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  • please help

    I have a very close friend who has always struggled with drug addiction. She has suffered a lot and shows visible signs of PTSD, as she has a laundry list of awful things that have happened in her life... Sexual and physical abusd, Abusive relationships, unhealthy relationship with parents, Father is also an addict and is dying from cancer... She gave a child up for adoption against her will... And lost her two young boys recently because of her drug use, poor judgement and her refusal to take responsibility. I understand it is a disease... This is why I am writing. No one in her family is willing to help her get clean... They enable her to stay sick and they are helping to kill her. My friends name is Love... Can u believe it? It's very sad... The whole family is sick. Her brother and one sister are addicts, an alcoholic niece and another sister who is oblivious. She's going to die... She needs help!!! She doesn't really care what drug it is.... But currently she prefers CRACK!!!! She has been to free rehabs, three times to be exact, but they haven't helped... She really needs a good facility that will help her deal with the traumatic past she struggles with!! Please... If she is doesn't get help soon she won't make it to the end of this year. My contact info