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Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • Toward Tomorrow
      Toward Tomorrow
      Episode 26
      As Inuyasha continues to search for Kagome, the Shikon Jewel is prompting Kagome to make a wish, so that she can escape the darkness. However, making a wish on the Jewel can lead to unforeseen outcomes. Later, three years have passed and Inuyasha and the gang continue to live their lives in the feudal era without Kagome. Will Kagome and Inuyasha ever see each other again?moreless
    • Thoughts Fall Short
      As the gang attacks Naraku, attempting to destroy him, Naraku has a final devious plan up his sleeve--destroying the Bone Eater's Well, thus trapping Kagome. Will Kagome ever be able to return to the Feudal Era?
    • Naraku's Uncertain Wish
      Inuyasha and Sesshomaru attack Naraku with their swords' special powers. Naraku defends himself with extra potent miasma. Byakuya fulfills his destiny, while Kagome has a very special question to ask Naraku.
    • Naraku: Trap of Light
      Sesshomaru closes in on Magatsuhi. Meanwhile, Naraku creates illusions to protect himself and destroy those who fall prey to the illusions.
    • Naraku: Trap of Darkness
      Being inside Naraku with the defiled Shikon jewel has caused Inuyasha to transform into his full-demon form, which makes him a danger to others. Meanwhile, Naraku tries to separate the gang by using illusions made up of memories. However, the greater danger may be Magatsuhi, who's still lurking inside of Naraku.moreless
    • Inside Naraku
      Inside Naraku
      Episode 21
      Kagome graduates from middle school and returns to the Feudal era. Inuyasha and gang are gearing up to go after Naraku, who has used the Shikon jewel. Sesshomaru plans to attack Naraku, as well, and rescue Rin. However, Naraku has transformed himself into something that is not very easy to kill.moreless
    • When the Jewel is Whole
      Naraku attempts to get the last shard from Kohaku, and takes Kagome hostage, in order to do so. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru hunts down Magatsuhi. Will he be successful in destroying Magatsuhi, this time?
    • Kohaku's Shard
      Kohaku's Shard
      Episode 19
      Kagome fantasizes about cooking a meal for Inuyasha. However, the fantasy doesn't live up to the reality of having Inuyasha as a house guest. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru continues to hunt Magatsuhi, and Kohaku awakens from unconsciousness, with unforeseen consequences.
    • The Day of Days
      The Day of Days
      Episode 18
      Kagome faces one of the greatest challenges of her life: High School entrance exams. But don't worry, Kagome--Inuyasha's here to help you slay the "Entrance Exam Demon".
    • Magatsuhi's Evil Will
      As Kagome tries to find out who has sealed her power away, the evil spirit of the Shikon jewel, Magatsuhi, goes after Kohaku. But he needs to get past Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, first!
    • Hitomiko's Barrier
      Hitomiko's Barrier
      Episode 16
      After Naraku attacks a priestess, Hitomiko, he uses her powers to capture Kagome. Will Kagome fall prey to one of Naraku's traps, in her attempts to free herself?
    • True Heir
      True Heir
      Episode 15
      Once again, Sesshomaru attacks Inuyasha, upset at not being bequeathed the sword, Tetsusaiga, by their father. But is Sesshomaru merely a pawn in one of Naraku's devious plans?
    • In Pursuit of Naraku
      Enraged by what Shishinki has told him about Tenseiga and his father, Sesshomaru goes after Totosai. Meanwhile, Naraku attacks Kohaku, in order to obtain the last Shikon shard. Naraku also has sinister ideas for using Sesshomaru to further his own goals.
    • A Complete Meido
      A Complete Meido
      Episode 13
      The Ogre of Death, Shishinki lures Sesshomaru into a confrontation with the claim that he knows how Sesshomaru can increase the strength of his Meido sword technique, into a full circle attack. In the process, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru learn something about the origins of their swords.
    • Sango's Feelings, Miroku's Resolve
      Hiraikotsu becomes damaged in a fight with some Bone Demons. In order to repair Hiraikotsu, Sango and the others travel to see the Master of Potions. He tells Sango that she must fight demons inside a jug, in order to repair her weapon. Miroku must also pass a test of sorts.moreless
    • Kanna's Gravestone
      Kanna's Gravestone
      Episode 11
      Kanna and her Mirror Demon go after Inuyasha and his friends, even if it means her own death. Will Inuyasha be able to withstand the Mirror Demon, now that Tetsusaiga's powers have been absorbed by the mirrored sword?
    • Flowers Drenched in Sadness
      Inuyasha and gang encounter a demon named the Flower Prince that feeds on sadness using flowers to ensnare his victims. Meanwhile, Naraku orders Kanna to set a trap for Inuyasha.
    • Sesshomaru in the Underworld
      Sesshomaru searches for a method to increase the power of his sword. In order to help him, Sesshomaru's mother uses the power of the Meido stone given to her by Sesshomaru's father.
    • Among the Twinkling Stars
      While Kagome returns from the mausoleum, Inuyasha comes to help her. Meanwhile Naraku captures the rest of the gang, including Kikyo and Koga, and tries to absorb Koga's Shikon shards. Will Inuyasha and Kagome catch up to Naraku in time to save Koga and heal Kikyo?
    • The Mausoleum of Mount Azusa
      Naraku attacks his enemies with toxic spiderwebs. Kikyo is sickened by the miasma from the spiderwebs. Kagome is the only one who is able to heal Kikyo, but she needs a special bowstring from the mausoleum on Mount Azusa in order to do so. However, anyone who wishes to ascend to the mausoleum must first pass some difficult tests.moreless
    • The End of Moryomaru
      Naraku figures out a way to defeat Moryomaru. As Naraku goes after Moryomaru, Inuyasha and gang, Koga, Kikyo and Kohaku chase after Naraku. Miroku attempts to defeat Naraku, at great cost to himself.
    • The Great Holy Demon Spirit's Test
      To be able to use the Dragon Scaled Tetsusaiga without taking damage, Inuyasha seeks out a master spirit for some re-training. The master spirit puts Inuyasha through a series of tests to allow him to locate and destroy demon vortexes. Meanwhile Moryomaru searches for a way to strengthen his armor and in the process comes in contact with Sesshomaru, who is testing his new Tenseiga technique.moreless
    • The Dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga
      Inuyasha tries to capture the demonic-energy absorbing properties of the demonic blade, Dakki, for his Tetsusaiga. Will Tetsusaiga become useless after its energy is absorbed by Dakki? Meanwhile, another incarnation of Naraku goes after Koga's Shikon shards.
    • Meido Zangetsuha
      Meido Zangetsuha
      Episode 3
      Kagome worries about passing her exams to get into the same school with her friends. Later, Shippo, Inuyasha and the gang unwittingly stumble into the Fox Promotional Exams. Totosai adds a new offensive technique to Sesshomaru's healing sword, Tenseiga.
    • Kagura's Wind
      Kagura's Wind
      Episode 2
      Moryomaru and Sesshomaru square off, but Moryomaru has gotten some armor that he believes will give him the upper hand in any battle. Koga goes after a special weapon that belongs to the demon-wolf tribe. Kikyo tries to heal herself from Naraku's previous attack. Kagura tries to escape from Naraku's wrath, to avoid retaliation for her betrayal of him.moreless
    • Naraku's Heart
      Naraku's Heart
      Episode 1
      Some of Naraku's incarnations plot to destroy him, but first they need to find his heart. Also, in order to defeat him, they will need the power of the Shikon Jewel shards.
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