Season 3 Episode 4

Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part II

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM May 29, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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After Sango leaves to repair her damaged Hiraikotsu, Inuyasha and the others come across a Demon tree and the Peach Man who uses humans to feed it so it can grow a fruit of immortality. Not only do the four manage to caught by the Peach Man in some way, but it's also the night of the New Moon when Inuyasha becomes human!moreless

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  • Another good show from the first part of the episode.

    Another good show from the first part of the episode. Inuyasha woke up with vines wrap around him, and the sage said he going to need him from his fruit. Inuyasha said what did you do with kogame, and he didnt know that she was here. So the sage went looking for and found her, he grab her and took of her cloths and put her in the basement bath. Inuyasha go out of the vines picked up the monk and shippo, and went to get kogame. They went outside and met the sage inuyasha ran after him and got knocked down. Kogame fired an arrow at his stomach where the jewel shards were, they fell out. Than he ran after kogame and inuyasha put him off the cliff along with himself. The sun came up and inuyasha turned back to a demon and defeated the demon tree.moreless
  • This was one of my absolute favorite Inuyasha episode.

    Kagome and Sango decide they should go back to their homes for awhile. Sango leaves and on Kagome, Inuyasha, and Miroku's way to the Kaedae's village so that Kagome can return home, Miroku spots some human-faced fruits from a demon tree, and a lot of them. So Kagome and Miroku convince Inuyasha to check it out (in part one) and in part two, Kagome, Shippo, and Miroku fell into a trap and made mini into a mini village, and Kagome's jewl shards were stolen by a "sage". Inuyasha has turned human because it's the moonless night and the "sage" has tried to extract nurishment to feed Inuyasha to the tree but he broke the container and was attatched to roots that were unbreakable. Kagome, Shipo and Miroku figure out a plan that releases them from the mini village. Stupidly, Inuyasha sees the jewel shard container that Kagome usually uses, and mentions her. The "sage" goes and finds Kagome in the village and puts her in this vat of nurishment so that he can feed her to the demon tree too. Inuyasha escapes from the roots thanks to mini Miroku's help, and he finds Kagome in the vat, naked so he gives her his kimono shirt. Inuyasha plans on staying and fighting the "sage" but he ends up passing out. At this point the "sage" is passed out too because rubble from the roots falling fell on him. Inuyasha wants Kagome to leave but Kagome won't. She plans on using a bow and arrow to get the jewel shards out, and when the bow and arrow breaks, Inuyasha stabs the "sage". The "sage"'s old master, who the demon tree made him make into a plant turns himself into a bow and arrow which kagome uses to break the jewel shards out of the tree. The "sage" rushes after Kagome when Inuyasha tells her to duck down, and he pushes the "sage" over the edge along with him. The jewel shards went into the demon tree so the tree forced its roots down to grab the "sage" and Inuyasha. It's about dawn, so Inuyasha becomes a human as the tree tries to devour him, and he breaks from and kills the "sage", and the tree. Miroku and Shippo had already returned to normal size and they all think Inuyasha died trying to save Kagome. He comes back up and they're all crying and he goes on to be stubborn as usual. Kagome nastily makes him sit but then Shippo goes "now he's dead". It was kind of funny, I highly suggest people watch this.moreless
  • One of my fav episodes. Almost no other anime episode can compare (except for more in this series) :)

    With Inuyasha stuck as human, his battle to save Kagome, himself and the others continues, in this excellent episode. Embarassing scene was amusing, but did give the great impression that serious feelings for each other were starting to develope. Tokijiin's appearence certainly got the message across that he was evil (not to mention repulsive!!), making the episode all the more enjoyable. I mean who would want to see Inuyasha battling against a fluffy pink bunny that shot hearts out of it's eyes? Anyway, the episode became one of my instant favorites, as soon as i saw it. As for Kagome's use of the kimono, well, how did she do that?! she she stick her arms through the rips in the sleeves and tie the sleeves to her waist?

    One of best episodes yet!! I LOVE it!moreless
  • In his human form Inuyasha is forced to show his hand as well as his growing feelings for Kagome to save her!

    This episode simply makes a romantic heart sigh! Both Kagome and Inuyasha are consumed with the need to protect each other thus revealing the depth of feeling they possess for each other. Inuyasha even admits he cannot stand to be held prisoner while not knowing what is happening to Kagome. *sigh!* Delightfully romantic! Plus Inuyasha truly displays his heroism, preferring to protect his friends rather than preserve his own well being proving that despite his bluster he is truly a caring hero! The show also keeps that delightful hint of humor so one can't get too wrapped up in the more emotional side. All together, a perfect ten!!!moreless
  • Sad yet funny.

    ok not my fav ep but still great! I love the part where Inuyasha comes looking for Kagome & accidentally sees her naked. He offers her his kimono to wear, but he peeks a little before he does. Then after Kagome gets the kimono on he collapses & Miroku & Shippo come in sight. then at the end Inuyasha pushes Tokijin off the cliff & they all think he is dead, but he comes up behind them in his half-demon form.moreless
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