Season 1 Episode 23

Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jan 14, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ok, this was an eye opener. I think this will put a hold on thier feelings, for quite sometime in the future.

    Ok, this was an eye opener. I think this will put a hold on thier feelings, for quite sometime in the future. When kogame went through the barrier that kiko had, kogame when up to kiko while she was sleeping on the tree. She woke up and ask where is inuyasha and she said she came alone, and than she bound her to the tree and said you will not interfere and made her invisibile so inuyasha couldnt see her. Than inuyasha arrived and told her how he felt about kiko and how he never forgot about here and think of her everyday. Eventually kogame snapped inuyasha out of it and kiko left, but than kogame told him she saw everything. And she told him your going to have to find the sacred jewel shards yourself and was going back to her time.
  • In this Episode, just when Kagome and Inuyasha start to get along, Kagome gets her heart ripped out of her and served to Sango...and all she can do is watch it happen

    Kagome and Inuyasha start to fall in love, a suspense that has been building for many episodes now, and its all been released into one episode. this episode can change anybody's mind on Inuyasha, from sweetheart to two-timer. I myself have now develpoed a complete hatred for Kikyo. its impossible to say exactly how Kagome feels, but im sure i wouldn't wanna be feeling it. Kikyo is out for revenge, she hides Kagome in the shadows and kisses Inuyasha before forcing him to proceed into the depths of hell.
    After this Kagome chooses to return back to her home in the present era, but she doesn't leave she hears a conversation involving Inuyasha, Miroku and Shippo talking about which girl he would choose. Obviously Kagome didn't like the idea.
  • this episode was about kikyo and inuyasha kissing which made me so mad well kagome finds kikyo and inuyasha comes to find kikyo then doesnt see kagome and they kisss and kagome gets upset and inuyasha feels kind of sorry for her so she tells him to sit .

    this was so messed up kagome should have been the one to kiss inuyasha not kikyo i don't like her she needs to stay out of inuyasha 's life kagome needs to kiss inuyasha kikyo just needs to die and go away forever i just dont like her and it was to much drama for kagome to see it but it was funny wen she told inuyasha to sit because she was mad and he tried to follow her it was just rele funny but i hope that they make another movie and episodes i would be so happy .
  • Alot of drama, but it was still an excellent episode....

    In this episode, Kagome finally realizes her true feelings for Inuyasha. Before, Kagome had sympothized with Inuyasha and his relationship with Kikyo. But now, Kagome gets hurt by Inuyasha's actions and becomes jealous of Kikyo. I feel bad for all three of them. I feel bad for Kagome because she loves Inuyasha, but he doesn't return her feelings they way she wants him to. And Inuyasha's issue is that he can't accept the fact that Kikyo is dead ( and he feels that it was his fault that he didn't protect her, even though there was no way he could have ) so he is unable to move on. He seems to care alot for Kagome, but Kikyo always comes first in his eyes, whichs makes Kagome feel second-best. Kikyo, even though she was told that Inuyasha was not responsible for her death, that it was Naraku who had killed her, she still feels that she needs to take Inuyasha with her to hell because she followed him in death 50 years ago and because she died hating him ( even though he wasn't the one who killed her ) her soul cannot rest, until he is dead. It is a very Dramatic episode, and ended in Kagome returning to her own time as usual. But after all is said and done, I still sypothize with Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kikyo in diffrent ways. ( without picking favorite characters I decided to think outside the box for this review )
  • Kikyo attempts to take Inuyasha down to hell with her while Kagome is paralyzing, having watch them together.

    I definitely didn't like this ep. at all, 2.0 is more than generous. It was well-written, I give it that, but I'm a huge fan of the Kagome-Inuyasha relationship. Given the time I spent with the series, I figured I'd watch this one one last time and record it for my script files so I'll never have to watch it again.
    I've grown really tolerate Kikyo over the past few months and ever like her. Here, she is just plain evil. I can't feel her caring about Inuyasha at all, it's more of a front to convince him to die like she. She wants to take him to hell with her... like Kagome said "that's not fair". She had her chance at living, so the least she can do is let Inuyasha live the good life. I can understand from his viewpoint cuz he'd be with Kikyo, but from her viewpoint, doing so is more out of revenge than being with him. After all, he was given a 2nd chance at life and still has a lot to do. She was just resurrected, but is still technically dead. I do kinda feel bad for her when Inuyasha rushes to Kagome, but the feeling doesn't last thing. If anything, I can't stand this one and only watched it to get quotes to analyze the Inu-Kikyo relationship further. I really can't stand it when Kikyo tries to hurt Inuyasha when he all can do is love her. With her cruel intentions, his heart-felt words almost disgust me, now they're echoing in my head cuz I heard them so many times. OSUWARI!
  • ugh, Kikyo was in this one....-_-

