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Season 5 Episode 19

Into the Depths of Mt. Hakurei

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Sango and Miroku explore a cave in Mt. Hakurei, where they expect to find Naraku, but fall into Kagura's trap. Sango's weapon is useless against Kagura, the Wind Sorceress. Can Miroku defend them with his Wind Tunnel? Worried that Sango and Miroku have not returned, Inuyasha goes after them, determined to cross the sacred barrier of Mt. Hakurei.moreless

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  • This one is also a good episode, on this one inuyasha gets purified and turns into a mortal.

    This one is also a good episode, on this one inuyasha gets purified and turns into a mortal. Inuyasha runs up the mountain and ask koga which was hiding behind them ask them to take care of kogame. When he was going up he mountain he notice a huge amount of resistance, one of the band of seven was there. And push him to the barrier he became purified but didnt die, he turned into a mortal and took off reach the top of the mountain. He slipped through the crack when another member of band of seven, he told him that inuyasha is mortal. This got him excited and found inuyasha.moreless
  • The gang is separated from each other due to the restraints of the barrier. Sango & Miroku forge ahead, but meet up with trouble, giving their unexpressed love a push. Inuyasha is worried about them & attempts to go forward, but with surprising results.moreless

    ahhhhh! Sango's been hit by her hirokos (how do you spell that?) and is unconscious, Miroku has been poisoned saving her, and Inuyasha is human! Man good drama in this episode. Though I would have liked to see the whole Miroku Sango thing stretched out a bit more, I'm such a sucker for mushy scenes *sigh*. I have to admit I saw the Inuyasha transformation coming, but it wasn't too obvious that it was going to happen, so I guess it was pretty well done. I'm just so happy that we're finally heading toward Narku again, I was starting to think the fillers would never actually end.moreless
  • It is awesome

    Review Text: When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum. We encourage you to try to get your review right the first time--you may choose to edit it later on, but by doing so, you will lose any positive feedback associated with the review. We encourage you to write your review in a word processor or text editor, save it to your local disk, then copy and paste it in the box below. Hope you like this episode it rox sox!! sango and miroku are awesome Yay yaya yaa ya ay aymoreless
  • While Miroku and Sango are fighting for their lives within Mount Hakurei, Inuyasha is having trouble of his own after he passed the "purification barrier"

    This one probably has one of the biggest plot-twists/shockers in the whole series. Inuyasha goes through the barrier and loses his demonic powers:

    Bum, bum, bum

    He's human! When I first saw this one in Japanese and noticed the dark locks of hair that fell, I was in shock. "Whoa... he's human". Can't get enough of Inuyasha's human form, even if its where he's weakest. This one has so much action, not to mention sweet moments between Miroku and Sango- makes me all warm and fuzzy.

    Gotta say that I do feel bad for Inuyasha at the end when he's in a little over his head without his powersmoreless
  • The Miroku/Sango relationship takes a major step foward to the future.

    This episode is one of the most touching and romantic episodes in the series. Although, there wasn't any true romance in this episode, but Miroku did say that Sango was the woman he truely cared for, loved, and he was willing to sacrifice his life for her. Too bad she was knocked out by Kagura, so she didn't hear him. He knew that sucking up the demons with his wind tunnel also meant that he would also suck up the poisonous insects, the saimyousho, but he did it anyway. He almost got killed in the process. I thought it was touching that Sango wished to stay by his side, so they would die together. Luckily, that didn't have to do that because the barrier healed Miroku from the poison. Miroku and Sango have become closer as a result of this episode. I would recommend this episode to anyone who likes the Miroku/Sango relationship.moreless
Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Koga (E)

Recurring Role

Janyse Jaud

Janyse Jaud

Kagura (E)

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Taiki Matsuno

Taiki Matsuno

Koga (J)

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