Season 1 Episode 9

Enter Shippo...Plus, the Amazing Thunder Brothers!

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 26, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Inuyasha and Kagome meet a fox demon named Shippo. The young fox explains that he is looking for jewel shards so he can become strong enough to fight the Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten. Inuyasha soon goes to face off against the brothers for the jewel shards that they possess.moreless

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  • inuyasha is kagome's lover

    ok so im not feeling this shippo guy cuz one he looks like a girl and two he is just really annoying, but i am sure that he will start to grow on me eventually. also kagome and inuyasha were really cute in this episode, though i was alittle dissapointed that he didnt want to hurry up and save her. the brothers were cool i was really glad when the ugly one ended up being smarter(knowing that kagome was lieing), i felt sorry for that other lady though, being burned to death must suck. i liked when shippo called kagome inuyashas women, so funny!!!! kagome's lie was so funny and i loved inuyashas face when he was called her lover! cant wait to see the fight! its going to be so cool!!!moreless
  • Shippo! The wonderful, scared Kitsune! Absolutely LOVED this episode. Aside from Episode 100, this and the next are my favorite episodes. I love Maten. Maten is just purely awesome. His brother may be better than him, but he's way better!moreless

    Hiten and Manten are brothers. They find jewel shards and plunder the villages. They decide to attack a Kitsune Coven and kill their leader, (insert name here). So Shippo leaves in order to find more jewel shards so that he can defeat the brothers and avenge his father. Well...that don't work to well. He gets the shards but ends up having to rely on Inuyasha and Wench to come help.
  • A new character is introduced...Shippou.

    This episode had a few comic moments. Especially when Kagome makes up the story about InuYasha being her "love" and then InuYasha's response to this crazy tale. It's also funny how gullable InuYasha is when shippou gave him a "present". Finding out that Kagome was going to become part of a hair-growth tonic also had it's strange humorous moments. Shippou is also a good add to the show. His story is sad, and he could add something the show's been missing. This, overall, is a pretty good episode.

    Shippou is an orphaned little fox who is seeking revenge on the demons that took his father's life and kept his body as a pelt. These two horrible demons are known as the thunder brothers. Hiten is the eldest, strongest, and better looking brother, and Manten is the younger, balder, uglier, weaker brother.

    Shippou is trying to get ahold of a sacred jewel shard to hopefully be able to take on the Thunder brothers, who already have jewel shards themselves. He hopes that with the power of the shard, he'll be able to avenge his father. He sets his eyes on Kagome to take her shard. When he does take it InuYasha pounds him on the head and takes it back. Kagome asks Shippou why he was trying to stael the shard and he tells them his story. Kagome says that they'll help him. Shippou smarts off to InuYasha and he pounds Shippou on the head again. getting tired of InuYasha mistreating him, he gives InuYasha a small statue out of "gratitude for helping him". Little does InuYasha know, Shippou knows fox magic and the statue turns into a huge weight that sits on InuYasha's hands that could only be removed by removing the scroll on it. InuYasha is useless now.

    Kagome decides to help Shippou and comes face to face with Manten. She tries to shoot him, but he strikes her down and kidnaps her. He takes her to their hideout. Shippou however recovered the jewel shard. Out of guilt, he went to find InuYasha to help him now rescue Kagome as well. He peels off the scroll and Inuyasha pounds him alot of times this time, leaving various bumps. However, requesting Shippou's apology befor he goes anywhere. After Shippou finally apologizes, they're both on their way.

    Manten tells Kagome that he's going to use her in some kind of hair growth potion, a recipe left by his mother. Kagome is disgusted until Hiten returns home. He brings himself company, but kills her once he finds out that Manten didn't retrieve the jewel shard and let it go. Kagome then tries to reason with him. She tells him about her love, InuYasha, and that he has a jewel shard and will come to rescue her when she's in danger. She's making it up as she goes along. She tells them that if they take her to him, that he would hand over the shard for her return.

