Into America's West with Jeff Corwin

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  • Season 1
    • New Mexico
      New Mexico
      Episode 8
      Jeff Corwin continues his journey into America's West via horseback, on foot, and by vehicle on the trail through the state of New Mexico. Considered the Wild West, with 120,000 square miles of desert, rivers, mountains and prairies, New Mexico is one of the most diverse landscapes in the United States.moreless
    • Yellowstone
      Episode 6
      Jeff Corwin travels by horseback, airplane, and by foot to bring Travel Channel viewers on a journey into Yellowstone National Park in America's West. He flies over the huge volcano of the park to gain a bird's eye view Yellowstone. Jeff showcased some of the best fly fishing in the world located on Soda Butte and the Lamar river.moreless
    • Yosemite
      Episode 6
      Jeff Corwin carries on his journey Into the American West with a venture into the Yosemite region of California known for wild adventure. He discovers the natural wonders of Yosemite's waterfalls, deep valleys, majestic meadows and early giant sequoia trees. He shares the history and global impact within Yosemite National Park and the middle portion of the northern California valley.moreless
    • Dakota
      Episode 5
      Wildlife zoologist, biologist and anthropologist Jeff Corwin saddles up for another adventure into the South Dakota's Badlands region. He takes viewers on an adventure through the Black Hills and Dakota's highest peak called Harney Peak. During this episode of Into America's West, Corwin films wildlife including a kangaroo rat, a black-footed ferret, a coyote, a buffalo stampede and prairie dogs in their natural habitats.moreless
    • Canadian Rockies
      Canadian Rockies
      Episode 4
      Renowned biologist Jeff Corwin invites viewers along on a trip to the Canadian Rockies. The World Heritage Site is a beautiful testament to the wonders of nature, featuring unique layers of limestone and shale. Corwin explores the area's main attractions, including the wildlife and the national parks that surround it.
    • The Cascades
      The Cascades
      Episode 3
      "The Cascades" is an episode of the show Into America's West with Jeff Corwin that airs on the Travel Channel. In this episode, the host Jeff Corwin continues his travels along the western part of America by going through the section of the Cascade Mountain Range that is located in the state of Washington.moreless
    • Montana
      Episode 2
      "Montana" is an episode from the show Into America's West with Jeff Corwin. This series follows nature and biology expert Jeff Corwin focusing on the natural species of Western America. During this epoisode, he explores the natural deserts and rolling prairies that are found underneath Big Sky Country in Montana.
    • Grand Canyon
      Grand Canyon
      Episode 1
      Jeff Corwin ventures into America's West once again to show the western portion of the Grand Canyon in the of Arizona portion of the National Park. On horseback, Corwin shares the incredible diversity of wildlife including wild bobcats, giant lizards, venomous rattlesnakes, goats and aquatic lake animals, such as interesting invertebrates only found in the park.moreless