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Naraku a Huge Disappointment (possible spoilers)

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    Did anyone else feel like Naraku was a huge disappointment? I loved his personality and his manipulations I was always disappointed by his lack of power. Naraku is constantly powering up by taking more jewel shards, but he still weak. When Inuyasha fought Naraku for the first time and how Naraku was like all powerful and Inuyasha failed to actually hurt him, I thought he was one strong guy. Kagome destroyed his body, which made since since she had amazing spiritual power. Naraku made himself a new stronger body and Inuyasha tried to cut him it had no effect on him. Those two times are like the only times I remember Naraku being all powerful without his barrier. Like every fight Naraku was in afterwards he would use his barrier to block all attacks and amaze everyone, but when his barrier was broken he was quickly defeated.

    When he used the Band of Seven to buy him time to create a new body I thought he would come back unstoppable. For a long while it looked like Naraku finally had the power he was lacking. He could withstand attacks from Tessiuga and Tokjin, but throw them back at Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. The non stop regeneration made me think even if his barrier was destroyed he could still keep fighting. I was seriously wrong. In the dog demon's graveyard once Inuyasha got Adament Barrage he broke Naraku's barrier and Naraku was beaten. I was seriously disappointed that even with regenration he was still useless without his barrier. I don't understand how someone who absrobs other demons and takes their ablities is so limited in his attacks. He's like the anti-Tessiaga. Inuyasha kept adding powers to his sword and gain new techniques, Naraku would absorb demons, but for the most part kept the same techniques that stopped being effective in like the 5th season.

    I felt Moyomaru who had the same abilties as Naraku was more powerful than Naraku himself. Moyomaru absorb other demons too, but he seemed to be strong. He absorbed the armor shell with Inuyasha's admant diamonds on them to gain a powerful defense and offensive move (I don't understand why Naraku never did this). When he fought Kikyo, Inuyasha, and Sesshomaru at the same time and almost won I thought to myself that this is how strong Naraku should be. When Naraku absorbs Moyomaru he still does the same old thing. He used that armored shell once in the entire series. I thought once he had that the barrier power thing would be gone for good. The final battle he was all smoke in mirrors. His final form that giant spider form looked awesome, but his power was so lacking. Once the gang all got to him they just start destroying his body as usually and Naraku does not display any new offensive powers. When the battle finally ended Naraku was dead I found myself saying awesome plan Naraku, but you are the weakest villain lol.

    I like Naraku and thought he was an awesome villain, but I felt that his offspring/incarnations were more powerful than him half the time. Magatsuhiand Moyomarunearly killed Sesshomaru when they fought him, which Naraku sadly never did. I cannot imagine how weak Naraku would be without the jewel.

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    yeah Somewhat. I expected more from him, I liked him best when he was first introduced in the baboon suit and he tricked sesh, very classic.
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