    Meanwhile, InuYasha is close to the Thunder Brother's home when they catch up with him instead. Hiten tells InuYasha about how they'd kill his love if he doesn't hand over the shard. InuYasha looks puzzled and confused and mentions that he doesn't have a love. He tells Kagome that without the love, the whole arguement falls apart. Kagome then pushes Manten off his cloud onto the ground. Kagome falls too and lands on Manten. She then tries to escape his grasp while InuYasha engages in a battle with Hiten.moreless
  • Shippo is an orphaned fox demon all thanks to the evil thunder brothers. He tries to steal Kagomes shards in order to become powerful enough to defeat the villains. InuYasha picks on the little guy a lot. Everyone can tell that InuYasha will help him.moreless

    Shippo is the cutest character. He has the ability to transform, use fox fire and fox magic. He sees himself as a mighty demon, but in reality he's a chicken. Who can blame him? he's like a six year old. Kagome is captured by Montan, the younger of the Thunder brothers. He's determined to eat kagome as a hair growth formula. Hiten, the older brother, is intelligent (unlike his brother), but evil.Kagome is able to survive because she tells them that Inuyasha is her lover! According to her, InuYasha is an almighty half demon who has more shards than the thunder brothers. Poor Shippo, his father is turned into a pelt that Hiten wears. Can Shippo avenge his father's death?moreless
  • Kagome & Inuyasha meet Shippo...enough said.

    This is a pretty good ep., but then again, a lot of the first season are really good episodes. I admit, Shippo was kind of, minor to me, I didnt know what his contribution to the group is.

    He really annoyed me the moment he was introduced in this one... the little devil, heh. Of course, foxes are supposed to be crafty, so they did a good job with writing his character. Still, the way he talked to Inuyasha like "you're half-demon, so you're not involved in this"... that's the last time he holds that against him.

    The best part was definitely when Inuyasha came with Shippo to rescue Kagome and they're doing that whole reel of how the two of them are "lovers" and Inuyasha's voice is all saracastic and his voice changes here and there, like "tell me you're joking..." kind of thing.

    What happens in the next ep. makes it even more great, cuz it's very revealing, heh.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: In the previous episode, Inuyasha got a jewel shard from the Toad Prince, but throughout this episode, the characters refer to Kagome's collection as a "jewel shard", when she really has two. You can even see that there are two jewel shards in the bottle when Inuyasha picks it off the ground after shaking it out of Shippo.

    • This is the first episode in which Shippo appears.

    • If you freeze frame, you can see that there's an Inuyasha comic book flying out of Kagome's bag as Shippo rummages through her stuff. If you take the animation joke seriously, that means Kagome reads the story of the Sacred Jewel after she took part in it.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Shippo: (after Inuyasha hits him) Always pick on the little guy!

    • Myoga: Inuyasha, don't litter!
      Inuyasha: This is no time to talk trash!

    • Inuyasha: (to Kagome) Lemme get this straight, you and me are supposed to be lovers?
      Manten: (nudges Kagome) You little vixen! I knew you were fibbing.

    • Hiten: (about Kagome) Now hand over the fragments of the Shikon Jewel to me, or you'll never see your lover alive again!
      Inuyasha: (stunned) See my lover?
      Kagome: (to herself) Some people just can't take a joke.

    • Inuyasha: (about Shippo) Hey, nice tail. I think it's some kind of badger or a squirrel.
      Shippo: I'm a fox, heathen!
      Kagome: A fox! It talks. Cool! Let me touch him when you're done.
      Inuyasha: Do you mind? I'm trying to teach him a lesson.

    • Kagome: Actually, instant noodles were invented right here in Japan during the space age. Everyone eats them, but originally they were made for astronauts in outer space!
      Inuyasha: Astronuts?
      Kagome: Astronauts. We've explored outer space. Hey right! I guess you don't even know we've been to the moon!
      Inuyasha: On a bicycle?
      Kagome: No, in a rocket, of course!
      Inuyasha: And a rocket would be?
      Kagome: They're long, and they're usually white, and flames shoot out the bottom, 'Count down to launch, Zoom! Lift off!'
      (Inuyasha slurps, finishing his ramen.)
      Kagome: (looking annoyed) Trust you to be more impressed by noodles than space travel.

  • NOTES (6)