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  • This show reveals the ugly truth about addiction.

    As a former interventionee, I am now sober for 2 years. My family and doctors did an intervention on me while I was stuck in the hospital due to an overdose on heroin and cocaine. And I cannot tell you how close it hits to home every time I watch Intervention. Most people say its a show that's hard to watch but trust me, in real life its even worse, nobody can imagine the pain the addict and family go through during an addiction. And the chance of a full recovery is slim to none. Its really very very sad and I'm so grateful I've made it this far, especially with the support of my family and friends. I still watch this show to remind me of where I don't ever want to be again, because sometimes we forget. My heart goes out to the addicts and their families... Good luck to everyone and just stay strong... Life is worth it.