Into the West

TNT (ended 2005)


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  • South American Natives

    Now they need to make the history of the south american natives and their brutal history as well of which include the Mexica(n)s so called "Aztecs" and the Apaches that have been demonized by the white dominated governments of Spain because they were resistors warriors not savages you racist catholic mel gibson apocolypto fans who are brainwashed due to a false depiction of Mayan civilization endorsed by racist Alex Jones. similar to the natives of the north story in Into The west and how we lost our languages and forced to speak languages that werent ours like Spanish and English so for all you ignorants that get offended by brown Native Americans speaking Spanish is silly and shows how ignorant and racist you are. take your England vs Spain wars War of the Roses elsewhere not on us we didnt have a choice . Quit b @&$! about us speaking Spanish take it up with Spaniards from Europe that is where it comes from duhhh this is a melting pot and why there is no official language declared that would be a racist law. Get over it
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