Into the Night

Season 1 Episode 111

December 25, 1990

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Dec 25, 1990 on ABC

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  • This is the First Show Ever!!!

    I was in the audience with my Mother & she was called down to play the Trombone from a guy who claims he could train 5 or 6 people a different instrument within the hour. So my Mother missed the entire show while I'm sitting watching these guests stars with a bunch of strangers. And UB40 is one of my Mother's favorite band ever, so when they called her number in the beginning of the show, I thought she would just get a prize or something. So it's my fault pointing her out to go down & then ends up back stage for the whole show. The worst part is nobody could play any of the instruments at the end, that's why Rick Dees waited so long to air the episode plus the audience had to guess the song which was the theme from Star Wars. My Mother just died back in September 2013. I feel so guilty that Rick Dees Screwed me over. My Mother's Dream was to see UB40, but that never happened for her. We were also big Wonder Years fans, so for me it was hard to enjoy watching Jason Hervey & UB40 because of the guilt I felt & I still feel to this day.