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Season 7 Episode 9

Affections Touching Across Time

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Affections Touching Across Time
Inuyasha has mastered the ultimate attack of the Tetsusaiga and continues his battle for the Shikon Jewel shards with Kagome, Shippo, Sango, and Miroku. Unfortunately, a freak occurance with a jewel shard has brought to life an incarnation of a demonic enemy sealed by Inuyasha's father. Inuyasha must surpass his father and destroy this demon, or every soul in Japan will be consumed.moreless

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  • I didn't like the movie very much...

    What basically happens in the movie is that a moth demon from "The Contininent", named Minomaru is reawakened after being sealed for many years. InuYasha and company find out about the demon when Kirara runs into the forest after being possessed by Minomaru's two henchwomen. Sango and Miroku follow Kirara into the forest to find two women stroking Kirara. At that time Miroku asks one of the women to bear his child and Sango of course responds by hurting him in some way(this time she bonked him on the head with her Hiraikotsu) but this entire sentence is beyond the point. The henchwomen revealed their true identities soon after, which eventually lead the group to learning about Minomaru. Eventually Minomaru became very powerful by absorbing his father's powers and bhecame even more powerful by killing people and absorbing their souls. Eventually, Minomaru was killed by a combination of InuYasha's backlash wave and Kagome's sacred arrow. Overall, i found the movie to be very boring and not very funny(unlike the second movie, but once again, that's besides the point). And despite all the events, i found the movie to be, well, uneventful. In other words, i think the movie sucked.moreless
  • the movie was awesome to me and something certaintly did happen.

    It has its regular inuyasha and kagome moments which you have to love. Also I like how it kind of ties back into the series. How in the series they mention the demons they fought in the movie. Not pretending it didn't happen like other shows. I thought the whole thing was really good and I almost teared up on some spots. Like how Kagome was forced into the well to 'never return' by Kikyo because according to Kikyo Kagome didn't belong there with Inuyasha. *Quite Frankly, she didn't either seeing how she's dead* All in all I give this movie a 10/10!moreless
  • This movie is about a Moth Demon that kidnaps Kagome and puts something on her head that allows him to control her! He makes Kagome kill Inuyasha with the sacred arrow, Kagome is then released after she kills Inuyasha, but it all ends happily ^_^moreless

    I loved this video so much, I am currently watching the inuyasha series, and I am almost done, I have watched 3 of the movies so far, I have one left, which I will watch at the end of the series. Anyways, the first movie of Inuyasha was so heart - warming, I cried! I loved every minute of it, except for the parts where the characters got hurt or something like that, but it was still SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're faces looked different though, but that was alright, at least I got to see the ENGLISH DUBBED instead of having to watch the Japanese version. And I have this video and ALL the inuyasha movies saved on my computer ^_^moreless
  • I own this on dvd. This movie has a way more theater like quality then other movies like the later dbz movies which feel like episodes. It has two highly attractive henchwomen and menomaru is about the coolest demon Inuyasha has had to face.moreless

    This is an epic tale with two highly attractive henchwomen and the greatest threat Inuyasha and his gang have faced,the evil Menomaru the son of Hyoga,an ancient moth demon which Inuyasha's father had defeated and had later stored the moth demon's energy source away in a egg of some sort. Menomaru needs Inuyasha's tetsuiga aka "fang of destruction" to open the seal to allow Menomaru to inherit generations of the Hyoga Clan's power. Eventually Ruri and Hari are defeated by Menomaru,because he has no furthur use for them,and he is destroyed with a combination of Kagome's sacred arrow and Inuyasha's backlash wave.

