Season 2 Episode 26

Father's Old Enemy: Ryukotsusei

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Apr 24, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Totosai tells Inuyasha that piercing the heart of Ryukotsusei, the demon that gave his father his mortal wound, will make his Tetsusaiga lighter. Inuyasha then decides to kill Ryukotsusei.

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  • A great episode to watch, this one you must see.

    A great episode to watch, this one you must see. Inuyasha gang was worried where he might have run off too, but they realize that he must be trying to remaster the tetusagia. The rest of the gang is scared for inuyasha but not kogame for he knows what to do, but kogame cant stop worried about inuyasha either, so they went after while inuyasha went to defeat the demon that his father couldnt defeat to stay alive. Now inuyasha must stay alive to defeat the enemey for good so he could will the tetsagia, and defeat the enemy for good.moreless
  • Inuyasha must battle an old enemy of his father to make the Tetsuaiga (spelling?) lighter.

    Well, I felt that this was an episode full of lots of action. In other words, it was a good, and adventurous episode. Inuyasha is as cocky as ever, thinking he can easily take down this demon that Naraku has awakened for him. He is doing this on order to make the tetsuaiga easier to wield. However, the sword itself is not strong enough to pierce through the skin of this demon. Inuyasha has to learn a new move which brings out the ultimate power of his sword. His sword must become lighter, that way he would not go through anymore transformations. However, during battle, he let go of the sword, and transformed. It was so suspenseful which made this episode a good one!moreless
  • To prevent any more transformations, Inuyasha goes to see Totosai about making his Tetsusaiga lighter. However, when he goes to kill his father's old enemy, he gets more than he bargained for...moreless


    I usually give the InuYasha episodes I review 10.0's because I'm a huge fan of the series. I mean, really huge. However, this one gets a 9.5 because, while it's not the greatest, it's one of the greats in what it develops.

    First of all, Inuyasha exhibits one part of himself never seen before... his wary side. After what happened in the previous episode, Inuyasha started to fear the idea of transforming and killing with no memory whatsoever what he did. That's a very uncommon trait about him, but there was as good a time as any for him to show it. I also like episodes where Inuyasha seems a bit vulnerable or bothered about something.

    There's also a lot of saracasm where it's needed. Originally, the beast mentioned in the title was dormant, but Naraku woke him up. On his way there, Inuyasha complains that he has to slay the dormant beast like a coward and he gets what he asks for: the fight of his life.

    Don't you just love it when Inuyasha gets what he asks for? I sure do, especially when... you'll have to see next ep. to find out.moreless
Trevor Devall

Trevor Devall

Ryukotsusei (E)

Guest Star

Kazuhiko Inoue

Kazuhiko Inoue

Ryukossei (J)

Guest Star

Michael Kopsa

Michael Kopsa

Goshinki (E)


Richard Newman

Richard Newman

Totosai (E)

Recurring Role

Jouji Yanami

Jouji Yanami

Totosai (J)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Inuyahsa's father must have been wounded by Ryukotsusei in their last battle immediately before returning home in the movie, "Swords of an Honorable Ruler", as Myoga tells Inuyasha that the wound Inuyasha's father recieved from Ryukotsusei ultimately killed him, and he was killed by a human during a fire in the movie, due to his weakened condition from the wound. It is unknown if he would have survived the wound if not for the battle so soon afterwards.

    • Myoga stood on Tetsusaiga even though demons can't touch Tetsusaiga.

    • During battle, Ryuukotsusei fatally injured Inuyasha's father, but his father left his claw embedded in Ryuukotsusei's chest, putting him to sleep.

    • Ryuukoytsusei is the dragon shown in the 2nd ending of InuYasha

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Myoga: (after Ryukotsusei awakens) This is terrible! We must flee, Master.
      Inuyasha: What? You must be out of your mind! This way is much better than slaying a defenseless demon, like I was some kind of pathetic coward.

    • Inuyasha: Unfortunately I don't even remember what my old man looked like, as if I would even care about avenging his death!
      Myoga: What! How dare you say that. You've been saved countless times by the very sword that your father passed down to you!
      Inuyasha: Stop interfering.
      Myoga: Traitorous son! I'll have nothing to do with you (sobs).
      Inuyasha: Right! I know you're just running away!!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Ryukotsusei's theme (Ryukotsusei, Revived!) includes a few notes of Mothra's summoning theme from the Godzilla films. Appropriate, considering the stature of the demon in question.