Season 4 Episode 17

Kikyo and Kagome: Alone in the Cave

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Feb 22, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Kagome and Inuyasha are fighting again and Kagome becomes so enraged she storms off. When she investigates a noise coming from a cave, she becomes trapped together with Kikyo.

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  • This episode proves you that if you love someone than they come first, even though it doesnt come in your best wishes. But just see thier wish come true is everything to you.moreless

    This episode proves you that if you love someone than they come first, even though it doesnt come in your best wishes. But just see thier wish come true is everything to you. Kogame got mad at inuyasha and kogame took off for a walk and she saw a cave that she thought it sounded like a little girl calling for help. Kogame went inside the cave to discover kikio and is very weak she said that this cave it met to trapped priestess and take their power. Kogame vowed that she wasnt going to die in here and help kikio up to go to the heart of the cave there she use three jewel shards combined into one to destroy the demon.moreless
  • A personal favorite. I'm tired of the constant bashing of either girl, and I think this episode shows just how truly alike and differnet both girls are.

    Kagome, being the reincarnation of Kikyo, would idealy be portrayed as an almost exact replica of her in personality. I believe this episode proved that Kagome has her own heart, and her own mind. On the contrary, it showed just how much they both love Inuyasha. At the end of the episode, it almost seemed like there was a peace declaration drawn between them (which, revealed in later seasons, isn't so as Kikyo seems to dislike Kagome). Kagome showed her tremendous heart by trying to protect Kikyo and get them both to safety. Her only reason, however, was that Inuyasha would be heartbroken if Kikyo were somehow not brought out alive. But I believe later on, Kagome felt a sense of friendship or sisterhood toward Kikyo.

    Gah, so many Kikyo-haters, and so many Kagome-haters. The day fans agree both are not-so-bad is the day pigs fly. BUT, I hope that some people out there have a certain respect for the girl they favor least. I personally favor Kagome, but I don't dislike Kikyo.moreless
  • Learning to help those you don't care much for can you do it?

    After Inuyasha and Kagome have one of their famous little fights Kagome having felt insulted by Inuyasha's remarks. Leaves in a huff to cool off, and forces Inuyasha into the ground with a well deserved "sit" While away from the others she comes across a strange cave with a giant eye demon on the ceiling. When she enters the cave she happens upon Kikyou, of all people. Kagome soon learns that this cave is a trap for Priestesses. As she and Kikyou form an unlikely team they work together, and escape from the cave. When Kikyou ask Kagome why was she saved, Kagome tells her because "Someone would worry if you weren't around anymore." Favorite scenes by far were Inuyasha and Kagome walking together, and Kagome showing how strong she can really be.moreless
  • The title says it all...


    Since I'm not really a Kikyo fan, I gave this 9.5, but even with her, that's still pretty good. I didnt like the fact that there was little to no Inuyasha in this ep, but still, he had this moments. He was getting SO WORRIED when Kagome was taking her sweet time coming back, but he won't admit it.

    It gives a whole new side to Kikyo and it let me better understand her. In fact, I don't mind her as long as she and Inuyasha don't have one of their 'love scenes' together, I can't stand to watch those.

    It also shows Kagome's fightier [that's probably not a word]side, which was pretty cool and Kikyo even admired her for her strength. Pretty cool.moreless
  • Very well done episode.

    The episode starts off with Kagome telling InuYasha to sit. She then leaves the gang to take a walk. Along the way, she finds a cave with a voice coming out of it. She goes in and finds Kikyo on the ground. She then learns from Kikyo that she is in a demon that sucks the powers of a priestess. It's up to Kagome to save the day. I loved this episode! It focused more on Kagome and Kikyo instead of InuYasha which made a nice break. I got to learn more of Kikyo and Kagome which made the episode enjoyable. Even without InuYasha, the episode was action packed. But this time, it was Kagome's turn. It just goes to show you that Kagome just isn't some useless person in a fight.moreless

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