Season 4 Episode 18

Koga and Sesshomaru: A Dangerous Encounter

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Feb 23, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Koga meets Sesshomaru.

    I love this one, it's my absolute favorite. It really shows how funny the creators can really make the show. I do have to admit, it was a bit out of charecter for Sesshomaru to save Koga like that. The end was especially funny though. "What you don't think I could take him?! I'll show you right now!!" "NOOOOO!" LOL. Hilarious. Season 4 is probubly the one with the most funny filler episodes. Koga's probubly my favorite charecter too. His and Inuyasha constant arguments really "make" the show. The episodes with Koga in them are what really makes me laugh out loud. 9.8.
  • This is was a good episode to watch. Dont miss it.

    This is was a good episode to watch. Dont miss it. When koga comrads were trying to get fish at the lake but couldnt catch none. Jekken and the girl showed up behind them, the girl was afraid because she got killed before by the wolf. Sesshomaru showed up and the wolf comrads took off, they bumped into inuyasha gang and ask who was sesshomaru and kogame said thats inuyasha older brother and that they dont get along. Meanwhile they met koga and started walking they didnt want to go that path and told koga not to go that way. Koga pushed off and said im the leader and im goin this way. The conrads ran off and blocked off the way so sesshomaru wouldnt pass, sesshomaru said let me pass. Than koga showed up and said he smells like inuyasha and than a demon came right behind the girl and killed it. Than they left, no fight ended up resolving both men figured they more important things to do.
  • One of my favorite episodes where Sesshomaru and Koga meet!!!

    This is a great episode since i love the sesshomaru and rin episodes and its fun to watch how he reacts when he meets the demons that killed rin. in this episode you can see he does care for her even though he does not admit it and how he tries to save her when she got in danger ( even if koga was the one who saves her from the demon ) and he also says if they would have tried to kill rin again he would have killed them. it is also funny to see how inuyasha and koga fight over a bag of chips. i recomend anyone who likes sesshomaru and rin episodes watch this one!!!!
  • Koga and Sesshomaru finally meet! How will Sesshomaru react when he finds Rin\'s killer?

    This is one of the better filler episodes that isn\'t about Shippo. It was an interesting episode that shows Sesshomaru does care for RIn because he knows that it was Koga who killed Rin. Usually the filler eps are about Shippo so it was nice to finally get something different.
  • Ginta and Hakohaku meet up with Sesshomaru and do everything they can to keep the two from meeting face to face.

    This one was definitely unpredictable to say the least. I merely did a search for ep. 99 and found it. I had no idea what I'd be in store for. While there was little Inuyasha, the hilarities made up for it. The way that the two were trying with everything they had in order to keep the two from meeting.
    Then when they do meet, it looks like they might fight, but don't. That's really big of both of them and makes me like them even more.
  • Koga and Sesshomaru meet.

    Those random Inuyasha episodes where someone in Inuyasha's life have to meet someone else in Inuyasha's life. Funny thing is, the two characters meeting are people Inuyasha HATES!!! And what's really ironic is how totally similar both Koga and Sesshomaru act towards themselves and the situation they are put in. I am, however, quite surprised Sesshomaru didn't rip off Koga's head due to what Koga's wolves did to Rin. Maybe he figures since Koga attacks that worm demon bent on killing Rin, that he's cool. Who knows? Unfortunately, I was thinking that since the episode is called "Sesshomaru and Kouga's Dangerous Encounter", that there would be actual danger involved. At least everyone's becoming nice and acquainted.
  • twowolves meet big dude n try to make sure wolf man doesn\'t meet him!!! cuz they dont want them to fight. they meet each other bqut donqt fight. kogomai giVES WOLf man bag of chips. and also... inuyasha gets angry!!! g r r r r r r r. the end

    this was a goooooooood show :) watch or else i wont be happpy g r r r rr r r r!!! v e r y interesting! !!!! hope u w a t c h it cuz it g o o o o d!!!! l l ala ala ala la a it goood show : )
  • Not the episode I thought it was going to be.

    The episode is about Sesshomaru meeting up with Kouga. Kouga's two stupid sidekicks try to stop him from meeting him because they're scared Kouga will get into an argument with Sesshomaru and get killed. Also because Kouga was responsible for the death of Rin. I thought the episode would be off the hook. I was expecting a great battle between Kouga and Sesshomaru. Obviously no serious damage would be done but come on! There was no fighting between them or in the whole episode. Well maybe a bit between InuYasha and Kouga but that's not really a fight. I recommend this episode to those who really like the show but otherwise, don't bother with it. It won't do anything if you miss it.