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who is better with the bow

who is better with the bow

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    peineta_love wrote:
    Uchiha_Raonni wrote:
    peineta_love wrote:
    Uchiha_Raonni wrote:
    peineta_love wrote:
    Aaw! let's not hate on Kagome. Poor thing, it's not her fault she can't get a stylist to fix her hair-do..or don't hahah. She's busy missing targets with her arrows and yelling at Inuyasha to sit and almost dying and having to rescued. Who's got time for hair? I think Sango's got the right idea. Leave it to people's imagination. Her outfit she wears to fight does that the best. You can see her figure but you don't see skin. Uniforms aren't so bad. You never have to worry about not having something to wear right? Everyone wears pretty much the same thing so everyone's on "equal ground"
    Right, true. Sorry kagome. Hate to be Kagome (not possible because i'm a guy and even if i had plastic surgery, i wouldnt have her spiritual power but anyways) She has soo much work. Being with InuYasha and friends. Going to school. Going out with that guy in the real world, forgot his name. Starts with H. Studying for school tests. Getting the shikon shards. Training her Miko powers. Damn thats alot of work. If i was her. I wouldnt have time to go on interent and talk to people in .
    And wouldn't that just be a tragedy? What is life without hahah. I just got a funny thought..Kagome as a drag queen? hahahaha. sorry random.
    Rofl, if that was soo. Many people on the InuYasha forums would jump from their computer seats. Probably sell the seat and the laptop/computer too for the tickets to see her in some random car. She probably would name it something having InuYasha or love or something. Though i hope not that school uniform again... that is really bugging me atm lol. The InuYasha forums are sooo.... inactive. I usually go to the naruto forums. Stuff always happen over their
    I meant a drag a man who dresses as a woman. Did u think i meant a drag race type thing like with cars? Actually the Inuyasha forum has been a bit more active lately. It was less active before. Probably with the ending of the manga coming brought more people back. The naruto forums are crazy! hahah. Ur right, stuff is always going on over there
    Oh, that drag queen. I definately thought thought u ment drag racing thingy. Though the naruto forums arent all that crazy. And i dont think its been that active at all. Hardly any1 posts stuff. every one post here is equal to every 5 posts in naruto forums. Though i guess its probably just me and since i'm kinda knew, i wouldn't know much....
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    Yep, I meant THAT drag queen. I'm kinda new too. Even though you're "new", you seem to know the ropes quite well.
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