Season 5 Episode 22

Final Battle: The Last and Strongest of the Band of Seven

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 08, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Now that the sacred barrier is down, Kagome and the rest of the gang head up Mt. Hakurei. Inuyasha runs into Bankotsu, deep inside the mountain and is forced to fight him. Can Inuyasha win, now that Bankotsu has seven Shikon shards.?

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  • This is a great battle between the leader and inuyasha, dont miss out.

    This is a great battle between the leader and inuyasha, dont miss out. Inuyasha keeps fighting the leader and he used his wind scar but he easily canceled that out. As they fight the leader said that he met naraku two, one that that he was alive and killing any strong opponents. Soon after he met him he decided to form the band of seven, and after he died when naraku brought them back to life. Inuyasha eventually knocked two sacred jewel shards he had in his arm. And went after him with his claws. But he punched him hard and said dont ever underestimate me.moreless
  • Final battle of the Band of Seven: InuYasha Vs. Bankotsu!!!

    This is sort of a two part episode containing the fight between InuYasha and Bankotsu. This episode was definitely one of the best episodes I've seen of the season. (Just saw this on my DVD last night and thought to give it a review.) Plus we are also getting hints of the return of the evil Naraku! The battle was really heating up and towards the end I was thrilled and excited to see the rest of this battle!moreless
  • While Kagome and the others deal with demon hordes outside Mount Harukei, Inuyasha clashes with Bankotsu as both are equal in combat. During the battle, Bankotsu reveals to Inuyasha that he had met Naraku ten years earlier before the war. Meanwhile, Mirokmoreless

    There is a short scene with Sesshoumaru near the beginning in which his suspicions concerning the mountain are confirmed.

    Then we see Kagome, Kouga, Shippo & co. heading up towards the mountain, the barrier has been broken and all the demons feel much better. Demons begin pouring out of the mountain, Kouga begins beating them up.

    Back to Sesshoumaru, Jaken, & Rin. Several of the demons come towards them, Sesshoumaru and Jaken take care of them, it's funny to see the Jaken just starts waving his staff around.

    Inuyasha runs into Bankutso and they fight. Turns out that Bankutso had met Naraku once before, a long time ago. Inuyasha has a little trouble in this fight b/c Bankutso has 7 shards. They talk a good bit between blows.

    Sango & Miroku are running through the tunnels and begin to sense demons nearby. They come upon a pit in which Miroku sees Naraku, Kagura and Kanna are here as well. Kagura knocks them into the pit, where see the remains of demons.

    Inuyasha and Bankutso are still fighting.

    Kouga & Kagome decide to head deeper into the mountain when she begins to sense shikon shards.

    Back to the big fight... Inuyasha manages to get 2 shikon shards out of Bankutso's sword arm. They continue to fight, though neither is welding a sword anymore.moreless
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Scott McNeil

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