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  • About this miniseries

    It was very sad. This had wonderful music score.
  • Speilberg equates U.S. with Nazis

    The headmaster at the school in a speech utters the phrase," work equals freedom", or something like it. The writers lifted that from the German phrase" Arbeit Macht Frei" ,that was posted over the gates at several Nazi death camps. I liked the series, and what we did to the Native Americans was terrible, but it seems un historical, and almost an inside joke that the writers tried to use to see if anyone was listening.
  • The Hardships

    I got caught up in this series just last night. After seeing previews I set my DVR to record it and I got lucky as the network was doing a marathon of the show. After the first two episodes I had to call it quits and get some sleep but if I had the next day off I think I would have watched another. It was that good.

    The hardships that those original settlers endured had to be incredible. Some 180 years later we should still be in awe of their sacrifice and their journey. Traveling some 3,000 miles on wooden/steel rimmed wheels just gives me a cold shudder. How could they do it?

    Great movie..... let it take you back in time and relive what your ancestors wwent through.
  • South American Natives

    Now they need to make the history of the south american natives and their brutal history as well of which include the Mexica(n)s so called "Aztecs" and the Apaches that have been demonized by the white dominated governments of Spain because they were resistors warriors not savages you racist catholic mel gibson apocolypto fans who are brainwashed due to a false depiction of Mayan civilization endorsed by racist Alex Jones. similar to the natives of the north story in Into The west and how we lost our languages and forced to speak languages that werent ours like Spanish and English so for all you ignorants that get offended by brown Native Americans speaking Spanish is silly and shows how ignorant and racist you are. take your England vs Spain wars War of the Roses elsewhere not on us we didnt have a choice . Quit b @&$! about us speaking Spanish take it up with Spaniards from Europe that is where it comes from duhhh this is a melting pot and why there is no official language declared that would be a racist law. Get over it
  • One of the best western themed shows..period...

    The other day I read about how gen. Custer's flag was sold on an auction somewhere, so that led me to read about Sitting Bull which led me to this show, and I have to say that this is the best western themed show I have ever seen. Seeing that Spielberg was the executive producer made me think: "Wow, this could be great, just remember Band of Brothers..that was awesome" but then again I remembered: "Oh no, he produced Transformers.." xD so, I had mixed expectations going into this....but as soon as the first 10 minutes of the first episode passed I said to myself: "This is what I always wanted to see in a western themed show/movie.." The way they show you Indian culture and their mentality vs. the mentality of a colonist, soldier or one of a pioneer is great...really well written dialogues, characters you become attached to really make it a perfect 10 for me..
  • "Into The Amazing"

    I agree with many people that this is a history about the american history and its expansion into the native nation territories
    This show is amazing teaching us about american history from the gold fever, the creation of the first trains, the pony express everything this tv show is amazing and i offer it, in its time, in school to my history teacher and she agree on make the whole class to watch it class after class and then comment it really awsome like any movie based on true histories of american history "Into the West" its a Tv mini-show that teach people about American History
  • The blending of cultures? AMAZING!!

    This is my favorite thing to watch. i probably know most of the words by now. i have seen all six episodes from start to finish. I love the into music to all of the episodes it just starts it off perfectly. This show teaches everyone alot about different cultures blending and the struggle they had and also the rewards they achieve when they dont give up their dreams. The story line is amazing and there are so many characters that interact with eachother. The whole story keeps you watching and you cant help but stay interested. I recommend this to everyone, no one can resist but like it!!!!Its AMAZING!!!
  • Smart choise.

    I watched the mini-series on TNT. This movie blew me away. I came away from this embarrassed to be white. I think it shows the white man as the true savage. It pulls you into such a gripping story, and never lets you go. Great cast, great directing, great locations. How could anyone rate it other than a 10 ? I would recommend this film to anyone period. My wife,who is one quarter Cherokee, watches it 1 or 2 times a month. Absolutely the best ever made for TV mini-series ever produced. Stunning portrayal of just how self-centered the white man really is. The native Americans lived such a rich and satisfying life before European invasion of their land. We could learn a lot from them, about living in harmony with nature,instead of destroying it.
  • Learn about American history.

