Season 5 Episode 10

Hidden In The Mist: Onward to Mt. Hakurei

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jul 16, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Dr. Suikotsu continues to fight Inuyasha.

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  • This was a good episode and needs to be checked out.

    This was a good episode and needs to be checked out. Inuyasha was fighting with the doctor, he forgot that he left his sword behind. So he had to fight him with his claws, things were looking good until he tripped inuyasha and was going to stab when the kids told the doctor to turn back to normal. The band of seven started going for the kids to kill the kids so the doctor can truely transform. But they figure out it was mt hakurei which its land is very pure. So they left, they took kikio away from the land also because her soul collectors cant reacher. After they had got enough souls in her she began to talk about mt hakurei.moreless
  • The band of seven get away and Miroku ends up saving Kikyo. She is badly injured and her lack of souls makes it where she cannot walk. Kagome suggests that he take her somewhere safe. In doing so, Inuyasha and Kikyo share a moment before they separate.moreless

    This was another great episode. The battle was fierce one in which Inuyasha had to make some important decisions quickly. He was trying his best to protect Kikyo and Kagome but in the end he had to choose. There was no way Suikotsu was going to allow him to turn his back and rescue Kikyo without badly injuring him so Miroku made the decision and risked his life to save the priestess. Inuyasha fought the band of seven but they ended up escaping. He was grateful that Kagome was safe but he was also slightly hurt that he could not protect Kikyo as well. He sees Kikyo hurt and Miroku offers to take her some place safe but Kagome insists that Inuyasha do it. He takes Kikyo away from Mt. Hakurei and her soul collectors revive her. This is where everything gets interesting. You see, Inuyasha can't stand to see Kikyo hurt and he questions her trust in him. He tells Kikyo that he will fight for her and that she should not continue this fight. He even asks her to join them. Kikyo glances up at Kagome who is now looking a bit taken back. Kikyo says no and uses the children as an excuse to stay behind. This episode allows you to see an awkward moment between Inuyasha, Kikyo, and Kagome. It's a must see...tear jerker..a classic.moreless
  • very funny episode especially near the end of it

    this has got to be the funniest episode ever because of the barrage of Sit Boys.. i let one of my best friend's listen to it and she just died laughing it was sooo funny especially when it came to Kagome telling Inuyasha off and tells him sit it must've been at least 13 times she said it to him
  • it is a nice episode

    The battle is good and it was nice.Kagome cares enough to let him Inuyasha love Kikyo, even though she possibly could love him more. I\'m surprised that Miroku said, \"she thinks you might still have feelings for Kikyo.\" Well, after the past 4 seasons ever since the episode where Kikyo is revived.

  • The Inu-Gang escape the Band of Seven. Kikyo is badly wounded and Kagome,hurt in her voice, told Inuyasha to take Kikyo to a safe place,everyone looks at kagome. Kikyo talks about Mt. Hakurei and speaks words of "wisdom". later, inuyasha wonders why kagommoreless

    i cried when kikyo was talking because of the music playing in the background and for kagome having to watch inuyasha with kikyo but then i laugh at the end where kagome almost loses her voice yelling sit at inuyasha.hahaha. but then miroku goes "told you to give her time"
Tomokazu Sugita

Tomokazu Sugita

Renkotsu (J)

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Brian Drummond

Brian Drummond

Renkotsu (E)

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Mark Gibbon

Mark Gibbon

Ginkotsu (E)

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Jenn Forgie

Jenn Forgie

Jakotsu (E)

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