Into the West

Season 1 Episode 4

Hell on Wheels

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 08, 2005 on TNT

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  • The building of the transcontinental railroad forces change to the west and it’s inhabitants. All along the roadbed boomtowns spring up, first to support railroad construction but leads to permanent settlement. The settling of the west sparks conflict bet

    The episode while very difficult to watch shows what is usually called “the opening of the west”. Seldom has this story been told with realistic emphasis on the racism of the whites and their genocidal treatment of the Indians. Also highlighted is the role of Chinese labors in the building of the railroad and the prejudicial attitudes toward them. Touched on only briefly is the anti-Irish prejudices of the era.
    Using as a storytelling technique this series follows the branches of one family (the Wheelers), which allows the brutality become personal. The behavior of Skiffington at Sand Creek and Custer’s attacks on old men, women and children are usually omitted in historical accounts.
    Margaret Wheeler’s decision to return to her mother’s people is courageous and understandable from her point of view and her meeting with Jacob Jr. pulls at your heart as they both try to make their way in the clash of their parent’s two cultures.