Season 6 Episode 17

3,000 Leagues in Search of Father

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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When Inuyasha and his friends visit a new town, they find out that a headless demon has been frightening the townspeople.

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  • In a race against time The gang must hurry to save the young otter demon's father.

    Let me put it to you like this, you wouldn't want to miss this episode. Especially since the last jewel shard is reveal. Sesshoumaru actually gets involved in this episode. Which is saying something considering that he hadn't made an appearance until episode #133-134. So his cursed Tenseiga is pulsing, but why what could the sword possibly be trying to tell him? With all this talk going around that demons are being killed by a demon boy who wields a triton. Will it be too late to save Kanta's father? A land of white mist, with giant skeleton birds and a giant demon skeleton in armor. Where is that exactly? The border between this world and the next, Inuyasha's father's tomb. With his father saved by Sesshoumaru, thanks to Tenseiga, and some useless begging from Shippou. Now the race is on to get to the last shard. How are they going to get there without dying? Old Myouga or Toutousai must know something.moreless
  • Good

    This episode starts out with a demon who has just been beheaded by some kid. After Inuyasha and his friends arrive at the area, they meet the kid who father was just killed. He says he has his father's head and if they put it back he might live again. They go looking for his father and they eventually discover a demon walikng around but it is not the father. They later do find his father but Sesshomaru is right by it. This is a pretty good episode for a filler and the ending leads up to some important parts. 7/10moreless
  • This is a episode you cant miss, so please take a look at this one.

    This is a episode you cant miss, so please take a look at this one. Inuyasha and the gang discover that heads are being taken off of demons, they discover a boy thats father head got cut off by a boy on a white horse. They than try to help the boy find his father across the lands, but he keeps saying that that isnt is father. And you do bump into a boar demon that is in this episode that use to catch woman to marry him. They finally found his father layless body, shippo ask sesshomaru to save his dead, and he finally did because his tetsasiaga was beating. His dead came back to live and they thank shippo and were off on their way.moreless
  • Inuyasha and the gang tries to save an otter demon's son Kanta from losing his father.

    Inuyasha meets Sesshomaru while journeying to find Kanta's papa's headless body. It was said that demons can live if their body could be put together again. When Kanta got there, it was too late. Sesshomaru's sword, Tensaiga was trying to tell Sesshomaru something and that was probably the only reason he saved Kanta's fatehr.

    You see Shippo act a lot mature in case of his age, actaully begging to Sesshomaru, you don't see that everyday. Most of all, he justs doesn't want another young child feeling the same way he did, when he lost his father.moreless
  • In this episode Inuyasha and the gang run across a young Otter demon, whose father's head was cut off by Hakudoshi. They decide to help him find his father and possibly save him.moreless

    First of all, Sesshomaru saves someone, which is definately not an everyday thing. Once Inuyasha and the gang find the young otter-demon's father, they try to return his head to his body, but find they're too late. They also find Sesshomaru there. It seems that his Tensaiga had been pulsing, trying to tell him something. He saves the Otter-demon, seeing as how Tensaiga doesn't work for him very often. After the Otter-demon comes back to life, Miroku questions him about what he saw. The otter-demon says he saw a place with white mist and enormous bones clad in elegant armor (that's all from memory and is probably not the exact wording). Both Inuyasha and Kagome realize that it’s the tomb of Inuyasha's father, remembering what it was like the last time they were there. This episode's very important because it shows (kinda) the softer side to Sesshomaru and it reveals the location of the last Jewel shard. It also stirs up emotions in Shippo from when he lost his father.moreless
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Peter New

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Andrew Francis

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Nobutoshi Canna

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Janyse Jaud

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Miroku is asking a woman to bear his child, Sango grabs Miroku by the ear and drags him off-screen and when Miroku comes back on-screen, he has several scratches on his face, but no other indication as to what Sango did to him.

    • Look carefully: At the very end of the episode when you see Kanta's father's face, It briefly morphs into the face of Shippo's father. This is the only time in the series where we see what Shippo's father looks like.

    • Chokyukai reappears for the first time since the episode, Chokyukai and the Abducted Bride.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Shippo: Don't give up! Inuyasha is here to help you. He helped me avenge my pa before, too, so I bet he can help yours. Trust me. Inuyasha's strong.
      Kagome: Oh Shippo!
      Kanta: Is he really that good?
      Shippo: Yep he's so strong that it makes up for the fact that he's stupid, childish, and just plan weird.

    • Inuyasha: You're wasting your time asking him for help, Shippo. Sesshomaru isn't really the type to help people when they're in trouble, and besides that, there's the sword itself. The Tenseiga isn't something a guy like him knows how to use.
      Miroku: True enough. I forgot that only someone with a caring heart can wield the sword.
      Sesshomaru: Precisely!

    • Shippo: How come you disguised yourself as a human girl?
      Kanta: Pa told me to. He said that if I pretended to be a human girl whenever I left the mountain, some idiot would always come to my rescue.

    • Kanta: I'm a...
      Inuyasha: Raccoon dog
      Kanta: I'm an otter!

    • Kanta: Let's be friends, raccoon-dog!
      Shippo: Thanks, but I'm a fox.
      Kanta: No, you're a raccoon-dog.
      Shippo: I'm a fox!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Pokemon
      When Sango drags Miroku by the ear away from the girl he is flirting with, it is a reference to the anime series, Pokemon, in which Misty used to do the same thing whenever Brock flirted with a girl.

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