Season 5 Episode 25

Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 29, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Inuyasha helps Koga to safety and everyone gets out of the mountain safely. Meanwhile, Naraku confronts Kikyo with his new body.

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  • Decent

    All the party and such escape the crumbling mountain after Naraku comes out of hiding and shows off his new body. Inuyahsa stays behind to save Koga and manges to save him despite the mountain falling apart and the posion at the bottom. Outside, Kikyo meets up with Naraku and the two argue about some trivial matters. Naraku then "shows" her his true purpose, but just ends up stabbing her with his arm or something. He finally kills her and Sesshomaru and Inuyasha both argue about her as well. This episode was alright, but I thought it was a lot of talking, not too interestingmoreless
  • Great

    The group is all stuck in Mt. Hakurei and witness Naraku getting his new form. Inuyahsa tries to use the wind scar on him, but Naraku sends it back at him, almost killing everyone around him. Naraku leaves the crumbling mountain, leaving Inuyahsha and friends to die. Naraku, who has something he wants to accomplish goes after Kikyo. He finally meets up with her and is finally able to kill her. Sesshomaru shows up and the two briefly fight, with Narkau leaving. Inuyahsa soon learns that Kikyo is dead, and blames his brother. He soon comes to realization of what really happened. This is one of the best episodes of the series.moreless
  • This was a good episode but, also sad. It was painful to watch but you need to see, dont miss out.

    This was a good episode but, also sad. It was painful to watch but you need to see, dont miss out. Inuyasha told kogame that he will get koga, let shippo take you out of this mountain. Inuyasha rush down to the bottom of the cave and took koga and started heading up the moutain that had to blow a way open. They finally made their way out of the castle and koga and inuyasha started arguing again like usual. Than he sensed something was wrong, and went to where he thought kikio was but only found sesshomaru and sesshomaru said that he wasnt after you but after kikio and inuyasha saw her bow and fell to ground saying no!!!moreless
  • Naraku finally kills Kikyo. Inuyasha starts having bad feelings and decides to go looking for Kikyo only to find her bow and his brother at the top of Mt. Hakurei.

    Even though this episode was quite dramatic one, it still deserves a ten. I rated it "painful to watch" because it really is if you understand the relationship between Kikyo and Inuyasha. Through out the episode, Inuyasha keeps imagining that Kikyo is calling out to him, even as he's saving Kagome and Koga. As soon as he gets them to safetly he rushes off to confim his bad feelings. When he reaches the too of Mt. Hakure he learns that he is too late. The priestess has already been killed by Naraku and he immediately lashes out to Sesshomaru. The scene between Inuyasha and his brother is great. Sesshomaru claims to know nothing of Kikyo and is only glad to inform Inuyasha that it is his fault that Kikyo died because he could not protect her. Inuyasha drops to his knees and sheds tears for the woman he always loved. It's a great episode because it gets to the root of Inuyasha's relationship with Kikyo. You get to see how deeply connected they are even though years have passed. He just knew something was wrong and she knew she could count on him to be there for her. A lot of people will be happy that Kikyo died but I personally cannot see why people hold a grudge against her. She's more of a woman than Kagome will ever be.moreless
  • As Mt. Hakurei distegrates Inuyasha rescues Koga. But as they leave Inuyasha has vistions of Kikyo. Inuyasha escapes only to find that Kikyo died!

    Inuyasha goes deep in the bowels of Mt. Hakurie to find Koga. When he finds him Inuyasha relizes that he can't find any exits. While above Miruko uses the wind tunnel to blast out an exit, and as Inuyasha climbs he finds it too. While Naraku escaped he goes out and finds Kikyo. Kikyo and Naraku have a fueled argument about why he is here. Then Naraku reveals his plains and kills Kikyo as she falls into his river of miasma! Then Sesshomaru appers, and Naraku tests out his new body agiants him. Just after the battle Inuyasha appers to find that Kikyo died. He then gets mad at Sesshomaru and Sesshomaru tells him its his fault that Kikyo died.moreless
Chiara Zanni

Chiara Zanni

The Infant (E)

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Ai Kobayashi

Ai Kobayashi

The Infant (J)

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Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Koga (E)

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Janyse Jaud

Janyse Jaud

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Donald Brown

Donald Brown

Jaken (E)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Naraku first slashes Kikyo, it was probably on purpose that he replicates the exact same wound that killed Kikyo 50 years earlier.

    • Kikyo was hurt in this episode, yet she doesn't bleed. If Kikyo doesn't bleed, why was she bleeding after she was first resurrected back in the episode, Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo?

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Naraku: You believed that as long as I have the heart of that worthless human, that pathetic bandit, Onigumo, who loved you with all his being, you believed that I wouldn't harm you. I feel nothing even after wounding you. So, no remorse, no sadness.

    • Sesshomaru: Rather than take your anger out on me, I suggest you go after Naraku.
      Jaken: Exactly!

    • Naraku: I never expected you to be following me as well, Sesshomaru. So, you find me that interesting, do you?

    • Inuyasha: Heh! Don't get me wrong. I just didn't want Naraku to get your sacred jewel shards. That's the only reason I went after you!
      Koga: Oh yeah? Then I don't need to thank you!
      Inuyasha: That's the least you could do!
      Koga: You want my thanks or not?!
      Shippo: Isn't it obvious? He wants you to thank him.

    • Inuyasha: The exit, where's the exit?
      Koga: You idiot! Don't you even know the way out?
      Inuyasha: I used to, but all the exits have been sealed.
      Koga: You've got to be kidding me! I ain't gonna die in this place with you.
      Inuyasha: We agree for once. Just what I was thinking!

    • Inuyasha: Take good care of Kagome, great demon Shippo!

    • Inuyasha: Hold on, Sesshomaru. Did you just watch her get killed? Didn't you do anything to help? (Sesshomaru starts walking away) I told you to stop!
      : I do not care to know what your connection to that woman was. The person responsible for killing Kikyo was Naraku . . . and you. You're the one who didn't to save her. Inuyasha, blame yourself.

    • Inuyasha: You wanna save that scrawny wolf, don't you?
      Kagome: Yes!

  • NOTES (5)


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