Season 2 Episode 19

Juromaru and Kageromaru

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 09, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • What another great installment. This one should see.

    What another great installment. This one should see. Koga appaears out of no where but kogame can sense him because of koga jewel shards. He asks them if they knew where naraku was. Inuyasha laughed and said he keeps a barrier around his castle and its imposible to know where hes at. Koga left and noticed that he senses naraku nearby than to discover that naraku made another incarnation. Inuyasha sensed it and was there right beside koga which was angry that he showed up. Inuyasha finally defeated him, almost killing koga with the final slash if he didnt move. Koga than left and inuyasha mad cause he flirted with kogame.
  • Would you work with your arch revial if it would save your friends?

    To be a very interesting episode. Juuroumaru and Kageroumaru are on the offense, tag teaming to take down Inuyasha and Kouga. These two just can't seem to work together, and only keep getting in each others faces and on each others nerves. Miroku and Sango try to help, but it only goes so far. One liners, insults, and a forced parnering makes for one interesting episode. However when Kagome's life is in danger a new found team appears. As the two try to protect Kagome from Juuroumaru and Kageroumaru. Inuyasha gives the final blow putting Kouga in a bad mood for almost getting hit with the windscar. Unfortunatley another fight is about to erupt, but Kagome steps in. Sitting Inuyasha and flattering Kouga, he leaves but not before stating that "Kagome is his woman" Once again causing Inuyasha and Kagome to fight. While the others seemingly tired from the battle, and possibly feed up with those two always fighting decide to take their leave.
  • Definitely one of my favorite battle ep's. Kind of a tag-team battle between Inuyasha-Koga and the title incarnations, Juromaru-Kageromaru

    This has come to be one of my fav. ep's because it has a little bit of everything. There's a really long and tiring battle against the incarnations that seem almost invincible, especially since they're acting like a tag-team. Then there's plenty of humor between Inuyasha and Koga. It starts with him making a routine visit to see Kagome. Then he asks the stupid question of where Naraku is. (I mean, don't you think Naraku would be dead if they knew where he was?) Then Inuyasha gets all "riled up" by Koga and Kagome says he's exhausting and he takes it the wrong way. (the look on his face is priceless). Then when the incarnations are released, Koga runs away. Ginta and Hakkaku then said Kagome might be in danger if Inuyasha's doing the battling and he runs back. "Why didn't you figure it out first?" There's also plenty of comedic moments in the battle. First where INuyasha handles Tetsusaiga with one hand (so cool, considering it was heavy) and Miroku says he did because he's simple-minded. Then Inuyasha acknowledges that and Miroku's like "he heard that?" The ending was great with Inuyasha almost killing Koga to get the other guys and Koga's not happy about it. The ending kinda stinks a little cuz Kagome and Inuyasha end up in another fight (C'mon, it's always like this when Koga comes for a visit, kinda annoying.). Then Shippo lends a great ending comment, "you two should grow up and be more like them [Miroku and Sango]."
  • Naraku unleashes some new incarnations. InuYasha and Kouga battle them. Great fighting and some hilarious one liners.

    This episode is right after Tetsusaiga is repaired and InuYasha is dragged away from fighting Sesshomaru and his new sword: Tokijin.