    This is one show that I certanly learnt a lot about American History. I do have to admit I did not know to much about it but Spilberg put a good twist to it so you can see what it was like in those times and how America was built. Coming for a European background it was certanly an eye openner.
  • I love my native and Virginian roots but now i love it more because of Into the west

    I am from virginia and i could not be more proud of the writing and the acting on this show it was an amazing event i cant wait for it on DVD. I have to support the arts of my fellow man. It is ashamed that more pure blooded natives are not celebrsted in film the are all brilliant actors and actresses Simon Baker is so handsome lol he could change his name from lovedbythebuffalo to lovedbythewarnersis, lol
  • one of the greats

    i knew when i first heard about this mini series it was going to be good. the story of two families, one native american and one white and there almost hundred year journey in the west. it did not dissapoint. stephen speilberg produced one of the best western mythology tele films of all time in my opinion.
  • A truly great show... I learned more about my own culture than what I was raised, being bi-cultural, it allowed me to understand...

    This was a great show, one of which I will purchase and show to my granchildren. My children and myself were hooked from the beginning. It was interesting on how todays life convolutes our past and a show such as this is needed to help us understand who we are. I was born part Native American: Tewa/Tiwa/Navajo/Isleta and the rest Hispanic, born in the city and raised on the reservation with a spanish speaking language. The show depicted the reality of half-breeds, such as myself and children, in which, the questions always remains "where do we belong?". I don't mean to sound like we are not accepted, but it is real life.I never fitted in with either the spanish or native american culture either as a child or sometimes even as an adult, but that is something I try not to focus on, how sad. So I really related to those handsome actors, Jacob and Abrahman Wheeler and how they just seemed to flow through life, as myself. The Native American actors were my favorite and very handsome. Anyway, I was really happy to see the NA actors and actresses in such an important film and showing that other NA came get somewhere in life (LOL: lots of love brothers and sister)!
  • Being Native American, I am spiritual and proud of my heritage. We were robbed of our land, our language, and our ways of life, and I am a strong advocate for the Native American tribes. Both my daughter (Lightwolf) and myself (Sundancer)will always be p

    Into The West only touches the reality of "what really happened" to my people. Our heritage, our beliefs and our culture are a rare specialty that have and still prove very rewarding to us.
    Although a lot of the truth is not revealed, Into The West is truly awesome. Although history can not be changed, it can teach all of us how people of the world are so different and how greed is a true sin.
  • Into The West is informative and influential, the twelve hour series takes you back to a time when life was slow-paced and carefree but at the same time it was heartbreaking and territorial. It showed a time in American History that was unforgettable but

    Stories of how the west was won are endless but stories can not compare to the television series Into the West. The series highlighted the struggles and tribulations the Native American's faced during the period of Westward Expansion. Into the West didn’t just focus on Native American sorrows but the sorrows of the era. The series featured accomplishments like the connection between the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroads and woes like the Civil War. This series captured some of the greatest events in America’s history; any show to accomplish that task is bound to be a classic, forever.
  • icould not play it cause i have no points ineed points cause im brand new at this.

    i think that you should give me diretions in order for me to watch any programes like the dukes of hazzard and all in the familt sanford and son bj mkay and his fav bear and so.this is a awsome way of watching old tv shows like the rockford files and the hee haa show
  • History of Sitting Bull

    Sitting Bull

    He was the rarest kind of warrior:

    brave—he once made a point of sitting down and smoking a pipe while enemy snipers fired at him—but also capable of recognizing when it was pointless to continue the fight.

    The same couldn’t be said of the U.S. government.

    Even after Sitting Bull moved to a reservation, they still considered him a threat.

    In 1890 the authorities sent 43 police officers to arrest him (a little excessive given that he was unarmed and near 60).

    He was killed in the ensuing struggle.
  • The show gives says that it gives two view points for the premise Into the West. It gave more. It showed a white family and background. It showed a Lakota family,people and spirituality of life. It also showed the military and the greed that ran so rampan

    It's about time that there was a show about American Indians with a different point of view. There needs to be more shows like this that goes beyond the point of this mini series to show the perspective from a native view and how they lived a Spiritual life. When the missionaries came they never took the time to listen and understand from a American Indian view point.
  • Whites claiming Native American lands for themselves. Truly selfish!

    Total classic this is! Truly, will be classic! Americans exploring, destroying, soiling the West of Native American blood. Americans assimilating all Indians into U.S. citizens. Jacob Wheeler, Thunder Heart Woman, Loved by the Buffalo, Dog Star, Clara & Robert Wheeler, Voices That Carry, Red Lance, Margaret Light Shines. End Communication.
  • This Spielberg production in my mind is an instant classic.

    Into the West does a great job of portraying the colonization of the Western United States from both the Native American and the Easterners viewpoints. The miniseries brought aboard a bunch of stars both in the Native American community and also as the New Englanders moving west. I loved this miniseries and I think that it showed what has been missing from westerns for ages, the other side of the story.

