Season 6 Episode 33

Kohaku's Decision and Sango's Heart

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 13, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Sango attempts to stop Kohaku and the demon rats, while Hakudoshi tries to subdue Kikyo's Mayose spell, intended to destroy the stampede of rodents.

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  • Good

    This episode dealt with Inuyahsa and his friends still fighting the demon rats that Hakudoshi and Kohaku released in the previous episode. Sango meets up with her brother and the two argue about why he let the rats out and killed some many people and why he is helping Naraku. The two begin to fight a little bit later after meeting, and soon the rats engulf them and both of them are badly injured. Overall, this was a pretty good episode, but it was not one of the best consdidering it was just a filler one. I'd give it a 7/10moreless
  • Battle for the Rat Shrine. Kohaku vs Sango.

    It's sad that Kohaku can't show any sign of his memories returning. He had to fight his own sister while she tries to kill him thinking he is still evil. I feel for Sango when she was torn between hating Kohaku for what he did and still loving him. I glad that Miroku was there for her and I keep forgeting that they been engaged for awhile. I think that Naraku and Hakudoushi know about Kohaku's memories has return, judging by the way they were acting in the pervious episode. I would call this episode boring if Kohaku hasn't regain his memories because we been seeing the same type of episodes over and over with no progress. I glad this storyline changed. In end of the episode, Kikyou saves the day and wants to meet with Naraku so he won't go to great lengths to find her.moreless
  • Sango and Kohaku meet again, but Kohaku is forced to fight against Sango, but with his memory intact

    This one was so exciting that it passed by really fast. I couldn't wait to see what would come of Kohaku and Sango's battle, but I felt really bad about how it went down. First of all, Kohaku has his memory back, but he can't reveal that he has for fear Naraku would get rid of him if he did. Second of all, he can't speak to Sango or stay with her and he runs away because he had Hokudoshi breathing down his neck. That guy really annoys me.

    I felt so bad for Sango and I wanted to cry so bad when I saw how it went down. Another thing is that Kikyo just walked away after solving the pest-control problem without saying a word. I'd think she'd at least say something to Inuyasha or he'd ask her to stay and explain herself. And at the end, she takes a lock of her hair and has her helpers send it to Naraku to find her and I was saying "Inuyasha wouldn't want you to do that because he'll just kill you again". I didn't want her to find Naraku because of the domino effect it would have, but I guess she kinda had to because that thing was the rats was just sick

    I was also laughing my head off at the preview for the next one, but more so at the same of it... "Two-timing Scoundral"? So true, but I thought Kagome's friends didn't like Inuyasha because they think he's a punk that's bad for her... we'll see how it goesmoreless
  • sad sad episode

    Kohaku has finally realized the truth about his past and yet he cannot tell this to Sango or else Naraku will figure out that he is just faking. Poor Sango is kept to thinking that her little brother is a terrible person even if he is controlled by Naraku. Kohaku just can't risk letting her know since Naraku's bugs are always watching him. He decides that he must destroy Naraku fast so as not to hurt Sango anymore. And the part where Miroku and Sango have that touching moment was really sweet. Miroku really understands and is a great support to her, which Sango really needs right now. She is trying to figure out what she should do, and it's tearing her apart.moreless
Akiko Yajima

Akiko Yajima

Kohaku (J)

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Danny McKinnon

Danny McKinnon

Kohaku (E)

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Ai Kobayashi

Ai Kobayashi

Hakudoshi (J)

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