    This feels more like a theatrical uncut anime movie then the later dbz movies have.moreless
  • Man, I wrote that whole review there is no way I'm doing a summary so there. Just look at the review. I don't even know what this is for...O_O

    I love this movie. It revealed further that Kagome has feelings for Inuyasha( although it is pretty obvious ) and that Kikyo is a heartless *beeeeep* . My friend told me that this movie is just like another episode, but think there is something about it that separates it from other movies and other episodes. Possible Spoilers. There is a part that involves snow, Kagome, Inuyasha, and a large tree that I found very touching. I would have cried if Sota and Grandpa had just closed their yaps. It really doesn't give you enough time to really get into the mood before comic relief kicks in. Their is also a good part with Kilala and Sango, but it only lasts like 2 minutes. I guess I'm more of a funny perverted monk person than a cat person.lol Overall, it's a very good movie with a few sad parts and a great light show at the end, and if your begining to go through Inuyasha comic relief withdrawl, try to make past a few end credits and you'll get a treat.moreless
Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo

Ruri (E)

Guest Star

Hekiru Shiina

Hekiru Shiina

Ruri (J)

Guest Star

Tomoko Kawakami

Tomoko Kawakami

Hari (J)

Guest Star

Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson

Myoga (E)

Recurring Role

Hisako Kyouda

Hisako Kyouda

Kaede (J)

Recurring Role



Jaken (J)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • In the Inuyasha timeline, this story would take place after Season 2 Of the TV show as Inuyasha knows the Backlash Wave. Rin is also no longer mute. Yet neither Naraku (nor any of his incarnations) are mentioned.

    • When Sango is battling Hari with her sword, the close up shots show that Sango does not have her Hiraikotsu. But when it zooms out, she has it again.

    • When Sango runs into the forest to go after Kirara [Kilala], she leaves her Hiraikotsu behind. When Miroku tries to lift it, he wonders aloud how Sango can carry something so heavy. He was only able to drag the Hiraikotsu along because of its weight, but Sango can lift and carry it without any problem. This implies that Sango is physically stronger than Miroku.

    • It's odd that Kagome cuts her finger on Kikyo's arrowhead which is still sharp, after 50 years. In episodes 147-148, Kikyo explains to Kaede that the Sacred Tree transcends time, it halts time's progression. This is why Inuyasha did not die while he was sealed onto the tree, and why the arrowhead would still be sharp.

    • Asia is referred to as "The Continent".

    • In the Japanese dub of the movie, at the end, Kagome says "pickle", but in the English verson, she says "pickled radish".

    • When Kagome returns to the Feudal Era and the well explodes, Inuyasha gets up from the pile and is completly covered in dirt. But when he walks over to Kagome and yells at her, he's completly clean.

    • The glow around Kagome's arrows was blue, but it should be pink.

    • In one of the begining scenes, if you look closely, Sesshomaru doesn't have Tokijin. This is strange because he got it before Inuyasha learned to use the Backlash Wave (Bakuryuuha).

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Shippo: (about Kagome) I've seen her say sit before, but never like that.
      Miroku: Call it punishment, for not considering Kagome's feelings.

    • Miroku: Please do your best. If you don't live through this I'll never forget you.
      Kagome: Don't jinx me before I even get started.
      Inuyasha: We're gonna win, ain't it obvious?

    • Inuyasha: (complaining about the food) Never seen half this stuff before, what is it supposed to be? Is it edible? (sniffing the food)
      Kagome: Will you give it a rest! You haven't even tried it yet!

    • Kagome: How do you like that! I'm only asking if you like the taste.
      Inuyasha: Wait, I knew something was missing!
      Kagome: Something missing? What do you mean?
      Inuyasha:(rifling through Kagome's bag) You know what I mean the... here it is! (pulls out noodles) Kagome boil up some water for me would ya?

    • Inuyasha: (to Kagome) Are you ok?
      Shippo: (pops up) I'm fine, thank you.

    • (Inuyasha catches Kagome)
      Miroku: (looks at Inuyasha and Kagome then at Sango) Come on, Sango, don't be shy! Fall into my arms!
      Sango: Hmph! (throws her gas mask at his head)
      Miroku: Ow!
      Shippo: Idiot!

  • NOTES (3)