InuYasha - The Final Act

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InuYasha - The Final Act

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InuYasha is an animated fantasy adventure TV series developed by Sunrise based on the manga of the same name written by Rumiko Takahashi that centers on InuYasha, a half-demon who had hoped to become a full demon with the Sacred Shikon Jewel but is sealed to the Sacred Tree by his former love for decades. When his former love's reincarnation, Kagome, appears and frees him from the tree, InuYasha, Kagome, the Buddhist monk Miroku and demon slayer Sango travel together in order to piece back together the shattered jewel before the evil and manipulative half-demon Naraku finds it and gains his three greatest desires ' to become a full demon, to possess he Jewel, and to have Kikyo, Kagome's spirit ancestor. The quest is not as easy as it might have been as InuYasha's half-brother, the full demon Sesshomaru is also seeking out Naraku just as a horde of weaker demons set out to find the last shard.
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  • Perfect Ending to a Perfect Series

    I really enjoyed the final chapter of Inuyasha. Laughed and cried my way through every episode and ended the last episode with a tear in my eye and huge smile on my face. Matter of fact, I had to watch it twice. Every story line was neatly wrapped up with no plot holes and the conclusion had just the right touch of "happily every after" with a touch of "to be continued". Great job.moreless
  • Great way to conclude the series

    I just bought the complete collection at Wal-Mart and watched it in one day. It was awesome and I enjoyed the entire series. But at the final episode, I felt sad, because, Inuyasha is now complete. Inuyasha is among the best animes of all time, so it's natural for me to miss it. This 26 episode sequel series concludes Inuyasha very well.
  • Oh god why?

    It was amazing, I couldn't believe I cried on almost all the episodes. There were no more fillers so I think it has more action rather than the other one. But why is it so short??I cried the entire episode 26, but I ended up falling from my chair laughing because Kagome called Sesshomaru "Brother"! Watch it, you're going to love it, but not before watching the first series of course!!moreless
  • why end it now

    why end it now just when i was on the edge of my seat tit is in my top 3 animated shows next to family guy and american dad
  • Amazing! Better than the first!

    I can't believe how many times the episodes made me cry. Since it was so much shorter, there weren't any more fillers. The story got straight to the point with everything, and moved forward efficiently. Really really great!

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