Season 1 Episode 14

Kikyo's Stolen Ashes

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Nov 30, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Kikyo's ashes are stolen from her grave by the demon Urasue. As Kaede, Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo go to retrieve them, Kagome realizes that Inuyasha and Kikyo were once in love! Meanwhile, with Kikyo's ashes, Urasue manages to resurrect Kikyo. However, she finds that Kikyo cannot move without her soul: the very soul that is inside of Kagome!moreless

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  • A demon steals the ashes of the priestess, Kikyo, who pinned InuYasha to the sacred tree 50 years ago. But did he hate her...or has he been hiding his true feelings all along?moreless

    I thought this episode was so great. It had it's awkward, sweet moments, and it revealed InuYasha's true feelings toward Kikyo. Finding out InuYasha's past really explains why he has so much trouble trusting people at first and why he has mixed feeling for Kagome. It also brings Kikyo back into the story. This episode just explains so much and makes you want to watch it more than once. It also complicates the feelings and relationship between Kagome and InuYasha.

    A demon comes out of the night sky and heads toward Kaede's village. It heads straight for Kikyo's burial site and attacks the grave. She then pulls the urn out from the ground and takes them with her. She then reveals herself as Urusue.

    The next day, InuYasha wakes from a disturbing dream. He was dreaming about the day Kikyo pinned him to the tree. Kagome then appears and he and Kagome start talking. InuYasha looks at Kagome and then tries to kiss her. Kagome pushes him back asking him what he was doing. InuYasha snaps at her and tells her to lose the violence. They turn away from each other when they see Kaede appear. She tells them of what happened and they head off to find Urusue.

    The whole trip, InuYasha seems distant and quiet. Kagome finally figures out that InuYasha and Kikyo were in love. but then Kiyo betrayed him. And when he was about to kiss her, he was looking past her and at Kikyo instead. She felt bad for him, and he insisted she tell him what was on her mind and why she was giving him sympathetic looks. She just told him to forget about it and started to peddle faster on her bike.

    Meanwhile, Urusue was preparing to ressurect Kikyo. She planned on using her spiritual powers to search for the sacred jewel shards for her. She made her a body that was the exact replica of her own. When she finally brought Kikyo back, Kikyo fell over. Her soul had not returned. Urusue realized that Kikyo's soul had already been reincarnated. However, Kikyo did move soon after. It was because her reincarnated soul was close by. Urusue went after Kagome to reclaim Kikyo's soul.

    InuYasha and the others came to a bridge that was blocked by clay soldiers. They started to fight them off when Urusue attacked from the sky. She swiped up Kagome realizing she was the exact mirror image of Kikyo and that she had to be Kiyo's reincarnation. She cut the bridge and let the rest fall to the bottom of the cliff.

  • it was well written and very funny in some parts and shows some backstory to Kikyo and Inuyasha

    there were 3 parts that were funny the first part was Kagome slapping Inuyasha because he woke her up and saying the resemblance between Kagome and Kikyo the second part was Inuyasha almost kissing Kagome and the third part was when he asked Kagome what are you gawking at? it was all good and it's funny if you get the dialogue.. :D definately a good episode to watch
  • Kikiyo's Stolen ashes will have be one of the most revealing episodes known to us fans. This finally gives us enough background of Kikiyo and Inuyasha's relationship. Also this brings up unexplored feelings and tensions between Kagome and Inuyasha.moreless

    Kikiyo's Stolen Ashes is considered one of the most revealing episode known in the series. It starts of when Kikiyo ashes was disturbed by souceress Kijo Urasue, who's intention to revive late prietess, Kikiyo. But she was missing one ingredient, her soul. This episode even gives us background of Kikiyo and Inuyasha's feeling for one another. In this episode, there is a scene where Kagome's feelings finally was revealed with almost a kiss, which brought up tension with the two. Kijo Urasue realizes that Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikiyo which completes formula for revival. Kagome is then kidnapped.moreless
  • Shows some more background with Inuyasha and Kikyo

    A rather forgettable episode, but needed to reveal the plot with Inuyasha and Kikyo. Should you miss this? No. Should you go out of your way to watch it again? I would say not.

    The story of Inuyasha and Kikyo was interesting, great background piece and almost pivotal. It shows Kagome getting more "In the loop" and she fits more and more into the feudal era as time goes on. I liked that Kaede is in this episode, she should be shown more often.

    A rather nice episode to bring them home before all of the journys ahead and cleverly done.

    So, not the best, not the worst, but certainly helpful in understanding the backplots. Or, now It's not even really considered back plot but the begining of the true plot.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The flowers at Kikyo's grave resemble Chinese bellflowers which is the meaning of Kikyo, in Japanese.

    • In the preview for the next episode, Kagome says Urasue forces her to drink a potion which sucks out her soul. But in the next episode, Kagome is put into a tub full of the potion which sucks out her soul. The animators obviously made a minor mistake.

    • Goof? On the night the witch stole Kikyo's ashes, there was a full moon. But in the previous episode, it was a new moon. Either there was a lot of time between this episode and the one before it, or the animators made a mistake.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Kagome: Oops! Did I slap you again? Sorry about that.
      Inuyasha: (referring to Kikyo) I was wrong. You don't look like her!
      Kagome: Look like who?
      Inuyasha: You're not even remotely similar!
      Kagome: Remotely similiar to who?

    • Kagome: (thinking about Inuyasha) Ok, now I am officially freaked. What's going on? He almost kissed me.
      Inuyasha: Can we lose some of the violence?
      Kagome: Sure, as soon as you stop acting so weird!
      Inuyasha: You're the one who's being a lunatic!

    • Kagome: (thinking) It wasn't me he was looking at just now. He was looking right through me, to Kikyo.

    • Inuyasha: What are you gawking at?
      Inuyasha: That's pretty bad when you can even give a half-demon the creeps.
      Kagome: Uh-h-h.
      Inuyasha: What's with the sympathetic looks you're giving me?
      Kagome: Oh nothing, I was just thinking about something stupid.
      Inuyasha: H-m-m. Stupid like what?
      Kagome: Forget it.
      Inuyasha: Out with it. Kagome, I want some answers now!

    • Kagome: Freak me out!
      Inuyasha: Stay here then if you're so scared!
      Kagome: Oh yeah, sure. I'll just stay here 100 feet above ground blowing in the wind!

  • NOTES (3)