Season 1 Episode 17

Cursed Ink of the Hell-Painter

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Dec 14, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Inuyasha and the others become entangled with an odd painter who has been corrupted by the power of a Shikon shard.

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  • Ahh.. old inuyasha

    This is when Inuyasha was great they mixed action with comedy and put alittle romance in there, dont get me wrong the later episodes were good just they always focused on one of those some would be big in romance or huge on action. It makes it so interesting if they mix it up and add alittle per episode. but this episode was very intertaining and a little gory but eh.. It was funny and there was alot of action as usual. It was funny when Inuyasha was getting kinda high off of the ink that the monsters spilled out of them when inuyasha struck them with his swordmoreless
  • Not a bad episode, nice to watch.

    Not a bad episode, nice to watch. This show was a great show to watch inuyasha showed great charcter in this episode, by not killing a certain someone and you will find out when you watch the episode. The monk finally sucessfully joins up with them because he was impressed that kogame perified the stone when pick it up from the blood ink and inuyasha character for not killing a guy even when his life was at stake he choice another option to do this. All in all you need to watch this show it was great to look at. Enyoy...moreless
  • A painter summons demons whom he uses to get what he wants. He is corrupted by the jewel shard. The gang later meets him and the destroy his creations and the n he loses his ink carrier and slowly the ink devours him, leaving behind the jewel.moreless

    This episode was not very good. Some of the parts were a little funny, but it didn't make up for the rest of the episode. Most of the actin was not good because they were killing ink creations not living beings. Teh scenes with Miroku and Inuyasha were funny though, as when they were talking about whether they wanted him aroun or not. Much to Inuyasha's suprise, Kagome said she likes him. The past couple of episodes also did not deal with the main storyline and where as boring if not more than this one which made it better than the past couple of episodes.moreless
  • i guess this was kinda funy

    that miroku fella is a really funny character hes a really cool fighter and all but he really doesn't no how how to to talk to girls.i feel kinda sorry for inuyasha though thinkin that kagome likes him and all. poor chap standin at back thinkin how could she possibly like that yea in the end i think it was an alrite episode and cant wait to c the next 1. lol i cant get enough inuyasha hes just so inuyasha lol thats probably the reason i watch it. lthough it would been cool if kikyo wasn't so nasty to inuyasha the poor guy it wasn't even his fault ohh well i hope she dies... again lol kk gotta go k c ya guys l8ermoreless
  • Funny!

    This was a funny episode if a bit of a filler. However, thats what I love most about this series- even the fillers are awesome!

    Very original idea to have the jewel shard let the paintings come alive. Nice touch that Miroku recognized some of the demons, goes to show that he's cultured (Not!)

    The guy seemed a bit of a lunatic, truth be told. And it was creative that Inuyasha was not the one to kill him, his power killed himself. Well, desire for power actually. Plainly, the guy was a raving nutcase.

    I liked how, right off the bat, we get to see that Miroku is part of the team and here to stay. They could have done that in later episodes, perhaps after Sango comes, but it needed to be done now, to avoid all of that. Plus, it sort of solidifies the connection if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, great episode, hilarious especially when Inuyasha goes "You oughta be arrested!" which brought me saying "They arrested people back then?"moreless
Terry Klassen

Terry Klassen

Kotatsu the Hell Painter (E)

Guest Star

Bin Shimada

Bin Shimada

Kotatsu the Hell Painter (J)

Guest Star

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Inuyasha: (after killing a huge demon) They say size isn't everything.

    • Miroku: (about Inuyasha) My, what do you call that technique he's using?
      Kagome: It's called whaling on them.

    • Kagome: (picks up the shard) So who wants this?
      Inuyasha: It's obviously mine!
      Kagome: Miroku did his share of the work too, remember?
      Miroku: Why don't you keep it Kagome?
      Kagome: Yeah?
      Miroku: Mm, hmm.
      Kagome: Done and done.
      Shippo: Good thing someone's grown up!
      Inuyasha: Hmmf.

    • Inuyasha: (about Miroku) Are you telling me that you like that lecher?
      Kagome: Yeah, I do.
      Inuyasha: Huh?
      Kagome: As if! It was obviously a joke. Hmm?
      Inuyasha: (standing in the distance staring at his hands) She likes him! What could she possibly see in that guy?
      (Kagome see's him freaking out.)
      Kagome:Can't you pay attention for three seconds!
      Shippo: What an idiot.

    • Kagome: Maybe Inuyasha isn't such a bad guy afer all. He just doesn't know that yet.

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