Season 6 Episode 3

Chokyukai and the Abducted Bride

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jan 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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This pig demon called Chokyukai has been wandering around the countryside forcing young women to marry him. But when he puts the magical tiara that makes the women fall in love with him on Kagome, InuYasha is the one who's lovestricken!

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  • A boar, a monkey and a duck looking thing. Hmm what's this all about then.

    How do I put it this episode has its moments of... laughter. Inuyasha and Miroku getting the crown on their heads and getting all starry eyed for Chokyukai. "My master" Inuyasha snap out of it." "What's wrong with you, Miroku?" Then Kagome telling the tale about the of the journey to the west. "You will be my bride" He tells Kagome. Who then goes on about the not being friends with pigs. I'm boar!" Okay we get it you've only told us a dozen times. To Miroku flirting with the village women in the cave and Sango having to stop him. "Is he a demon too?" He acts like one sometimes. Poor Kagome she falls under the spell of the crown and has to be saved, and poor Shippou having to disguise himself. With the pig demon defeated and the women saved peace is restored to the village.moreless
  • This was an ok episode to look at.

    This was an ok episode to look at. Inuyasha and the gang show up at the village and they said that a demon boar takes their women and ask them to bare his child. Inuyasha and the gang agree to help them, when the demon boar appeared inuyasha and the monk didnt want to fight him. Kogame gave some history of his heritage and he wanted her to be his wive to he to put the tiara on kogame, and took her. Inuyasha and the gang went after him got kogame and inuyasha gave kogame a sutra and told her to fire it at him which she did and the demon started spinning to the clouds.moreless
  • a pig demon shows up because deomons distroy the shrine that he was sealed away in and he goes around the contry looking for ladies to make his bride with magic crowns and then trys to get kagome but inuyasha gets in the way and gets hit by the crownmoreless

    I personal love this episode it's what every teenage boy dreams about a women who will love you against her will I love the way that there is comedy when inuyasha is hit by the crown he starts going gay on us then it gets put on Miroku and inuyasha is like what happened to me and got mad when he found out what had happened but before he could draw tetsusaiga the demon had lifted the crown into the air and it landed on Kagome's head and she was under the control of the demon and was gone in a whirlwind when the wind stops you see a palace where at least 20 ladies are clean cooking you know basic female jobs and then inuyasha and friends storm the palace and inuyasha gets the crown of Kagome and gives her a sutra to attach to her arrows she shot the demon and he was destroyedmoreless
  • Inuyasha and the gang are looking for the Sacred Jewel Shards when they stumble across a village where the women are being abducted! What is going on, the horrible, almighty Chokyukai is taking women for his brides this horrible pig has been brainwashingmoreless

    This episode has rather interesting setting but a rather boring plot line to be sure. The only thing I really liked about it was the twist and turns the episode took and the though of Kagome becoming some pigs wife and having to leave Inuyasha was kind of a good scheme to rid the world of Kagome but in all honesty I guess she’s still need to find the jewel shards (ha ha ha she’s just a shard finder) I’m just kidding about that I don’t really hate Kagome. I think that in the end Inuyasha should have ended up with Kikyo after all she was his first true love.moreless
Peter New

Peter New

Chokyukai (E)

Guest Star

Ritsuo Sawa

Ritsuo Sawa

Chokyukai (J)

Guest Star

Takashi Kondo

Takashi Kondo

Kisuke (J)

Guest Star

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    • Kagome: Look, I know the demon only goes for young and pretty girls, but there is no way you are going to use me as bait!
      Inuyasha: Young and pretty? I don't see anyone like that around here!

    • Kagome: (under Chokyukai's control) Good luck, my dearest husband.
      Inuyasha: KAGOME!

    • (Inuyasha giggles after Chokyukai's crown lands on his head )
      Shippo: Is it me, or is Inuyasha acting weird?
      Sango: Inuyasha!
      Miroku: What's the matter with you?
      Inuyasha: (Inuyasha keeps on giggling) Master!
      Kagome: Huh? Oh man, I've never seen this side of you before.
      Shippo: This could only end up with a broken heart!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Son Goku
      The demon Chokyukai mentions that one of his followers is a descendant of Son Goku, one of three people in The Journey the West. Son Goku is also the name of the main character of the popular Dragonball series.

    • Journey to the West:

      After Chokyukai refers to his ancestor, Cho Hakkai, and Sagojyo and Son Goku's ancestors, Sha Gojyo and Son Goku, Kagome talks about the Journey to the West, an ancient Chinese folk tale called Xi You Ji. It's about a tale of a heavenly priest named Sanzo who travels to India to reclaim the holy sutra. With him were four companions: a monkey named Son Goku, a water sprite, or a kappa, named Sha Gojyo, a lecherous pig demon named Cho Hakkai, and a dragon prince who acts as Sanzo's horse. The anime, Gensoumaden Saiyuki, is based on this folk tale.