Season 1 Episode 19

Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome!

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Dec 21, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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After a badly beaten Inuyasha gets ahold of Tetsusaiga once more, Sesshomaru backs off. Convinced that Kagome doesn't belong in the past, Inuyasha takes her to the well, hugs her close, takes her shards, and pushes her back through, to the present time.

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  • This episode shows a lot of character in it.

    This episode shows a lot of character in it. This is the first time we see inuyasha feeling toward kogame in this half demon state. He really is gratful to kogame in helping him out, with the arrow to knock out the transformation. Kogame says sorry and says if I would've ran like you said you wouldnt have got badly injured. He said I'm glad you did what you did you save me, by knocking out the transformation of the sword. He gives her a hug only thinking of her, doesnt want her to get hurt. and pushes her down the well and takes the jewel shards. What a great episode of great emotion between the two.moreless
  • the story is good but i think they should have gone a bit thourther in love to a kiss insted of at the end of the series

    the part when inuyasha takes kagome in to the woods i thought that he was goning to kiss her or do some thining perverted it was good but they should have gone thorther i think kagome should take that beeds necklass and say i'm yours but they are to shy to say they like each other but inuyasha is to shy but he should dump keykio because she is a tarent meaning that she should forget about him and just die inuyasha should forget about her and be with kagome 4 ever they suit each other he and she should confecess to each other about each others feelingsmoreless
  • This episode is very sad. It is very touching when inuyasha tells her that he is grateful and that he was terrified he was going to lose her. It is one of the times that he is very open and expressive about his emotions. its cute.moreless

    I love This Episode. It is so good. It is sort of Funny when he pushes her in the well and says go back to your own time. Inuyasha is hot who agrees? it is such a good show. There is only like 2 or one episodes in a season that are boring and have nothing to do with the story line. Of course Kagome cares about Inuyasha and goes back forget hojo cuz he aint hot as Inuyasha. lol This is Episode is such a good episode. Sesshomaru voice is easy to do . alot of people on that show are really easyto do.moreless
  • In Inuyasha's case, this ep. is both pivotal and revealing, and it's so sad at the same time

    I gotta say that this one totally opens up a different side to Inuyasha. After what happened with Kikyo, he's afraid that Kagome will suffer just the same. Man, Inuyasha scared? and him admitting he was scared... totally out of character, kinda why I like it, but its still kinda sad, but he's being so noble, which kinda new for him, really, by making Kagome go back home. I don't think I've seen him more gravely injured than in this partciular case. The scene where he's on his knees and Sesshomaru gives up, talk about scary, him being that close to death, or so it seemed. Kinda of the way I felt while watching him in ep's 58 and 43.moreless
  • This is another favorite episode of mine.

    ::the following review is of the original japanese version::

    Wow! What an episode. This is the first time I believe that Inuyasha and Kagome hug! This episode once again develops IY and Kagome's relationship. Inuyahsa care so much for Kagome he forces her to return to her own time to protect her from harm. He even takes the shikon jewel shards shoves a tree down the well to ensure she can not return! It really is a touching episode.Kaogme returns and you can tell Inuyash a is really glad to see her as she is to see him, though it doesn't take long before they are at their usaul arguments.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: Kagome said at the end of the episode that she needs sacred jewel shards to go through the well. Yet, there are times when she goes through the well without jewel shards.

    • For a change, Inuyasha actually WANTS Kagome to go back. He even goes very far to make sure she doesn't come back.

    • At the end when Inuyasha is talking to Kagome, there's a close up of his head. Look at the rosaries. The colors have been inverted! instead of small brown beads and long white beads it's small white beads and long brown ones. And when they zoom out, they return to normal.

    • When Kagome was pushed down by Inuyasha, her shirt wasn't covered with blood, as she later claims.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Sesshomaru: (about Kagome) Inuyasha, make her stop. Half-demon though you are, the blood of a demon runs through you. Be proud of that and do not accept human aid, even in death.

    • Inuyasha: Your ignorance surprises me. I really thought you would have realized it by now.
      Sesshomaru: Noticed what?
      Inuyasha: That the sword is back in my hands!

    • Kagome: Why'd he push me like that? He's more than just half demon, I'll go back and teach him a lesson! (grunts trying to get through the well; noise in the distance) That's the school alarm, that means, I'm back in my own time. I can't get back to the warring states era. But why not? (gasps) I don't have my jewel shards anymore!

    • Inuyasha: Kagome, go back to your own era!

    • (after Kagome asks him to drink the antidote)
      Miroku: No, I'm too weak. Pass it through your mouth
      Kagome:(nods) Good idea.
      (Shippo drinks some and is an inch away from Miroku's face)
      Miroku: (pushes Shippo away)I think I can manage on my own

    • Inuyasha: I was afraid. I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.

    • Inuyasha: I'm grateful for what you did.
      Kagome: (to herself) He's grateful? Ok, now he's really freaking me out!

    • Shippo: Hey! Lemme see. I wanna see!
      Miroku: This is something children shouldn't watch.
      Inuyasha: Kagome!
      Kagome: Ah!
      (Inuyasha leans in and gives her a big hug).

  • NOTES (3)