    It starts off with InuYasha, Kagome, Songo and Miroku just walking along peacefully shooting the breeze when Kagome says she senses sacred jewl shards. This mini tornado blows by and turns out its Kouga. He wants InuYasha to tell him where Naraku is. Obviously this is a stupid question for the mangy wolf to ask because they know just as much as he does. InuYasha, being his charming self tells Kouga he wants the shards in his legs and to high tail it back to his den. He draws his sword and slams it into the rock Kouga was sitting on. At this point Kouga notices that InuYasha is swinging his Tetsusaiga very slowly. He takes off shouting "Take good care of my Kagome while I go waste Naraku!" (Bastard) InuYasha gets pissed off and starts yelling at him. At this point Kagome tells him not to get so riled up. He answers the only way InuYasha can. "Who says I was riled up!?" Kagome says that he's exhausting and he takes it pretty hard. It cuts to him with a depressed/confused look on his face. The next scene is Kouga and those two annoying little retards that follow him every where. Kouga looks out over this cliff to see some of those poisonous insects and takes off after them. He catches the same scent as Kagura's and starts running towards it. Sure enough he finds that devilish looking baboon skin wearing Naraku travelling with a cart. On the cart is a cage, and in this cage is another incarnation: Juromaru. He's shackled and has a meatal mask covering his mouth. Kouga tells Naraku to set him loose so he can get to fighting him already and Naraku replies with a smug answer that he will be unable to defeat him with the chains on, never mind without them. Kouga says something stupid and charges the guy. Basically Kouga gets his ass handed to him in the first five seconds of fighting. So Kouga, being Kouga.. Runs away. It then cuts away to InuYasha running through the forest yelling "I can smell Naraku!" While running he ends up dashing along side Kouga. Juromaru then appears and trys to sucker punch InuYasha. He dodges it and then looks over to see Kouga has left only a trail of dust. (Coward) So InuYasha is stuck with this new incarnation. Naraku appears and introduces his new sidekick. At this point he removes the chains and mask from Juromaru's body. Without batting an eyelash Juromaru runs his hand clear through Naraku's neck. Again.. Its just another demon puppet. So InuYasha is having a hard time fighting this guy and can't figure out why. Eventually a small patch of ground behind him starts to crack and this bolt of light flys out and right through his back. Leaves this bloody gash. He looks over at what just passed through him and see's this little grey worm with long pink hair and blades for hands: Enter Kageromaru. (Creative and creepy looking)Turns out he has been hiding in Juromaru's gut, and that mask was the only thing keeping him in. He looks at InuYasha and says "Thanks for the meal. You innards were simply delicious." Miroku opens his windtunnel and trys to suck him in. He moves really fast (That bolt of light I mentioned) he takes a good slice out of the monks arm and then goes after Songo. Miroku pushes her out of the way and takes the hit. InuYasha keeps fighting with Juromaru and gets injured. Kagome, being Kagome.. Shouts out InuYasha's name in concern and starts to run towards him. InuYasha see's Kageromaru gliding towards Kagome from behind her. InuYasha shouts out in concern "Kagome!" (This look on his face if priceless. You can tell that he loves this broad) Out of no where Kouga makes a flying jump kick and boots the worm into a tree. He askes Kagome if shes alright, and she has no idea what just happened. He scalds InuYasha for putting Kagome in danger but InuYasha is just thankful that the mangy wolf came in handy for once. They start to have a two on two battle with Juromaru and Kageromaru. They toss insaults back at one another while fighting. The worm keeps diving underground and then popping back up to take a slash at the wolf or dog. The best part of the whole episode then sneaks up on you. Juromaru makes a huge hit knocking InuYasha into a tree and unconscious. Kageromaru then flys out of the ground and goes right through Kouga's left leg. He then turns his attention to Kagome saying "Maybe Ill eat your liver next little girl!" It cuts to a ragged and pissed off looking InuYasha saying "What!?" In a furious tone. (Kagome + Danger = Mad dog demon) Then Kouga shouts out "Kageromaru! Don't lay a hand on her!" At that point the worm bolts towards Kagome raising his sharp blade saying "To late!" The screen goes a blank white and there's a splatter of blood. (Were all thinking the worse at this point!) You then see InuYasha wielding Tetsusaiga with one hand, slicing off Kageromaru's blade/hand. Kageromaru dashes to the the ground and InuYasha takes off after him exclaiming "Now die!" Slamming the sword into the ground. The worm gets away but that was my favorite scene from this episode. Eventually Songo gets off her ass and decides to finally help out. She takes out some poison and dabs some on the end of Miroku's staff and stabs it into the ground. The earth turns red and Kageromaru shoots out of the ground gasping. (Can't do his little trick anymore) Juromaru slams InuYasha right into Kouga. The wolf seems fine but InuYasha is having trouble getting up. Kouga states that he's going to finish off Kageromaru, looks over at Juromaru and says that he's going to kill him first. InuYasha's eyes are moving back and fourth as he thinks "Is Kageromaru hiding in the shadows some where?" He then looks shocked and says "I know where he is!" He runs after Kouga and tells him to stop. (But does he listen) InuYasha raises his sword and says "Get out of the way or your going down with those demons!" At this point Kageromaru leaps out of Juromaru's mouth and yells "See you in hell!" Kouga just gets out of the way of the Tetsusaiga as it turns Juromaru and Kageromaru into ashes. (Yeah I know. To bad he didn't get taken out with them) The episode ends with Kagome stopping a fist fight between Kouga and InuYasha. The wolf takes off again and InuYasha and Kagome have another stupid fight. (First signs of a real relationship)