    The setting, the stories, the cinematography were all very spielberg esque, but unlike spielberg it showed the grit and the grime of the Western living without ending up as a mushy showing all the good things only that Spielberg usually does, this is probably due to his only being a producer on this and not a director or writer, but I was blown away by the quality of this miniseries. I really hope that Dreamworks continues to work not only on the big screen, but also bringing us miniseries, because with this one and Band of Brothers I think that they have hit two huge homeruns !
  • I think that overall the miniseries was good but I had some problems with this miniseries.

    I think that overall the miniseries was good but I had some problems with this miniseries. Thunder Heart Woman did not really have that many problems when she entered the white man\'s world which was kind of unbelievable. I think that the first three episodes were the best as far as the flow of the story. The last three episodes were heartwrenching but left out information that I would have liked to seen such as what happened to Abraham and Clara giving birth and losing her baby.
  • American settlers movin' west into the lands of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Indian tribes. Cultures clash and trouble abounds.

    When the commercials advertising this show first appeared I was interested in the program. It seemed to have everything for me: American history, Steven Speilberg and Lakota historian Joseph M. Marshall, III. Who could ask for anything more!

    The problem was that as the air date approached critics while not savaging the program, gave it luke-warm reviews. This concerned me but my wife and I watched anyway.

    What we saw the vibrant real lives of ordinary American settlers and the Indian tribes that they encountered on their journeys. Some of the Americans were greedy, some just wanted a better life for their family, some just wanted to maintain their traditional way of life in the face of overwhelming change brought on by the technology and sheer numbers of the white people moving into Lakota country.

    We should gain an appreciation of the Lakota lifestyle and what it meant to them. The importance of hunting buffalo and honorable combat with another tribe to gain manhood. We should appreciate their relationship to the land.

    The final thing that a discerning viewer should come away with is a sense of just how miserably we treated the Indians in what is surely our own holocaust. Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, not our finest hour as Americans.

    This is a fine series and should be interesting to all who wish to gain an understanding of why our country is the way that it is.

    One of the most important things to the Lakota was their medicine wheel, one of which was built by Loved By The Buffalo. It refers to their beliefs in the circle of life. Joseph Marshall, the Lakota historian spoke the first words in Episode 1. He also spoke, as Loved by the Buffalo, the final words of Episode 6, thus closing the circle.
  • "Southern Hospitality" with Racism? The West truly was different back then

    With realistic views on how the white-men treated Indians this show is great at pulling you in. If you missed it I would highly suggest renting the set or even buying it (though DVD-sets are pretty expensive)

    I am currently watching the final episode right now and my head is constantly on a swivel. This series capturing me- a 17 year old who cares little for history says a lot. It's truly exciting and original in every way.

    What's covered

    Schools for Indians
    Transcontinental Railroad
    Several Battles between Indians and Americans
    And the perspective of the Indians

    It's heart wrenching, Great, Fun to watch.

    See the reruns if they do appear. ( and why not? What a great series )
  • This is a great show.

    This show is very captivating. I hate to see it end but I have enjoyed every episode. I keep waiting to see Jacob reunite with his son Abe who left before he returned. I love Kristian Kane as Abe also. With only one episode left, I am excited to see how it ends.
  • I really liked how it turned out.

    I can not believe how well I liked the series. I watched Hell on Wheels. Then it came on again I could not stop watching it. I think the reason I liked it so much is because I am an Indian. I am a Crow Dog. When I watched it I felt like I was part of it all. I don\\\'t how but I did. I am really glad \\\"Into The West\\\" came out like it did. I really enjoyed watching it and I think every one should take the time to watch it. Doksha Crystal Crow Dog
  • This mini series examines the Western frontier from both perspectives, white man and Native American. Comprised of six two-hour films, this mini series delves deep into how the west was won and how much this country changed in the 19th century because of

    Steven Speilberg has done it again! This time not only are the action scenes and scenery terrific, but this mini series takes you directly into it. The character development is terrific and allows one to truly feel the emotions that each character experiences. Looking at the situation in the great American West from both sides (the white man and the Native Americans) offers a deepness to the story which I have never seen done before. If there is one flaw, it is that the years go by too quickly and once you really start to like a character, they are no longer in the show. However, I understand this had to be done in order to make sure that we saw the beginning of the Western frontier journey to the ultimate massacre of the Native Americans and white man supremacy. This mini series will go down in history as one of Spielberg's greatest.
  • I love this show. I watched all three previous shows yesterday. I hope they release this series on dvd.

