervention on me sooner. I think this is a fabulous show to have on television right now because so many people suffer from the disease of addiction. I only wish I would have seen it sooner !
  • my daughter is on druggs and refuses help. we need her in our lives.

    this is a very informative show. i have a 35yr old daughter who is hooked on drugs and is living on the streets with her druggie boyfriend. i don"t know what to do or where to turn. she claims she needs no help and can kick the habit any time (they all say that). i am about to lose my daughter and my grand-daughter (14 yr old),is about to lose her mother. money is a problem and she has no insurance for treatments.any suggestion on what i can do or which direction to seek.
  • Sara episode

    This show was eye opening!! It was also very informative. Having experimented with drugs in the past, I could relate with Sara a little. It was heartbreaking to see her family go thru that. I am so happy she got help for herself... especially so she can be the mother that her daughter needs.
  • Gripping documentary series that shows the days in the life of addicts leading up to an intervention

    This series does a very good, if sometimes somewhat exploitative job of following addicted people and their loved ones who are trying to cope with seeing the addict go under. Feeling helpless, they turn to an interventionist in order to create a "wake-up call" for the addict.
    Addictions featured range from gambling to crystal meth, from pain killers to eating disorders (which are not really addictions).
    What I like about this show is how it focuses on the impact the addiction has on the addict's life and direct surroundings. Friends and family feel helpless and sometimes enable the addict, just because they love them.
    This is true reality tv, not the scripted junk that is usually associated with the genre.
    A must see for people who are interested in life and dealing with issues.
  • Intervention is a very eye opening show that lets you see what it is like being addicted to something. You get to see different people who are addicted and see how it is ruining their life.

    Intervention is a very eye opening show that lets you see what it is like being addicted to something. You get to see different people who are addicted and see how it is ruining their life. Also, how their families are being affected too. At the end, you feel for the people and hope they have the strength and the will power to help themselves. The end of the show, you always get an update on the people’s conditions. You can see if the intervention was enough to get their lives back. From the very first episode I ever saw, I became addicted. I certainly hope they will keep this up for a very long time. Hopefully, all of the people on the show can be helped.
  • A show that follows addicts of all walks of life. The addicts think they are part of a documentary to show what an addict goes through. Not knowing they are about to face an Intervention but their families.

    I think this is a pretty good show. It shows just a small part of an addicts life and what they put their families through to feed their addiction. Some times when I watch I hope the addicts get help, others times I just figure they are lost causes but some how I get surprised in the end. The actual intervention part always gets me.
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