Season 2 Episode 19

Juromaru and Kageromaru

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 09, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

One day, as Inuyasha and the others are walking Koga suddenly appears. He tells Kagome that he smelled her so he decided to stop by. Later on, Koga asks for the location of Naraku's castle. Inuyasha tells them that they don't know. Koga along with Ginta, Hakkaku and some wolves, take off.

That night, Koga smells Kagura's scent. It turns out to be Naraku along with his new incarnation, Juromaru who Naraku has bound in chains. Juromaru and Koga fight for awhile, and Juromaru is clearly stronger than Koga. Inuyasha and the others arrive and Koga departs.

Naraku appears and releases Juromaru from the chains and sets him loose on the others. Juromaru slices Naraku in half, but it turns out that Naraku was just a demon puppet.

Juromaru attacks Inuyasha. Inuyasha uses his Sankontessou , Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, and is unsuccessful in harming Juromaru. Inuyasha whips out Tetsusaiga, which is still heavy, and slices at Juromaru.

When something white comes flying from Juromaru, Kagome assumes that it's Juromaru's arm. Suddenly, the same white object that came from Juromaru flies out of the ground and through Inuyasha. The object lands next to Juromaru and reveals that it's Kageromaru (who was released from the insides of Juromaru when Naraku freed Juromaru from his chains.

Elsewhere, Koga returns to Ginta and Hakkaku claiming that Inuyasha has to be dead by now. Koga soon leaves to fight along Inuyasha when, thanks to Ginta and Hakkaku, he realizes that when Inuyasha is in danger Kagome is in danger as well.

Inuyasha continues to battle Juromaru, while Kageromaru proves that he's more than a match for Sango's Hiraikotsu or Miroku's Wind Tunnel. Just as Kageromaru is about to attack Kagome, Koga appears and kicks him away.

At first Kageromaru proves to be faster than Koga, but soon Koga speeds up and knocks Kageromaru down. Kageromaru goes for Kagome again, but this time Juromaru manages to keep Koga back. Seeing that Kagome is in danger, Inuyasha charges for Kageromaru and easily cuts off one of his sickle hands. Miroku notices that since his only thought was to protect Kagome, Tetsusaiga was lighter during that moment.

Kageromaru then hides underground. Sango tips the end of Miroku's staff with poison and throws it into the ground, the poison spreads quickly through the ground and Kageromaru comes flying out. Koga charges at Juromaru, ready for the kill. Inuyasha notices that Kageromaru has disappeared again. He figures out that he has returned inside of Juromaru. So Inuyasha tells Koga to get out of the way, and he charges at Juromaru. Just as Koga is about to strike Juromaru, Kageromaru appears again and prepares to slice Koga. Inuyasha then swings at Koga, Kageromaru and Juromaru with Tetsusaiga. Koga manages to get out of the way in time but Kageromaru and Juromaru both are killed by the blow.

After the battle, Inuyasha is prepared to fight Koga. Kagome tells him not to because he's injured. Inuyasha doesn't care and wants to fight, Kagome tells him to 'sit' and asks Koga to leave. Inuyasha gets back up and tells Kagome that he's sick of seeing her flirt with Koga. Kagome, is angered by this comment and decides that she is going home, again.
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