    I didn\'t get to see the end of the third episode, so I\'m wondering what happened to Jacob Wheeler and his family. I will be watching the episode this Friday, I\'m looking forward to it. This series is very interesting since it shows both sides of the story instead of the typical history book perspective of a white person.
  • Steven Speilberg's/Dreamworks Epic production of "Into The West" brings back the glory of the network mini-series in high style!

    In part I of TNT's epic miniseries "INTO THE WEST" we are introduced to a number of characters that, presumably, will lead us on a journey to the settling of the American West. The two hour premiere is broad in it's scope and a wonderful story begins to evolve. The cinematography, the real star of this production is astonishingly beautiful.

    One is reminded of the great mini-series of the seventies and eighties, such as Roots and Shogun and The Winds of War. The scope is epic, with the lives a of few fictional individuals taking us headlong into history. The writing, while a bit stale, is good enough to keep our interest, and the in depth look into the culture of the Lakota tribe is a refreshing and long-over-due exploration of the role these people played in the development of the west, and who these people actually were.

    The performances in part one are not excellent, but in a production as lavish as this, one imagines that there was little opportunity to stand out. The characters as written, however, are as much to blame for this as the actors, if not more-so. For instance, the character of Jacob Wheeler, from whose perspective we see the white man's experience, is drawn so broadly, with a sense of righteousness so steeped in 20th century liberal politics, it becomes hard to truly place him in that time, in that world. I'm inclined to belive that only the most progressive of minds could have concieved of his sheer humanity to people of all color. It's hard for us today to imagine a world so dismissive of all types of people not white-anglos, but that prejudice was the standard way of thinking in that time, and Jacob's clear idea of right and wrong were truly revolutionary for that time. I am not convinced that the character of Jacob, as written, could have reached such a plane of enlightenment.

    The bottom line, though, is that I'm in! I'm ready to watch Part 2 and 3, and see how the journey progresses. There's something exciting about this type of miniseries. You have the opportunity to see a well-drwn story whose characters time will allow to really get to know, all the while with the solid acceptance that there will be an end to they story and not the open-endedness that can come from standard dramatic television.

    More reviews will follow.
  • This series is one of my favorites.

    This series is one of my favorites. It has great actors and it is probably the best written miniseries I’ve ever seen.

    I think they should’ve made more episodes; six just isn’t enough for this kind of a storyline. Being limited to only six episodes really shows: some events would’ve deserved a more detailed approach, and sometimes events take place after another in a really quick pace.

    "Into the West" reminds me of the classic western "How the West Was Won" which is amongst my all time favorites. I would really like to see a full length series made of these historical events someday.
  • This twelve hour TNT limited series is an ambitious epic story of the western expansion. Starring a massive number of stars including Matthew Settle, Skeet Ulrich, Josh Brolin, Tonantzin Carmelo, Sean Astin, Tom Berrenger, Will Patton, Alan Tudyuk, Wes S

    This is great series that could have been extraordinary. There were two main problems with the structure of the epic mini-series. First of all, it felt a bit rushed. Storylines were picked up and dropped so quickly that we only had time to get to know a few main characters. This could have been the reason for the series' second major flaw: there just was not enough time to cover the broad scope of such a complex and dramatic period in United States History. This probably would have worked better as a series but realistically, you can't ask Steven Spielberg to stick around for a four or five year commitment. Nevertheless, this is a show worthy of your time. The acting is terrific, the storylines (so far) very dramatic and inspiring, and the direction first-rate. It was a little like watching a really interesting historical documentary with living, breathing people---very informative but with an emotional human face. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is desperate for new and original summer programming.
  • A very good miniseries that will be looked upon fondly in the future and is in the same league as classic miniseries such as North and South and The Blue and The Gray

    I actually started watching this because I knew that Keri Russell would be in it. I was very pleasantly surprised after watching the first episode (sans Keri, she showed up in episode 2) that this show has a very classic old school miniseries feel to it. You have your core family, the Wheelers of Virgina, whose sons are all wheel-rights (how coincidental HAHA),and the ficitional characters meet real life historical figures such as Jebediah Smith and the like and interact with them. John Jakes employed the same technique in such classic miniseries as North and South back in the 80s. This is basically the North and South of America\'s trek westward. It is, however, very well written, directed and acted and the inclusion of the Indians\' story will make this a modern classic that will be looked back on fondly in the future in much the same way as North and South and The Blue and The Gray are looked at today.
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