    okay, let's see....where should i start. how about where Kikyo is being b****? no wait, that's the whole series.....hmmm, then i'll start from the beginning of the episode. first she puts that spell thing on Kagome so she "won't interfere" with her and Inuyasha. that's rather sickening. even after Kagome told her Inuyasha didn't do it, she tried to take him to hell with her! when Kikyo kissed Inuyasha and then hugged him, and then he hugged her BACK, i could've smacked him! what're you thinking Inuyasha!? Kikyo tries to kill you and you still love her!? anyway, what i have to say made me happy in this ep was when Inuyasha went straight to Kagome when he realized she was there. the look on Kikyo's face was priceless (sure, i felt a little bad for her, sort of....) when she asked Inuyasha if Kagome meant more to him than her, I was like "YES! YES, she does! In your face, Kikyo! Inuyasha/Kagome forever!" The funniest part was the ending, where Inuyasha couldn't decide between Kikyo and Kagome. I would've slapped him there, too. there's no decision, he belongs with Kagome. i guess this ep turned out good
  • exacltly painful to watch

    well that suxs poor kagome. she went through that force field thingy and so kikyou that was ok but then she she ties her to a tree and says stuff like"i dont want him to forget me and umm will that bring me to life kikyou just plain nasty. and then when inuyasha finally comes he says i never stoped thinkin about you RiGhT fRoNt Of HeR.(but he couldnt see her because kikyou done something done something to kagomae. yea i sorry for her she had to watch the whole thing.the sad thing was that inuyasha really loved kikyou but all kikyou wanted to do was kill inuyasha. lol. but wait theres more thats not all she does she kisses and hugs and says remeber that kiss for it was real or somethin like n e ways. so kikyou's tryin too take take him down to hell or wateva and kagome says to leave him alone which does something to kikyou i think shes callin back her spirt or somethin.she knocked inuyasha out but lucky inuyasha heard kagome callin 4 him so he killed the thing that was tie'n her to tree. inuyasha finds out in the end that kagome heard everything. so she wanted to go home but she couldn't go through the well.
  • Kagome goes after the soul collectors and when she appears, she sees Kikyo.

    I would have to say this was a sad episode because i felt sorry for Kagome to watch the whole thing happen infront of her. Then i was not happy with Kikyo trying to drag Inuyasha down to hell it wasn't right at all. I rather have Kagome and Inuyasha together than having Kikyo tear them apart. Inuyasha should live a normal life with Kagome and Kikyo just be nice and let them be. And then Kagome gathers confidence and then tells her to keep her hands off of him and it works and so when Kagome and Inuyasha goes back, Kagome kinda feels hurt or confused and doens't want to deal with Inuyasha at all.
  • Kagome has to watch as Inuyasha meets Kikio in a friendly manner

    This is a great ep. and is one of the few in the first seasons that concentrates on the more-than-friends relationships of the characters. A must see for the Inuyasha/Kikio and Inuyasha/Kagome shippers. This one will keep you glued to the screen and make you turn off yokur phone. It is an ep. that I can never watch too many times. The change of emotions between all of the group keep you laughing and crying the entire time. Hope this was of help and that you enjoy the ep. as much as I did. Inuyasha rules forever. Happy watching.
  • *breaks out in tears*

    This episode made me cry so hard!Kikyo is a JERK and I am glad shes dead.And if InuYasha saw kagome there I know that he would not even think about Kissing Kikyo.he friggen ENJOYED it too!!!!!Inuyasa,stick with Kagome why don't ya?Kagome has a right to hate Kikyo!!!!!Kikyo bashers will untie and kill everyone!yay!I rock ur sox!sorrry.I had a moment.
  • this one is just plain eeeew...kikyo paralyzes inuyasha and tries to make him go to hell with her...WHILE kagome is watching..

    ...i dont like kikyo at all..this was painful to watch just for this me shes suppose to be dead and i would prefer that she was (dont mean to sound rude or irrational) i just hate the fact that she interruptes EVERYTHING and kagome is one of my fav characters and kikyo ends up hurting her all the time...this one isn't one of my fav for this reason coz kikyo kissing inuyasha almost made me barf!!! i kept thinking that should be kagome!! uhh i really wish kagome would use her arrow to get rid of that woman..maybe inuyasha would be more emotionally with kagome i mean..
  • Too Much Drama!! But still Good!

    Kagome Was Praylezed by Kikyo, Inuyasha comes and sees ONLY! Kikyo. Kagome watches them smooch. Kikyo tries to drag Inuyasha to you know where. Kagome Yells to Kikyo, Kikyo Un Pralezes Kagome whitch means Inuyasha Can see her. Kikyo leaves. Inuyasha and Kagome look At each other Kagome leaves with such mixed up emotions and goes back to Her own time era. Then Inuyasha Loses His Mind! over Kagome.(Poor Guy...)
  • Eh, so-so.

    Not the best, not the worst either. Part one of this episode was better, funnier. This was rather painful to watch and is one of the reasons why I dislike Kikyo. Her character is unrational and impossible to reason with to the extent that it makes her annoying. As I was watching this episode, I kept thinking that she would make an excellent villain for a tv show, except in this case she would most likely be killed. However, she truly seems on the verge of evil in this episode which is enticing.

    There was virtually no comedy in this, the emotional pieces were rather boring and though I've never seen this done before in a tvshow, I'm sure another show could probably do a better job of it.

    One thing that bugged me were the immense ammount of contradictions in this episode. In the "Soul Piper" episode, Inuyasha could not be dragged down yet in this episode it appeared that Kikyo would succeed. This is the most annoying thing to me about this series is the lack of continuity for major things.

    I did not like the way the episode left off, but it was the best part of the episode at least.
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