Season 1 Episode 23

Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jan 14, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Inuyasha arrives at the river the monk told him about and finds Kikyo's hair ribbon. Meanwhile, Kagome approaches Kikyo, who soon wakes. Kikyo is surprised that Kagome broke through the barrier. Kagome sees the Soul-Stealers arrive and deduces that Kikyo is the one stealing souls. Kikyo asks Kagome is Inuyasha is with her and asks what she is to Inuyasha. Before Kagome can respond, Kikyo paralyzes her calling her an obstruction. Inuyasha arrives at the barrier but can't get through. Kikyo has Kagome tied to a tree with Soul-Stealers. Kikyo opens the barrier so Inuyasha can get through. Kikyo tells Kagome that he is coming to her, not Kagome. Kagome realizes that Kikyo still wants to kill Inuyasha. Kagome tries to explain to Kikyo that Naraku is to blame for her death, not Inuyasha. Kikyo doesn't care; she wants to make sure Inuyasha never forgets her. Kagome tells her that Kikyo that Inuyasha hasn't forgotten her; in fact he still loves her. Kikyo loves Inuyasha but loves her hatred more so she wants to be related to Inuyasha through their hatred. Inuyasha arrives, and can't see or hear Kagome who wants him to tell Kikyo about Naraku. Inuyasha walks up to Kikyo and is shocked to see that Kikyo is truly alive. After Inuyasha realizes that she is the soul collector, she tells him that since her body is made of mud she can't move well without the souls. And that her hatred awakened her and is why she stays in this world. Inuyasha explains that even though she might hate him he has never, ever forgotten her. Upon hearing this, Kagome realizes that she lost Inuyasha. Kikyo hugs then kisses Inuyasha. She wishes she could stop time, she says. Inuyasha replies that it is okay since he is with her. Kagome starts to cry and tells Kikyo to let her go so she can leave. Kikyo then starts to suck the now unconscious Inuyasha into hell. Kagome demands that Kikyo stops because Inuyasha wants to live and kill Naraku for her. Kikyo breaks her spell on Kagome. Kagome tells Inuyasha to wake up. Kagome tells Kikyo to stop; this causes Kikyo's souls to leave her. Kikyo starts sucking Inuyasha into hell faster. Kagome tells her to stop. Inuyasha eventually wakes up and sees Kagome, he breaks away from Kikyo and runs to Kagome and kills the Soul-Stealers surrounding her. Kikyo realizes that Inuyasha chose Kagome and tells Inuyasha that she didn't lie about her feelings when she kissed him and departs.

Kagome tells Inuyasha that she saw everything and is going home. Inuyasha is confused by "everything." Kaede receives a visit from Kikyo. Kikyo asks her about Naraku, after hearing it all Kikyo leaves and tells Kaede that she noticed that Inuyasha's eyes look calm unlike with her. Kaede tells her that Kagome has slowly calmed his heart. The next day, Kagome returns home. Miroku asks Inuyasha to tell him exactly what Kagome did. He tells Miroku what he'd do. Kagome returns to the past because she forgot her bag and overhears Shippo and Miroku asking Inuyasha who he'll choose. Inuyasha wonders if can choose both. Miroku tells him that he can only if he's careful. Kagome just tells him to sit.