Season 8 Episode 2

Kagura's Wind

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 10, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Gotta be the most emotional episode yet.

    I can not say any better than Lovey5211 how powerful this episode was. I will add a few points though. Inuyasha is seriously upset at Kikyo (and he should be) because he realizes that in order to destroy Naraku, Kohaku must also die as a result. If you recall how the demon crystal maker Hosenki tested Inuyasha's loyalty to his friends before he earned Adamant Barrage (Diamond Spears in the manga), Koga, earns the Goriyasha claws in the same way saving Gintu and Hakkaku from the 3 headed stone wolf's massive fire breath. Sesshomaru has now become quite compassionate, not only to Rin but even to Jaken! Sesshomaru tells Rin and Jaken to stay back from Moryomaru to protect them. Sesshomaru intentionally seeks out Kagura but Tensaiga pulses telling him that even it can not save her. This episode also has very little of the humorous verbal sparring that usually goes on, apart from Jaken's comic relief about Sesshomaru's master plan.

    As for the MVP poll of this episode, I would nominate three, but could not choose one among them, none of which are listed in the poll - Koga for showing that Ginta and Hakkaku for all their complaining about being left behind and getting tired out, Koga proves that he really does care for them - Sesshomaru for his compassion even to Jaken and for intentionally seeking out Kagura to try to aid her - and of course Kagura for paying the ultimate price for her freedom
  • A very sad episode of Inuyasha. Koga retrieves a new weapon that could help in his efforts to defeating Naraku, Kohaku now knows how he can defeat Naraku, and Kagura is finally set free from Naraku even though in the end it will cost her.

    We all say this coming since day one but who would have ever know it would be so sad. Inuyasha and the gang go to Midoriko's grave (the priest who created the sacred jewel) their they discover something in her chest. Inuyasha volunteers to stay overnight and see if anything happens. Sango takes Kohaku to their fathers grave to put flower on it. Sango notices that this was too painful for Kohaku and thinks it might have been too soon to do this. At the camp site the gang suspects that Inuyasha has alterier motives for staying behind, Kohaku and Sango return. Insides Midoriko's one of Kikyo's soul collectors escape and Inuyasha follows it to Kikyo. Kohaku's jewel shard begins to act up and he runs out of camp into the woods. He finds Inuyasha and Kikyo and listens to them say how destroying Naraku's body will not be enough and they should destroy his soul. Kikyo says she will purify the jewel when it becomes whole once again. Then she flys away, Kohaku comes out of hiding and follows Kikyo. Meanwhile, Koga goes to a sacred burial ground for wolf demons and tries to take a powerful wolf demon weapon that is their but a demon shape like a wolf demon with three heads and made of stone attacks him. Koga fights him off and finally obtains the weapon and uses it to destroy the demon. Naraku finds Kagura and gives her heart back to her and then stabs her for her previous betrayals and pumps her full of miasma. Kagura flys away dying. She lands in a flower field and slowly enjoys her freedom and awaits her death. Sesshomaru gets in a battle with Moryomaru who has now obtain a powerful shield after eating a demon. The battle and Sesshomaru tokijin sword can not break through Moryomaru shield until Moryomaru mentions that Kagura is dying and then it breaks a crack into the shield causing Moryomaru to run away. Sesshomaru flys off to find Kagura

    Inuyasha and the gang sense Kagura's scent and try to find her as well. Sesshomaru arrives first and stays with Kagura as she dies. Inuyasha and the gang arrive too late and asks Sesshomaru if she suffered and he tells them that she was smiling. It was suprisingly sad to see Kagura die and the last scene in this episode is one of the best Inuyasha scenes ever. It almost had me at the verge of tears. Kagura is the wind.