Season 3 Episode 3

Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part I

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM May 22, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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After Sango leaves to repair her damaged Hiraikotsu, Inuyasha and the others come across a demon tree and a sage known as Tokajin, who uses humans to feed the tree so it can grow a fruit of immortality. Not only do the four manage to be caught by Tokajin in some way, but it's also the night of the new moon, when Inuyasha becomes human.moreless

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  • An episode without Sango! YIPEE! Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku and Shippou find out about Tokejin, a sage who keeps people trapped into a miniature world. Inuyasha tries to fight Tokejin but ends up turning into a human. YOU HAFTA SEE IT TO FIND OUT!moreless

    My favorite since Sango wasn't there. Lots of MiroKago intereacting here. Really interesting. Especially since Inuyasha becomes human -- which rarely happens in the anime. Quite a unique plot as well. Shrinking into toy-sized people and living in a miniature world. WOW! GREAT EPISODE! Also, Kagome and Inuyasha's relationship is quite exposed in the episode as well. I'm glad it was a 2-part episode... Oh and I forgot to mention that Kagome's outfit was super adorable, I must say. The one she made with Inuyasha's red hakama. **SPOILERS** And she saves him from getting squished from Tokejin. I'm quite impressed with what they were able to come up with. Really.moreless
  • This is episode was pretty good to look at and watch.

    This is episode was pretty good to look at and watch. Sango went back to her village to fix her weapon and be back in 3 days. Kogame wanted to go back to her time to study for the exam. Before that could happend human fruit started floating in the river and they said it comming from a mountain ahead. Inuyasha climb up the mountain and met a sage, inuyasha swung his sword at him but it bounce off him and the sage sucked him into his bottle. Kogame, the monk and shippo made it into the sages house and looked down at a minature village and than they got sucked in to that village dropping the jewel shards on the outside.moreless
  • Sango leaves to fix her weapon, the rest of the gang come across a demon tree, and a sage. Inuyahsa also becomes human because of the new moon.

    I thought this was a very adventureous episode. It was well written also. I am very eager to see what happens next. Inuyasha encountered a sage named Tokajin. Inuyasha shrunk and was sucked into tokajin's bottle, which he uses as nourishment to feed a demon tree. While trying to claw his way out, Inuyasha turns into a human. However, with the help of his sword, he was able to escape, and return to normal size, but he is still human. Tokajin has found Kagome's jewel shards as well, and has used them to turn his body to stone. Kagome, Miroku, and Shippo have also shrunk, and are trapped in a little world where men are training to be sages, only to be fed to the demon tree. I am excited to see what happens next. Will Inuyasha be able to defeat the stone body of Tokajin in his humas form, and will Kagome, Miroku, and Shippo make it out alive?moreless
  • Transformation and trouble in the mountains?

    As Inuyasha and they others make their way towards the mountains in the north little do they know of the horror that lurks within the mountains. After Sango leaves they soon come across their first clue. A human faced fruit?! Unfortunatley it's the night of the new moon, making Inuyasha very weak. Even so, he still tries to take on the sage, leading to a crushing rock hard belly flop. Will the others be able to escape from the miniture garden of doom? Great scenes were Shippou in his transformed form, Kagome, Miroku, and Shippou getting sucked into the box, and Inuyasha foolishly taking on the rock hard sage.moreless
  • Sango takes off to fix her weapon. Inuyasha heads up a hill to get rid of a demon tree, but ends up in a WHOLE LOTTA TROUBLE.

    I saw ep. 58 before this, so this helped me fill in some of the blanks. I gotta say, though, that stuff Inuyasha gets into in this ep., it's almost ridiculous how much he takes on.

    It's really cool to see him actually transform into his human form... it's just so hard to get used, I gotta adjust my eyes for going from white to black features... still gotta.

    Still, it's ridiculous how he keeps wanting to fighting the sage guy and... get this, he tries to punch the dude when he gets a stone stomach like he can handle him. Like, Hello Inuyasha, human!! Remember...

    That's pretty much why I rated this the way I did... it's crazy how he does that... and actually lives to tell about it. He's such an idiot... but he's one of my fav. idiots.moreless
Sam Vincent

Sam Vincent

Tokajin (E)

Guest Star

Andrew Kavadas

Andrew Kavadas

Ninmenka tree (E)

Guest Star

Hideyuki Hori

Hideyuki Hori

Tokajin (J)

Guest Star

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